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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Midgard - The Oarsmen

Nathan Garvin

This page will reveal the location of every collectible in The Oarsmen, a region of Midgard in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok - Shores of Nine Collectibles Locations in Midgard

Collectible Quantity
Nornir Chests 1
Legendary Chests 1
Artifacts 2
Lore 1
Odin’s Ravens 1

Burn away some brambles in the Shores of Nine region to reach The Oarsmen.

How to Find The Oarsmen

One of the few areas in Midgard that’s not directly adjacent to or wholly contained with the Lake of Nine. To reach The Oarsmen, you’ll need to pass through the Shores of Nine; From Tyr’s Temple head north, northeast (between the realm towers at roughly 12-o’clock and 1-o’clock), jump over a wooden beam, then push a stone pillar out of the way. Beyond the rock you’ll be forced to turn left (west) and you’ll reach a fork where you’ll find some brambles to the right (north), some rubble to the west, and a path to the left (south). Burn the brambles away, then jump the gap to the north to reach The Oarsmen.

After defeating a Stalker, look on the cliffs behind one of the eponymous “Oarsmen” statues to find one of Odin’s Ravens.

Where to Find All Odin’s Ravens in The Oarsmen

After you jump the (previously bramble-filled) gap to reach The Oarsmen region, continue north and go down some stairs, where you’ll encounter some Hel-Raiders and a Hel-Raider Chief. Kill them and continue northeast past a Nornir Chest (which you can’t open yet), climb a ledge, then turn right (east) to find a wall you can scale. Do so and you’ll find yourself back outside, where a Stalker and some more Hel-Raiders will greet you.

Kill them, then look up to the south, southeast past one of the eponymous “oarsmen” statues, behind which you’ll find one of Odin’s Ravens hopping about on some cliffs.

After pulling a massive chain, head down the new flight of stairs you revealed to find a Legendary Chest containing a Jewel of Yggdrasil.

Where to Find All Legendary Chests in The Oarsmen

Kill Odin’s Raven (see above), then climb a chain to southwest, then continue southwest and drop down another ledge. Down here you’ll find another, much larger chain on the ground - pull it and you’ll open up some stairs to the east. Note that you can also turn west to find a door you can break open with the Blades of Chaos, which provides a shortcut back to the beginning of this region.

Go down the stairs to the east to reach the far side of the chamber where you fought Hel-Raiders earlier. There aren’t Hel-Raiders on this side of the chamber, but you will need to exorcize some Wisps before you can explore in peace. Once the Wisps are defeated, search just right of the stairs (along the southeastern wall) to find a Legendary Chest, inside of which you’ll find a Jewel of Yggdrasil.

In the same room as the Legendary Chest, search the northeastern wall to find the Lore Marker - An Accursed Name.

Where to Find All Lore in The Oarsmen

In the same chamber as the Legendary Chest (see above), you’ll find the Lore Marker - An Accursed Name just opposite the stairs, along the northeastern wall.

(1 of 2) In the same room as the Legendary Chest, look behind the stairs and you’ll see a hidden chamber.

In the same room as the Legendary Chest, look behind the stairs and you’ll see a hidden chamber. (left), Climb over some rubble to find the Stolen Treasure - Ankh Artifact. (right)

Where to Find All Artifacts in The Oarsmen

Stolen Treasures - Ankh

In the same chamber as the last two collectibles (see above), turn southwest towards the stairs you descended, then make your way to the left side of the stairs (southern corner of the chamber). From here, look under the stairs to the west, southwest to find another chamber under the stairs - vault over a stone and search near the western wall to find the Stolen Treasure - Ankh.

Climb the wall near the Nornir Chest after pulling the large chain outside and you’ll reach a balcony, on which you’ll find one of Kvasir’s Poems.

Kvasir’s Poem - The Dead Do Not Ride

Return to the Lore Marker along the northeastern edge of the chamber, then turn left (northwest) and open a gate to connect the two halves of this chamber. Turn right (northwest) past the Nornir Chest, climb a ledge, then turn right (southeast) again to find a wall you can scale - the same wall you climbed to reach the exterior area where you fought a Stalker earlier.

Of course, now that Kratos used his muscled to yank a chain and alter the geography of this location, you’ll now climb onto a stone ledge where you’ll find a chest and one of Kvasir’s Poems, which counts as another one of this region’s Artifacts.

(1 of 2) You can find this Nornir Chest after going down some stairs shortly after entering The Oarsmen area.

You can find this Nornir Chest after going down some stairs shortly after entering The Oarsmen area. (left), To actually open the chest, however, you’ll have to hit a Soundstone with some Sonic Arrows. (right)

Where to Find All Nornir Chests in The Oarsmen

This region’s lone Nornir Chest can be found just northeast of where you enter - from the bramble-filled gap head downstairs to the northeast to reach a subterranean chamber occupied by Hel-Raiders and a Hel-Raider Chief. The Nornir chest is opposite the stairs along the northeastern end of the room, near a closed door. Despite being the first collectible you’ll see, it’ll probably be the last you obtain, as you need to progress through the entire area to gain access to all three of its rune gongs.

Some prep-work is required, so follow these instructions, then you can hunt down this Nornir Chest’s rune gongs. Progress through the region, climb the wall near the Nornir Chest, kill the Stalker and more Hel-Raiders when you get outside, climb a chain, then drop off a ledge to the southwest. Pull another, larger chain to open some stairs to the east, descend them, clear out the Wisps, then head to the northeastern edge of the chamber, where you’ll find a Lore Marker (see above). Turn left (northwest) and you’ll reach the other side of the sealed door near the Nornir Chest. Before you open it, turn left and you’ll find a Soundstone near an altar (on which you can find a Fjoturlund Vault Key Half, part of the favor Sigrun’s Curse) - hit it with a Sonic Arrow to destroy it, then open the door near the Nornir Chest to connect both halves of this chamber.

(1 of 3) Strike a rune gong in a hole in the wall, then quickly run to a ruined bridge,

Now that you’ve destroyed the obstruction near the altar with Sonic Arrows, you can strike all three rune gongs in a timely enough manner to open the Nornir Chest… with a bit of practice. First locate all three rune gongs:

  • Rune 1: From the Nornir Chest head west, northwest to find a hole in the wall. This rune gong is through the hole in the wall, to the right.

  • Rune 2: Near the hole in the wall containing the first rune gong (see above) you’ll find a Mystic Gateway. From this Mystic Gateway head southeast to find a ruined stone bridge to the southeast - there’s a torch and a chest here, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot. While standing on this bridge, loot right (south) to spot another rune gong out in the open.

  • Rune 3: From the second rune gong, turn left (northeast) and look between a brazier and bird statue adorning the altar. The third rune gong is between these, against the far wall near the door you opened earlier. If you destroyed the obstruction with a Sonic Arrow, you should be able to see it.

Now, for the tricky part. The second and third rune gongs have an incredibly short duration, so you must hit the first rune gong (preferably from a distance), then hastily run over to the bridge and hit the second and third rune gongs in quick succession. All these rune gongs must be struck by the Leviathan Axe (the Draupnir Spear just bounces off them), so if you’re far enough away from the first rune gong, you’ll need to angle your shot up a bit to compensate for the arc.

Once you strike all three quickly enough, go back and loot the Nornir Chest for a well-earned reward.

If you still need help with this Nornir Chest, see the video below.

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