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Guiding Light

Nathan Garvin

This page will detail the Guiding Light favor in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Start the Guiding Light Favor in God of War Ragnarok

You can start this favor during Kratos’s first trip to Midgard during the main quest The Word of Fate, or any time you have the freedom to explore afterwards (including immediately after The Word of Fate).

On the Lake of Nine you’ll find remnants of Tyr’s statue, which was destroyed during the fight between Thor and Kratos. On these statue fragments are Rune Reads, each of which is a Lore collectible (these comprise three of the fore Lore collectibles in the Lake of Nine, in fact). In addition to obtaining a Lore collectible for examining these Rune Reads you’ll also start and/or advance the favor Guiding Light, which tasks you with hunting down all the fragments of Tyr’s statue. Most of these four Rune Reads can be found on the Lake of Nine, but there’s one in the Shores of Nine region as well.

In addition to the Rune Reads on each statue fragment, you’ll also find a buried treasure nearby. These don’t count as buried treasure collectibles, but you can obtain the Guiding Light armor set by digging up buried treasures near each Rune Read (one piece of armor per Rune Read) plus an enchantment for your amulet.

The buried treasures do not count towards the completion of this favor, only the Rune Reads do, and the Rune Reads count as both Lore collectibles and Guiding Light collectibles, as far as Midgard completion percentage is concerned.

The locations of the four Rune Reads you need to examine are as follows:

(1 of 2) Search along the rubble near the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway to find a scrap of Tyr's statue, upon which is scribe the Rune Read - Tyr's Left Bracer.

Search along the rubble near the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway to find a scrap of Tyr's statue, upon which is scribe the Rune Read - Tyr's Left Bracer. (left), You can also find the Gauntlets of Guiding Light buried in the snow nearby. (right)

Rune Read - Tyr’s Left Bracer

Starting from the Lake of Nine Mystic Gateway (near the dwarven shop), turn southeast and follow the edge of the rocks, ice and rubble until you see some golden wraps among the debris to the north. Search these bands to find the Rune Read - Tyr’s Left Bracer. After reading the runes, search the ground south of the statue remnants to find a “buried treasure” spot you can scavenge to find the Gauntlets of Guiding Light.

(1 of 2) Search the interior of the helmet to find the Rune Read - Tyr's Helmet,

Search the interior of the helmet to find the Rune Read - Tyr's Helmet, (left), then dig up the Breastplate of Guiding Light. (right)

Rune Read - Tyr’s Helmet

Northeast of the Tyr’s Temple, just north of the Raider Stronghold, you’ll find a massive gold helmet on the surface of the lake, inside of which a fire burns. Head into the helmet and search the interior of the cheek guard to find the Rune Read - Tyr’s Helmet. After reading the runes, note that you can search the ground near the campfire to find the Breastplate of Guiding Light.

South of the bridge leading to the Tyr's Temple you'll find the Rune read - Tyr's Spear and the "Jotunheim's Essence" enchantment buried nearby.

Rune Read - Tyr’s Spear

Search south of the bridge that leads to Tyr’s Temple (found on the eastern edge of Tyr’s Temple), just east of where the frozen lightning bolt from Thor and Kratos’s clash can be found. You should fine some ruined remnant’s of Tyr’s statue; examine the glowing blue runes on the ruins to get the Rune Read - Tyr’s Spear. After reading the runes, dig up a buried treasure nearby to obtain Jotunheim’s Essence, an amulet enchantment.

(1 of 3) Crawl through some rubble,

Rune Read - Tyr’s Right Bracer

From Tyr’s Temple head north, northeast (between the realm towers at roughly 12-o’clock and 1-o’clock), jump over a wooden beam, then push a stone pillar out of the way. Beyond the rock you’ll be forced to turn left (west) and you’ll reach a fork where you’ll find some brambles to the right (north), some rubble to the west, and a path to the left (south).

Crawl through the rubble to the west and when you emerge you’ll need to put down a pair of Frost Gradungrs. Do so, then search north of the rubble to find some brambles. Burn them away and you’ll find the Rune Read: Tyr’s Right Bracer and the buried treasure Waist Guard of Guiding Light. For some reason the former doesn’t count as a Lore collectible, but it will meet the “Guiding Light” collectible for this region.

Once you’ve examined all four Rune Reads, above, this favor should automatically complete.

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