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God of War: Ragnarok

Path of Destruction

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to start and complete the Path of Destruction Favor in The Jungle of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Start the Path of Destruction Favor in God of War Ragnarok

(1 of 2) This grapple point will only be here during the day

This grapple point will only be here during the day (left), Squeeze through this path to enter the lair and start the Favor (right)

You won’t be able to start this Favor until you’ve cleared the Return of the River Favor in The Jungle. Once you do that, head over the Celestial Altar and make sure it is day time, as that will be needed. When you’ve done that, sail on over to the area where you fought the Ogres. With it being day now, the plants here will create a bridge over the water, although you will need to use the grapple to get across. Follow the path here until you find another giant footprint in the ground. Near that footprint, you should find a wall you can squeeze through, leading to a monster’s lair and the start of this Favor.

How to Complete the Path of Destruction Favor

Location of the Slag Horn Boss

After arriving in the drake’s lair, you will find nothing there, so you will need to do some investigating. In the middle of the lair is a giant hole, so drop down and you will find yourself in some kind of makeshift cage. To get out, there is a rotating board you can hit just above where you dropped to the ground. Hit this to raise the cage, then quickly recall your axe and hit the runic disc to keep it open. Just hitting the board once is enough, since the cage doesn’t go that high and it can drop quickly before you can do anything else.

Once you’re out of the cage, keep the axe in the runic disc and go down the hallway to a gate. Lift the gate up to be back outside, where you should find two enemies. This next part is a bit tricky, so it might be a good idea to read ahead a bit. You need to lure those enemies back into the hallway and to where the cage is located. Once you have the enemies underneath the cage, you need to quickly get out and recall your axe, trapped the enemies. Upon successfully doing this, you can pull the chain on the outside of the cage to raise those enemies to the arena above, where the drake will now be out and about.

(1 of 5) Drop down into this pit to find yourself trapped in a cage

Should you fail to trap them, then you can kill them, take the lift outside up to the dam and back down to respawn the enemies. Of course, you will need to exit via the hallway and go all the way back around to return to the arena, where you will face off with the boss.

Slag Horn Boss in The Jungle

Slag Horn is pretty similar to the other drake fights in the game. It’s a pretty big creature that doesn’t exactly move all too quickly, but its attacks can be powerful. Overall, this boss isn’t too difficult, as long as you can tell which attack is coming and dodge/block accordingly. The hardest move to dodge is probably the Tail Sweep, just because Slag Horn is pretty big and the arena isn’t all too massive, so you don’t have a lot of room to dodge sometimes.

Shockwave Slam

A red ring will appear and the drake will slam its front two feet on the ground, sending out a shockwave straight at you. This is rather easy to dodge, since you know it’s coming, as you can either go left or right to avoid it.

Tail Needles (Fan)

Slag Horn will turn to the side, shake its body for a quick second, then send out a bunch of spikes from its tail, in a fan-like pattern. You don’t have to worry about dodging this attack, since you can simply block it.

Tail Needles (Yellow Ring)

You will see a yellow ring appear, which means that Slag Horn will be shaking its tail and quickly shoot out a spike from it. This can be a little difficult to avoid, since it comes out rather quickly.

(1 of 3) You can block this tail spike attack

Tail Needles (Red Ring)

Similar to the previous attack, Slag Horn will send out a few more spikes from its tail in quick succession. This one is unblockable, so you will need to dodge it to avoid damage.

Lunging Bite

The boss will briskly run up to you, where you’ll see a red ring, and it will attempt to bite you with its powerful jaws. Quickly dodge to either side to avoid this.

Tail Sweep

You will see a yellow ring, then Slag Horn will do a 360 degree motion with its body and perform a sweeping attack with its tail. If you try to dodge this, do so backwards and not to the side.

(1 of 2) Target the two marks on the legs with your Spear and make them explode

Target the two marks on the legs with your Spear and make them explode (left), Doing this will make the drake fall down and give you time to get free hits (right)

If you look closely, there are what appear to be cracks on both of Slag Horn’s front legs. If you throw a spear at these and detonate them, then the boss will fall down and be susceptible to attacks for a short period, without fear of retaliation. Of course, you can only do this one, so pick your moment to get the free hits in on it. It can be a bit difficult to hit those marks, though, since Slag Horn will likely be moving around quite a bit. As the boss’ health gets lower, it will begin chaining moves together, as well as performing multiple of the same move in succession. So, don’t get too greedy and wait for the attacks to end before you go on the offensive.

Upon defeating Slag Horn, you will be finished with this Favor, so don’t forget to loot the spoils.

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