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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Vanaheim - The Veiled Passage

Nathan Garvin

This page will reveal the location of every collectible in the The Veiled Passage, a region of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok - The Veiled Passage Collectibles Locations in Vanaheim

Collectible Quantity
Nornir Chests 1
Lore 1
Artifacts 1
Odin’s Ravens 1

How to Find The Veiled Passage

After completing the main quest The Reckoning you’ll be tasked with making your way to a new Mystic Gateway southwest of Freyr’s Camp. Once you reach your destination you’ll be given a choice - continue exploring the western half of Vanaheim or return to Sindri’s House and continue the main questline. Assuming you chose the former, use Sonic Arrows to clear an obstruction and continue sailing down the river. Sail down the winding river and, if you persist long enough, you’ll eventually find a ruin-strewn beach to the south - the revolving Nornir Post overlooking the water should serve as a fine landmark. This is the Cliffside Ruins area, but the channel that leads to The Veiled Passage is nearby - just sail southeast from the Cliffside Ruins beach and turn right (southwest).

(1 of 3) To reach The Veiled Passage, you need to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to clear some bramble and climb a chain,

Unfortunately the way down this channel is blocked by some out-of-place looking rocks, which make the Cliffside Ruins a necessary stop if you want to reach The Veiled Passage. To open the way to The Veiled Passage, land at the Cliffside Ruins and defeat the enemies there (a Revenant and her pet Nightmares) then, from the beach, head south and east to find some ruins you can climb. Do so and turn north to find some crumbling walkways you can jump over to, then jump across to the southernmost segment of these ruins and you’ll find some brambles on a cliff above you and to the south. Use Sigil Arrows to place three sigils in a line on the ridge to the left of the brambles, then detonate them with the Blades of Chaos. Once done, drop down, climb the chain that was restrained by the brambles, use your enchanted chisel to carve a rune onto a magic seal, then prompt Freya to use her magic by pressing the DualSense-ButtonSquare button to open the way to The Veiled Passage.

Sail down the channel to The Veiled Passage and continue on until you reach a fork. If you continue forward you’ll have to beach your ship at the Goddess Falls, while to reach The Veiled Passage you’ll need to turn left (southeast) and sail into a cave. Inside this cavern you’ll find a beach to the right where you can solve a Nornir Chest and complete the favor The Mysterious Orb (which counts as a collectible for the River Delta region), while if you sail deeper into the cavern you’ll find a beach you can land at where the rest of the areas collectibles (and the favor Conscience for the Dead) can be dealt with.

You’ll also need to pass through The Veiled Passage to find most of the collectibles for the Cliffside Ruins, so there’s plenty of incentive to explore.

(1 of 2) Use a Fire Bomb to destroy some rocks,

Use a Fire Bomb to destroy some rocks, (left), beyond which you’ll find a Nornir Chest. (right)

Where to Find All Nornir Chests in The Veiled Passage

There’s only one Nornir Chest at the The Veiled Passage, and it’s the only collectible you can find on the first Veiled Passage beach. Sail down the channel near the Cliffside Ruins and take a left when you can to reach the cavern that houses The Veiled Passage. When you find a beach to the right, land and you’ll find the Mysterious Orb to the left (which you need for the favor of the same name) and a Fire Bomb dispenser and some rocks to the right.

You know the drill; grab a Fire Bomb and use it to destroy the rocks to the right, then head up the path beyond the rocks to find a Nornir Chest. Look at the wall beyond the Nornir Chest to find three rune gongs… one (middle) out in the open, another (left) behind a cage and a third (right) behind both brambles and a cage. You’re gonna need more Fire Bombs.

(1 of 2) Toss another Fire Bomb to clear some brambles and free up a rune gong,

Toss another Fire Bomb to clear some brambles and free up a rune gong, (left), then use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to create a line of sigils encompassing all three rune gongs. (right)

Return to the Fire Bomb dispenser and grab another Fire Bomb, then head to the beach and toss the Fire Bomb at the bramble on the far wall, which should disperse the bramble and reveal a third rune gong. Normally we’d include a rune-by-rune solution for this puzzle, but the rune gongs are all in plain sight and you’ll ring them all at once.

Use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to create a line of sigils that encompass all three rune gongs - you’ll probably have to hit the leftmost and rightmost sigils with multiple arrows to expand them large enough to get enough overlap and coverage, although there is a good bit of wiggle room with this puzzle. Keep in mind that the sigils are not permanent, they’ll expire if you dawdle too long, and you can only have three sigils (regardless of their size) at any one time, so if you miss while trying to expand an existing sigil, you’re probably going to have to try again. Finally, each sigil can be expanded from its base size twice. Once you get a line of sigil magic covering all three rune gongs, throw the Fire Bomb at them and hope the explosions manage to sound all three rune gongs at once.

When you manage to sound all three rune gongs, go claim your prize - either another Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead.

Land at the northern beach and climb up a shaft filled with bursting Vanaheim plants to find the Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice.

Where to Find All Lore in The Veiled Passage

Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice

Sail to the north, northeastern end of the cavern where The Veiled Passage is located and beach your boat, then turn left (west) and smash a fragile wooden barrier to find a vertical shaft. Be cautious, however, as there are several Vanaheim plants that’ll burst if you get too close. Take them out with the Leviathan Axe, then climb the wall to the left (south). Once on this upper perch, immediately turn right (west) to find a Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice.

You can find one of Odin’s Ravens south of the Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice.

Where to Find All Odin’s Ravens in The Veiled Passage

There’s only a single Odin’s Raven in The Veiled Passage, and it can be found shortly after the Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice. From the Lore Marker - Seidr Sacrifice, continue south until you reach a ledge overlooking the water in the cave below. Look up and to the east, southeast to spot one of Odin’s Ravens on a root.

(1 of 2) Fight your way through a passage occupied by Reavers, then destroy a wooden wall,

Fight your way through a passage occupied by Reavers, then destroy a wooden wall, (left), to uncover the Family Crest - Kvasir’s Crest Artifact. (right)

Where to Find All Artifacts in The Veiled Passage

Family Crest - Kvasir’s Crest

From the ledge where you kill Odin’s Raven, go through a passage to the west, where you’ll find the Seidr Fanatics you need to kill for the favor Conscience for the Dead. Exorcize them and follow the linear passage ahead, being wary of some Vanaheim plants; first you’ll encounter some burning plants, then you’ll be beset by a pair of plants which will spit spines at you until you destroy the bulb controlling them. If you lure the Seidr Reavers away from the spitting plants you can take them out piecemeal, then deal with the bulb in relative peace (it’s on the wall to the right, between the two spitting plants).

With this part of the passage clear of enemies, find a wooden wall along the left edge of the passage and smash it. You’ll find the Family Crest - Kvasir’s Crest Artifact on the ground behind the wooden barrier.

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