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God of War: Ragnarok

Spirit of Rebellion

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to start and complete the Spirit of Rebellion Favor in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Start the Spirit of Rebellion Favor

(1 of 2) Toss a spear here on Nidavellir Beach to swing across to the other side

Toss a spear here on Nidavellir Beach to swing across to the other side (left), You should find Durlin here and he’ll give you this Favor (right)

Upon getting the Draupnir Spear and leaving The Forge, you will take a trolley to the Nidavellir Beach area. There will be some Einherjar here to battle, but what you want is a spot where you can throw your spear at the wall, to the north. You will need to throw it at a specific angle for it to stay on the wall. Do this and use it to hop over the gap, where you’ll find not only a Mystic Gateway (Nidavellir Beach), but also Durlin with the Favor. If you don’t get the Favor from him now, you will be able to find him inside a building in Nidavellir later in the story/after the main story.

How to Complete the Spirit of Rebellion Favor from Nidavellir, Svartalfheim

Durlin wants you to retrieve his hammer for him, which will show the Dwarves that the spirit of rebellion against Asgard is still in the air. To find the hammer, you will need to sail to Dragon Beach, which is located north of Nidavellir. Once you have docked on the shore, locate the chain and climb it. You should see a spot on the northern pillar here, where you can throw your spear. Do so and climb up to the ledge above. As soon as you climb up, you should be able to find a spirit that gives The Lost Treasure Favor.

(1 of 2) Climb the chain here on Dragon Beach

Climb the chain here on Dragon Beach (left), Toss a spear to get to the upper ledge (right)

Climb the next ledge and grapple across, where you can lift the bean to your west to find an Yggdrasil Rift. This will pit you against a Level 6 Wulver and some Nightmares, so fight if you want. To continue with the quest, head east on the bridge and you will come to a runic mirror object. Use your enchanted chisel on it to cause a rune word to appear on the hammer of the large statue nearby. Have your companion read the word to raise the hammer, revealing a chest underneath it. Open the chest to find the Hammer of the Revolution for Durlin. You will find Durlin in the one building you can enter in Nidavellir, so hand over the hammer there to finish the Favor.

(1 of 2) While on the bridge, use the chisel on this mirror

While on the bridge, use the chisel on this mirror (left), then have your companion read the rune to unveil a chest with the hammer (right)

In addition to XP and some crafting materials, you will also receive the Mountain Splitter Light Runic Attack for the Draupnir Spear. The Rebel Leader trophy will be unlocked after completing this favor.

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