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God of War: Ragnarok

Alva Boss Fight in the Temple of Light

Scott Peers

This page details a strategy guide for how to defeat the light elf Alva, guardian of the Temple of Light in Alfheim. We’ll cover all of Alva’s special attacks and how to avoid them, and some of the best gear to use to make the fight easier.

Boss Fight with Alva, Temple of Light in Alfheim, God of War: Ragnarok.

How to Defeat Alva at the Temple of Light in Alfheim

As boss fights go, the one with Alva in the Temple of Light is among the easiest so long as you know how to counter her special attacks. You’ll encounter her as you’re running back down the Temple of Light once you’ve shown Tyr the hidden Jotnar prophecy.

How to Interrupt Alva’s Special Attack

Alva will begin the fight by using a special attack which is marked by two concentric circles, as shown in the screenshot below. You can interrupt this attack (and any similar attack from other enemies marked by these blue circles) by quickly double tapping DualSense-L1. This will utilize Kratos’ special shield attack, which for us was Shield Slam with the Stone Wall Shield. You can use this special attack even if you haven’t absorbed any damage or charged the shield up yet.

If you try to dodge the attack instead, Alva will essentially follow your every move and she will land a powerful AoE (Area of Effect) attack which will knock you back slightly, so it’s important to interrupt her with your shield ability instead. She may spam this special attack a few times, so be ready to use the shield ability multiple times in a row if necessary. You can then immediately counter her with a few attacks of your own before she regains her composure.

Block or Dodge Combo Attacks

Alva wields two large swords which she can use in deadly combo attacks. You’ll need to keep an eye on these and be ready to block or dodge them where possible, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to block attacks which are marked by a red circle. These are always unblockable attacks and the only way to avoid them is by dodging or rolling away. Alva may use this attacks interchangeably with regular strikes, so don’t let your guard down and stay focused as you alternate between defending yourself against unmarked attacks, and attacks marked by a yellow or blue circle.

The attacks marked by a yellow circle can be blocked, but you won’t be able to block too many of these in a row before your block stance is broken, so be sure to use your shield ability by double tapping DualSense-L1 to disperse some of the absorbed damage.

The below gif shows the unblockable ranged attack from Alva, and a series of blockable light melee combos followed by an unblockable red circle attack.

How to Avoid Alva’s Ranged Attacks

Alongside the melee attack combos, Alva will also sometimes throw her combined swords at you and then summon them back to her, in the same way that Kratos does with his Leviathan Axe. You can block or dodge these attacks, but they can happen quite quickly so you’ll need to be ready. Alva will use this attack most often when you’re far enough away to justify a ranged attack, and it will be marked by a yellow circle so you’ll have some warning.

Alva will use another ranged attack which is marked by a red circle. This one cannot be blocked so you’ll need to dodge out of the way instead, and it consists of light damage being cast at you from afar. This will inflict quite a bit of damage if you’re caught by it so dodging is essential.

Another ability that Alva will frequently use is a swift dodge. Her ability to fly makes this incredibly swift, so that she can flank you with just a few movements. You’ll need to make sure that you face her at all times to avoid this.

Towards the end of the fight, once you’ve brought down most of Alva’s health, she’ll begin to heal herself using the power of the light. You’ll need to interrupt this in the same way that you do her special attacks: by double tapping DualSense-L1 for a shield strike. After you’ve interrupted this healing attempt, she should only be a few more hit away from death.

(1 of 5) Be ready to use your shield ability by double tapping L1 to interrupt this attack animation.

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