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God of War: Ragnarok

The Broken Prison

Scott Peers

The Broken Prison is one of the few Favors in Niflheim, God of War Ragnarok, and it can only be accessed after completing the main story. There’s a hidden surprise at the bottom of the Asgardian prison which you’ll need to reach, so be careful of spoilers at the bottom of this page until you reach it! We’ll show you how to complete this favor in Niflheim and how to obtain all collectibles, including how open the Nornir Chest, how to access the Legendary Chest, and where to find the Dreamshade Flower for the Nine Realms in Bloom Favor.

How to Complete The Broken Prison Favor in Niflheim, God of War Ragnarok

The Broken Prison Favor can only be unlocked after completing the main story in God of War Ragnarok. You can then travel to Niflheim and turn left just before you reach The Raven Tree. Here you should find a broken bridge that you can walk across, with shimmering bits of Bifrost on the other side. This indicates that the prison forms part of the remnants of Asgard, although it’s not one of the official 10 which form The Last Remnants of Asgard. You can at least be sure that this prison was originally in Asgard, which makes it an interesting place to explore!

(1 of 5) Head over the broken bridge in Niflheim to find the prison.

Search the Aesir Prison Wreckage

As you walk towards the prison the favor will automatically begin, and the only objective initially is to explore the area which appears as the Aesir Prison Wreckage. When you climb down you’ll find a number of Einherjar enemies that you need to kill, but nothing you can’t handle. You will see a Legendary Chest on the southeastern side of the prison, but you should ignore this for now since you can’t access it yet. Instead, go over to the northeastern side of the prison and look down (towards the southwest). You’ll see a point in the structure where you can throw a Draupnir Spear, which you can then use as a handhold to jump down onto the level below from the northwestern side of the prison.

There will be more Einherjar enemies down here so be ready to fight them, then look to the northeast to open a gate with a dead Dwarf on the other side. You’ll get a decent amount of Hacksilver from the corpse but nothing more.

Next, pull the chain opposite the gate that you just pulled up, moving the mechanism that you threw a Draupnir Spear into down towards the next level, which you can now jump to in the same way that you did the first time. There are yet more Einherjar down here, and another gate that can be opened on the southwestern side of this level. This time you’ll encounter the corpse of an Elf with some more Hacksilver to loot from the corpse.

There’s another prison cell on this level at the northeastern side, behind which you’ll find a living Dark Elf. Sadly they’re not happy to see you, so you’ll need to kill them. Now look to the southwestern side of the room to find an open cell. Upon entering a hostile Light Elf will descend, and you’ll need to kill them too.

How to Open the Nornir (Rune) Chest in The Broken Prison (Aesir Prison Wreckage)

After killing this one, look up towards the north while you’re still standing in the cell. You will see a weakened wall that you can dive into using the Blades of Chaos by pressing DualSense-ButtonCircle, bringing you back up to the level where the Nornir Chest is that you couldn’t access earlier. As you turn left and look north you’ll see the first rune for the Nornir Chest (R), which you should throw a Draupnir Spear into to destroy it. Next to this you’ll see a grapple point that you can use to open the gate by pulling it to the left, giving you access to the rest of the level.

Before you explore more here, go back down through the hole in the wall that you just crashed through, and look down towards the northeast to see another rune for the Nornir Chest (F) on the ice. Throw a Draupnir Spear into this to destroy it, and put one in the point in the wall just to the right so that you can access the lowest level of the prison by swinging down using the spear. Before you jump down, head east on this level to find the third rune for the Nornir Chest (T) on the right side of the cell (the same cell where you fought the Dark Elf). You can now return to the floor above through the weakened wall to open the Nornir Chest.

If you’re still struggling with the Nornir Chest here after seeing the screenshots below, you can also see our video on it here:

Find the Real Tyr in the Asgardian Prison

With the Nornir Chest open, head back down through the cell with the weakened wall that you smashed through and go to the northwestern side of the room. Jump down using the new Draupnir Spear handhold that you created just after destroying the F rune, and be ready to fight some more Einherjar down here. After defeating them, look to the northeast to find another prison cell gate that you can open. This one has the surprise we mentioned at the beginning of the page behind it: the real Tyr! There will be a relatively brief exchange of dialogue between Kratos, Mirmir, Freya and Tyr, before he sits outside as you go about your business.

(1 of 6) A Light Elf will descend as you enter the open cell.

Where to Find the Dreamshade Flower on the Bottom Level of The Broken Prison

You will notice that most of the area down here is currently inaccessible, but you can access it by going up one level and pulling the chain so that the mechanism with the Draupnir Spear attached goes as far down as it is possible to go. You can then jump down into the other side of the lowest area from the southeastern side of the level where you pulled the chain down. You’ll find a corpse immediately to your right with some Hacksilver, and another prison cell gate that can be opened to the southwest. On the other side of this one you’ll find a hostile Traveller, so be ready for a much tougher fight than you had with the Einherjar or Light / Dark Elves. With that said, there’s no reason why you should have any of your most powerful Runic Attacks and Relic / Sword Hilt ability on cooldown, so you can use these to blast through the Traveller quickly.

After defeating the Traveller, head to the southern prison gate just to the left of this one, and open it to find the Dreamshade Flower on the other side.

(1 of 2) Use the other Draupnir Spear handhold to jump down to the other side of the lowest level.

Use the other Draupnir Spear handhold to jump down to the other side of the lowest level. (left), You will find the Dreamshade Flower behind a cell gate on this level. (right)

How to Access the Legendary Chest on the Top Floor of The Broken Prison

At this point there’s only one remaining collectible to obtain in The Broken Prison: the Legendary Chest on the top floor. Head back up one floor and pull the chain on the southern side of the room until the mechanism with the Draupnir Spear in it is at its highest point. You can now head back up through the cell with the weakened wall that you destroyed and go to the northwestern side of this level, where you can jump onto the spear and reach the top floor where the Legendary Chest is located.

Where to Find the Motsognir’s Call Relic in The Broken Prison

Sindri’s Tuning Fork in The Broken Prison of Niflheim

Before you leave the level where you opened the Legendary Chest, look to the northeast from the chest to find a corpse on the ground. You will find the Motsognir’s Call relic next to the corpse, which “creates a shockwave that deals high Stun to surrounding enemies” - a very useful one to have in any stun build! This item is also known as Sindri’s tuning fork, and it’s the same device that he used during the Ragnarok battle.

(1 of 3) You need to raise the mechanism on the northeast side to its highest point.

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