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God of War: Ragnarok

Freyr's Gift

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to complete the Freyr’s Gift favor in Alfheim, God of War Ragnarok. You’ll find this favor northwest of The Burrows in The Forbidden Sands region, which can be found in the northwest of Alfheim.

Where to Find the Freyr’s Gift Favor in Alfheim

You can complete this favor as soon as you’ve entered The Forbidden Sands area of Alfheim, in the northwest of the region. However, we’d recommend freeing the Hafgufa as part of the Song of the Sands favor first, since this will clear the air of the sandstorm dust and make it much easier to see things in general throughout the region. After you’ve done that, head over to the northwestern part of The Forbidden Sands, to where The Burrows is marked on the map. You’ll find a giant statue of Freyr - Freyr’s Gift - just to the northwest of this.

Kill Odin’s Raven at Freyr’s Gift

Now that you’ve found the statue the favor will begin, and you’ll need to solve a relatively simple light puzzle here. You’ll notice one of Odin’s Ravens flying around the monument, so be sure to catch that. There’s also a Lore Marker here, but you won’t be able to interact with it until you’ve solved the light puzzle, as this forms part of the favor.

How to Solve the Light Crystal Puzzle at Freyr’s Gift Statue

Cut Through the Hive Structure

The first thing you need to do here is cut through the hive structure in the northeast part of the area. You can do this by throwing the Leviathan Axe through them from above, as shown in the gif below.

Free the Hidden Light Crystal

Next, you’ll need to free a hidden light crystal using Freya’s Sonic Arrows. You’ll find this just beneath where you cut through the hive structure. All you need to do is hit the hive wall with a Sonic Arrow, then throw your Leviathan Axe through the structures behind it, which are holding the light crystal in place. Once you’ve freed the light crystal, turn right and smash the pottery blocking the way, then go through the small tunnel to find the light crystal on the other side of the hive wall.

(1 of 4) The location of the Freyr’s Gift monument in The Forbidden Sands of Alfheim.

Use the Twilight Stone to Destroy the Hive Wall

You’ll need to pick this light crystal up and take it back to the main area, but just place it down next to the Lore Marker, or anywhere else convenient, for now. If you look to the south from the Lore Marker, you’ll see another hive wall structure at the top of the light bridge. You can only hit this by first removing the light crystal beneath the bridge, which is powering it, then using your Leviathan Axe to hit the twilight stone just beneath the hive wall. You can do this just by throwing your Leviathan Axe at it when the light indicator shines blue, as shown in the screenshot below.

(1 of 2) Remove the light crystal from beneath the light bridge to reveal the twilight stone.

Remove the light crystal from beneath the light bridge to reveal the twilight stone. (left), Strike the twilight stone with the Leviathan Axe to destroy the hive wall. (right)

Place Both Light Crystals on the Pedestals

Now that you’ve freed the way up to the pedestal, you can put the light crystal back in its place to create the bridge again, then take the light crystal that you placed next to the Lore Marker up the bridge, and place it onto the pedestal at the top, causing light to shine on the monument of Freyr’s Gift. With that done, head back down the bridge and take the light crystal from beneath it. The bridge will disappear but you don’t need it now, so instead you can take this one up the stone ramp to the northeast and place the light crystal on the other pedestal here.

Read the Inscription on the Lore Marker

You will have noticed that shining both light crystals at Freyr’s Gift caused the sword on the monument to light up, and now the Lore Marker is lit up as well. You can now head back down and read the Lore Marker, then loot the item in the center of the ring of crystals opposite. This will complete the favor as you loot a Folkvangr Whetstone, used to upgrade Freya’s sword, and a Whispering Slab crafting component. You’ll also unlock the Invoke the Storm runic summon for Freya, which allows her to summon a field of electrically charged fireflies around her.

This may be the end of the Freyr’s Gift favor, but it’s not the end of the rewards from it. You’ll now find more items at the center of crystal circles throughout The Forbidden Sands, as shown in the screenshot below, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

(1 of 5) Take the light crystal from the Lore Marker and place it on the pedestal up the bridge.

If you need a bit more guidance to solve the light crystal puzzle here, check the video below:

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