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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Muspelheim - The Crucible

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about where to find all of the collectibles in The Crucible, a region of Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarok where you also find Surtr’s Trials and and Challenges. We’ll cover how to unlock the collectibles marked as “Undiscovered” initially, such as the Defend Your Valor favor.

God of War Ragnarok - The Crucible Collectibles Locations in Muspelheim

There are technically 18 collectibles to be found in The Crucible region of Muspelheim, but most of these are part of Surtr’s gauntlet Trials and Challenges. We’ll show you exactly where to find the flower for the Nine Realms in Bloom favor here, and we’ll detail what the other collectibles consist of.

Where to Find the Flower for Nine Realms in Bloom in The Crucible of Muspelheim

This is likely to be the first collectible that you find in The Crucible, since it’s located next to the blacksmith where you’ll find Sindri, Brok, or Lunda depending on where you’re at in the story. All you need to do is look towards the south from the blacksmith, and you’ll see the flower on the ground here.

Look to the south from the blacksmith to find the flower here.

How to Open the Nornir Chest in The Crucible

The Nornir Chest in The Crucible of Muspelheim can’t be opened in the same way that most other Nornir Chests are. Instead, you’ll need to complete all of the initial six Muspelheim Trials, which we’ve provided links to in the table below. After completing these trials, the Nornir Chest will be open and you’ll see a central Sword Monument in the area instead.

Trial Objective
Weapon Mastery Defeat all enemies within the time limit
Flawless Avoid taking damage - if you’re hit even once, you fail the trial
Ring Out Challenge Opponents rapidly regenerate from any damage, kill them by misadventure
Feed the Rift Throw orbs into the realm tear to close it before time runs out, kill glowing enemies to collect orbs
Population Control Kill the Elite while keeping the population under the limit
King of the Hill Keep enemies out of the rings until the time expires

How to Complete the Muspelheim Trials and Challenges in God of War Ragnarok

With the Nornir Chest opened, you still need to complete the remaining Trials and Challenges, since they count as collectibles for the region. We’ve linked the rest of these in the table below, each of which have their own dedicated page to guide you through if you’re struggling.

Trial / Challenge Objective
Rampage (Trial) Defeat at least 20 enemies within the time limit
Health Steal (Trial) Take constant damage, but recover health by dealing damage
Kill Fuse (Trial) Rapidly kill enemies to increase / reset the timer back to 30 seconds
Shield Breaker (Challenge) Kill grunts to break the Elite enemy’s shield
Endurance (Challenge) Survive by killing 99 enemies of various types
Onslaught (Challenge) Survive until the time (300 seconds) elapses
Ring of Fire (Challenge) Stay within the ring and kill the waves of enemies within it
Boss Rush (Challenge) Defeat a series of challenging enemies
Phantom (Challenge) Defeat the Flame Phantom boss

How to Unlock the Undiscovered Defend Your Valor Favor in Muspelheim

The final collectible that you can access in The Crucible of Muspelheim is the Defend Your Valor favor. You need to complete the main story before you can access this, and keep in mind that this forms one of the toughest fights in the game. If you’re struggling see our Gna Boss Fight in Muspelheim page for a detailed guide.

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