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God of War: Ragnarok

Dreki Boss Fight in The Forge

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to defeat the Dreki in God of War Ragnarok.

The Dreki will be fought when you are exploring The Forge for the first time

The Dreki is the fourth boss you will face, in The Forge, while on your quest to find Tyr, the Norse god of war. Overall, the fight isn’t too difficult, as the creature has limited moves.

How to Beat the Dreki in God of War Ragnarok

The Dreki is a creature that will either try to hit you with a ranged attack, or if you get in close, some melee ones. The attacks are few, so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of a large number of them. There will be two phases to the battle, with the second one being a bit more dangerous, as you will need to dodge some unblockable attacks there.

All of the Dreki’s Attacks

The Dreki is a fairly simple boss fight, since it doesn’t have a lot of attacks. In fact, all of the moves it employs in the first phase will be used in the second phase, with only a single new one showing up and one of the older ones having an added effect to it.

Water Spit

The Dreki will spit a water projectile at you whenever you are far away from it. This attack can be blocked and it’s not super quick, so it’s also easy to just sidestep it.

Tail Sweep

When you’re in melee range of the creature, it will sometimes spin around and try to hit you with its tail. This attack seems to always be used by its lonesome and not part of a combo. It also comes out pretty quickly, so it’s difficult to actually avoid it completely, but thankfully, you can block it without a problem.

Lunging Bite

Sometimes, when you are a medium distance away from the Dreki, it will quickly rear up and lunge at you. You’ll know this is coming, as there will be the yellow circle, meaning that you won’t be able to block it, or else your guard will be broken.

Biting Attacks

In melee range, up close, the Dreki will attempt to bite you with its powerful jaws. This usually comes in pairs, with one of the two attacks having a yellow circle, meaning it will break your guard.

Electric Projectiles

Similar to the Water Spit attack up above, the Dreki will spit some electrified projectiles at you whenever you’re too far away from it. There will be three of these at once, and they will hit around the same spot. These are unblockable, so you will need to move out of the way, plus they also leave behind some electricity on the ground where they hit.

Electric Shockwave

Once you deplete about half of the Dreki’s health, it will imbue itself with electricity. It will also start using a new move at this point, where it gathers some energy, then releases it in a shockwave around itself. This is unblockable, so whenever you see the red circle, make sure you move away from the creature.

How to Defeat the Dreki

For the first phase of the battle, you shouldn’t really have much trouble at all, since almost all of the attacks can be parried or blocked. You will definitely want to keep an eye out for the Tail Sweep, as that is about the only attack that doesn’t have a big telegraph. If you don’t get too greedy with your attacks, you can just put up your guard after every few hits, since that almost guarantees the Dreki will not connect with it. Of course, this playstyle will require you to keep a watch out for the attacks that can break your guard.

(1 of 2) The electric projectiles spit by the Dreki are unblockable

The electric projectiles spit by the Dreki are unblockable (left), They also leave behind some electricity on the ground, where they land (right)

Once you move into the second phase of the battle with the Dreki, things will be a little more difficult. The reason for this will be the two unblockable attacks, the projectiles and the shockwave. If you get too committed to some melee attacks, then you might get caught up in the shockwave, so try not to get mashing the attack buttons. The projectiles shouldn’t really ever hit you, though, since they are actually super easy to just sidestep, but you will need to be careful about the residue left on the ground from them. Whenever its health gets low enough, initiate the Stun Grab, then keep an eye out for the quick-time events to finish it off for good.

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