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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Vanaheim - Vanir Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will reveal the location of every collectible found in the Vanir Shrine area of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Vanaheim is one of the nine realms you will visit during the main course of the story, and was the home of Freya. One of the areas of Vanaheim you will explore is called Vanir Shrine, although it is initially locked to you. You won’t be able to explore this area during the main story section, but after that is over, you will have a large optional area to visit. One of these optional areas holds the key to unlocking the way to Vanir Shrine.

God of War Ragnarok - Vanir Shrine Collectibles Locations in Vanaheim

Collectible Quantity
Artifacts 1
Lore 7
Legendary Chests 1
River Delta Favor 1

How to Find Vanir Shrine

After completing the main story quest, The Reckoning, you will be tasked with going to a Mystic Gateway to return to Sindri’s House. However, you have the option to continue exploring Vanaheim, with there being a log with some Soundstone on it blocking the path. Use your Sonic Arrows to clear the obstruction, then begin sailing down the river. Doing so will put the Freya’s Missing Peace Favor in your log, which is one of the two requirements to access the Vanir Shrine. So, as long as you commit to exploring the optional area of Vanaheim, you will have one of two requirements already handed to you.

(1 of 3) To reach Goddess Falls, you need to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to clear some bramble and climb a chain

To get to Vanir Shrine, you will first have to go to Goddess Falls, which requires you to clear some large rocks out of the way. To do this, head to Cliffside Ruins and climb the one wall there, then jump onto the isolated platforms to find some vines holding up a chain. Use Freya’s sigil arrows and your Blades of Chaos to burn the vines and drop the chain. Climb that chain now and follow the path to the end, where you can use the chisel on the mirror thing to create a rune word, which you can have Freya say the word to remove the rocks. Return to your boat and sail down that river path, then dock your boat at Goddess Falls. Climb to the uppermost area and have Freya open the large doors (covered with normal vines), leading to Vanir Shrine.

Upon first entering this area, you will have to fight a Soul Eater, as well as some other minor enemies.

Where to Find the Artifact in Vanir Shrine

(1 of 2) Enemies will jump out of the wooden barrier here

Enemies will jump out of the wooden barrier here (left), Defeat them and go where they came from to find the Artifact (right)

The Artifact is located past the raised bridge you see on the one side in the main area. Look below, at the The Auburn Crown Lore Marker, to see how to lower it. As you progress through this area, you will eventually be jumped by some Gulons. Defeat them, then look where they came from to find the Artifact.

Where to Find All Lore in Vanir Shrine

Lore Marker - The Feast

When you first arrive in Vanir Shrine, defeat all of the enemies in the room with the poison totems. After doing that, venture to the northern side to find a bridge you have to lower. The Lore Marker - The Feast will be near the bridge.

(1 of 2) Look right by the raised bridge to find this Lore Marker

Look right by the raised bridge to find this Lore Marker (left), In the little alcove by the same Lore Marker is where you’ll find the Treasure Map (right)

Treasure Map - The Giant’s Toes

This one is very close to the previous Lore Marker. As you’re facing the Lore Marker, turn right and you should see a dead end there. The Treasure Map - The Giant’s Toes will be on the ground, at that dead end.

Lore Marker - The Auburn Crown

Return to the raised bridge mentioned earlier, which you now need to drop. Use sigils to make a chain to the vines, while blocking the projectiles from the spitting flower. Ignite the sigil to burn the vines, then destroy the runic disc behind it. Head to the middle portion of this area, at the cliff, and look towards the bridge to spot the second disc you need to break. With the bridge now lowered, go into the next area and clear the enemies, then you’ll find the Lore Marker - The Auburn Crown right there.

Rune Read - Traitor

In the main area of the Vanir Shrine, look opposite the raised bridge to spot a large gate. At the top of the gate are two torches, which must be lit simultaneously. Clear the vines below the left torch, then place sigils between the two torches, before lighting them with your Blades. If done right, then they will light simultaneously and the gate will open. Ignore the first enemy ahead, burn the next set of vines, and kill the Nokken first, as it’s regenerating the other enemies’ health. Clear the rest of the enemies after, then return to where the first enemy was located to find the Rune Read - Traitor in bright, blue letters on the wall.

Lore Marker - Blessing of Two

After reading the Rune Read above, head into the area where you found the Nokken and look for the Lore Marker - Blessing of Two along the one wall.

(1 of 5) This Lore Marker is past the bridge you drop

Lore Scroll - Abandoned

Do the two side paths in this area, for the Favor, then have Freya read the rune word back in the main area. Doing this will cause a bridge to appear, leading to a mirror door. Before opening the door, look on the ground to the right of the door to find the Lore Scroll - Abandoned.

Lore Marker - The Ceremony

After crossing the middle bridge and opening the door, there will be a cutscene past the mirror door, with Freya receiving a new weapon. Once the cutscene is over, as you’re leaving, look to the right of the doorway to find the Lore Marker - The Ceremony.

Where to Find the Legendary Chest in Vanir Shrine

(1 of 3) Burn these Hel’s brambles after passing through the one gate

The Legendary Chest is located past the raised bridge you see on the one side in the main area. Look above, at the The Auburn Crown Lore Marker, to see how to lower it. You will see a locked gate in the first area past the bridge, with the chest behind it. Open the gate that leads into the final area in this section, where you will see some Hel’s bramble just right of opening the gate. Burn them with your Blades to reveal a hole in the wall, as well as a runic disc. Destroy it with your axe, which will open that locked gate with the Legendary Chest. Note that there will be an enemy there, so watch out for it when you go back for the chest. Your reward is the Rampage of the Furies Light Runic Attack for the Blades of Chaos.

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