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God of War: Ragnarok

What is the Wishing Well in Vanaheim?

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail what the Wishing Well is in Vanaheim, as well as how to find it, for God of War Ragnarok.

What is the Wishing Well?

The Wishing Well is a hidden area that can be found in Vanaheim, which is a pretty good area for securing upgrading materials for your equipment. The Wishing Well is basically an area where you deposit certain items you can procure while exploring optional areas of Vanaheim, in exchange for upgrading materials. Other than that, as well as the note below, there is really no need to come here.

How to Find the Wishing Well in Vanaheim

(1 of 3) You’ll want to break these crystals around The Crater

The Wishing Well is located in The Plains section of Vanaheim, which is a large, optional area that cannot be accessed until late in the main story. Upon finishing the main quest, Creatures of Prophecy, you will be able to do a favor that starts in Freyr’s Camp, called Scent of Survival. This will bring you to The Crater, which is the name of the large area that encompasses The Plains, The Sinkholes, and The Jungle.

There are actually two methods on getting to the Wishing Well, with one being located in The Jungle, and the other being located in The Sinkholes.

The Jungle Method

Before even doing anything, you will need to complete the favor in The Jungle, Return of the River. This will unblock the dam and allow you to traverse a lot of The Crater via waterways. Once you do that, you will need to find the island with the Ogres on it in The Jungle, which is actually require for some of the optional Favors there. You will fight two Ogres, as well as two Nokken, so make sure to get rid of the Nokken first. When that is done, head on back to the Jungle Entrance mystic gateway and turn to the east.

(1 of 7) You’ll need to clear out the Ogres first

You should see a path with a grapple point, so use it and pull the chain there to open the gate. If you didn’t kill the Ogres, you wouldn’t be able to interact with the chain. Follow the path to the end, taking out the Wretch Nest, then look at the nearby wall to see a wind vent. Toss your spear at it, allowing you to reach the ledge above, where you should see a small passage to squeeze through, leading to one final path and a gate. Open the gate and you will discover the Wishing Well.

The Sinkholes Method

Once you arrive in The Sinkholes and start exploring, you will automatically start the Quaking Hollow favor. If you follow the walkthrough for that favor, you will fight a boss at the end of it. After defeating the boss, if you look around the arena, you should see some vines you can burn on the one side. Do that, squeeze through the gap, and follow the path to a gate you open that leads to the Wishing Well.

Once you arrive at the Wishing Well, jump down to the ground level and look for the big crystals. Breaking them will allow you to pick up some Crystalline Fragments and Crystalline Shards. The latter can be thrown into the Wishing Well to receive crafting materials and Hacksilver, while the former will net you some exclusive gear for Kratos. These crystals are found all over The Crater, so make sure to break them as you explore.

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