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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in The Watchtower

Jarrod Garripoli

Svartalfheim is the first realm you will be able to explore in the game, with one of the sub-regions you will visit being The Watchtower. This page will guide you to obtaining all of the collectibles in The Watchtower, including the Odin’s Ravens and Draugr Hole. A lot of the collectibles won’t be available until you’ve progressed in the story and unlocked more abilities. Note that none of the collectibles in God of War Ragnarok are missable, as you will always be able to come back upon finishing the main story. Thankfully, you can get both of the things on your first visit here.

God of War Ragnarok - The Watchtower Collectibles Locations in Svartalfheim

Collectible Quantity
Odin’s Ravens 1
Draugr Hole 1

Where to Find All Ravens at The Watchtower

There’s only a single Raven found at The Watchtower, although it can be a pain in the butt to get. In fact, you will find it right by the other collectible in the area, the Draugr Hole. When you first get to the island, there will be a Mystic Gateway there, as well as Sindri. Take the path just west of Sindri and climb the wall to reach The Watchtower. Ignoring the locked door on the side, head up the other path to find the Draugr Hole, pitting you against a miniboss, called The Hateful. After clearing out that miniboss and other Draugrs, stick by the Draugr Hole and look south or so, between two trees.

Every so often, you will see one of Odin’s Ravens passing between the trees. This one is not stationary, and will follow a set path, so you will need to time a throw of your axe in order to hit it. It’s best to just do a quick throw of the axe with R1, instead of trying to wind up and hit the bird. It might take a few tries to actually get the Raven, but that’ll be another one down once you do.

Where to Find the Draugr Hole at The Watchtower

Draugr Holes are little spots where you will find a Draugr miniboss, along with some other Draugrs. The first one you can find is located at The Watchtower, in pretty much the same spot where you can get one of Odin’s Ravens. Each of the minibosses will be called The Hateful, and will act similarly.

How to Defeat The Hateful

As previously mentioned, The Hateful is a miniboss and although it’s not a challenging fight, you still want to be careful. At first, it will appear alone, but not long into the battle, two other Draugrs will appear. It’s a good idea to get rid of those as soon as possible, since having to watch your back for the other enemies will just make things harder on yourself. Moving on to The Hateful’s attacks, it has a few of them. One is when you see a red circle and the Draugr will slam its weapon into the ground, sending a stream of fire in a straight line towards you. Since this is a ranged attack and not too quick, it’s fairly easy to dodge.

(1 of 3) The Draugr Hole will be right next to The Watchtower

All of the other attacks are melee ones. There is a three hit normal combo, all of which can be blocked. You will also see another three-hit combo, but the Draugr will try to toss in an unblockable strike into one of the hits. When it does this, it appears the other two hits of the same combo will be normal hits, so you will be able to block those. Once you get rid of the normal Draugrs, then it’s a matter of dodging/waiting for opportunities to attack.

Doing all six Draugr Holes is part of the Born From Fire Favor. For each one you complete, you will receive a Chaos Spark. Collect all six of these to receive a Chaos Flame, which you can use to upgrade your Blades of Chaos.

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