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God of War: Ragnarok

How to Unlock the Hidden Area Lyngbakr Island

Nathan Garvin

This page reveals how to unlock the hidden area Lyngbakr Island in God of War Ragnarok.

After your first visit to Nidavellir during the main quest The Quest for Tyr you’ll be tasked with seeking out a dwarf named Durlin. You’ll exit to the northwest and after Sindri gives you the Compass you’ll be free to travel to a boat, which you can row into the Bay of Bounty, where you’ll be given the choice of pursuing the favor In Service of Asgard by shutting down some rigs, or sailing southwest to pursue Durlin.

There is, of course, a third option - explore the Bay of Bounty… which probably means dealing with those aforementioned rigs, as well as exploring other beaches and islands. Some of these explorations possibilities are a bit obscure, however, specifically the hidden Lyngbakr Island, which is where the favor The Weight of Chains takes place.

(1 of 2) Sail to The Watchtower,

Sail to The Watchtower, (left), where you’ll find a sealed door that sparks Mimir’s memory of past misdeeds. (right)

How to Reach The Watchtower in Svartalfheim

To find this island you first must reach The Watchtower, a strip of land that bisects the bay. It shouldn’t be hard to find, as the only way to the northern end of the bay is to sail under some natural stone arches, and the beach you need to land at to reach The Watchtower is just to the east of these arches.

Land and when you reach a fork turn left (west) to find Sindri’s shop as well as The Watchtower Mystic Gateway. Continue uphill to the west and you’ll find some rocks you can destroy by smashing an explosive red pot. Do so, climb the wall obstructed by the rocks, then turn right and examine a door to get Mimir talking. Once done, climb back down the wall and seek out a new boat on a beach to the north, then sail north past an unmarked geyser to reach a small, equally unmarked island, where you’ll find a dock you can put in at.

Once you land, the favor The Weight of Chains will officially begin.

(1 of 2) Destroy a Wretch Nest,

Destroy a Wretch Nest, (left), then climb up and smash an explosive pot to clear some rocks. (right)

How to Find The Watchtower Key

Make your way off the docks and turn right to find some rocks blocking your path, which you can once again destroy by chucking your axe at an explosive vase. Once the way is clear, continue uphill, where you’ll be attacked by some Wretches. These Wretches are being constantly spawned by a Wretch Nest atop the hill, and despite what your companions say, they are, in fact, finite. Numerous, but finite. If you want to level up some skills or gain a bit more XP, you can simply kill Wretches until the nest exhausts itself, but if you want to speed things up just go whack the nest a couple of times.

Either way, once the nest is destroyed, climb the ledge behind it, continue north to a cliff, then turn left to find another cluster of rocks with an explosive vase nestled atop them. Destroy the vase to clear the obstruction, then climb west along the edge of the cliff until you find a ledge you can ascend.

There’s a few points of interest up here, but before you go sight-seeing, smash (or farm) another Wretch Nest. Once done open a door to provide a shortcut back, then note a life to the west. A gate blocks our way onto the lift, and we’ll need to get to the top of the lift to gain the height needed to smash a weak section of floor. Breaking through the gate and smashing through the floor should both be feats Kratos is capable of, but for the sake of indulging in a puzzle, we’ll need to seek out an alternative solution.

(1 of 2) Freeze a gear to keep a lift level with the ground,

Freeze a gear to keep a lift level with the ground, (left), then use the lift to get above a breakable section of floor. (right)

South of the breakable floor there’s a wheel you can turn. Use it to get the top of the lift even with the ground outside, then throw the Leviathan Axe at a gear on the front of the lift to freeze it. Once done, return north to the cliff you climbed earlier, and use it to work your way west to the top of the lift. When you’re on the lift, recall the Leviathan Axe, causing the gear to once again raise the lift, giving you the height you need to smash the floor below. To do so, simply head to the edge of the lift and hit the DualSense-ButtonCross button when prompted.

(1 of 2) Defeat a Bergsra Mother and her brood,

Defeat a Bergsra Mother and her brood, (left), then loot a chest to obtain the Watchtower Key. (right)

Be ready when you make the leap, however, as crashing through the floor will send you into the den of a Bergsra Mother! This burly beast is fairly durable, but her attacks are limited. She can perform a slam attack and a spinning swipe, both of which are unblockable. Avoid the former by dodging away and the later by dodging to the side. The Bergsra Mother can also summon several Wretches to assist her, which she’ll do regularly. This makes the fight a good bit more complicated, and encourages the use of AoEs in general, and the Blades of Chaos over the Leviathan Axe. On the plus side, you can usually punish the Bergsra Mother while she’s spawning Wretches, so it’s not all bad.

(1 of 2) Sound a drum,

Sound a drum, (left), and you’ll discover what lies beneath Lyngbakr Island. (right)

Defeat the Bergsra Mother and her brood, then loot a chest to obtain the Watchtower Key. With this in hand, open a gate, get back on your boat, and sail south to The Watchtower’s northern beach. Climb the wall back to the locked door Mimir is interested in and use your newfound key to unlock it. Beyond the door you’ll find a drum in a state of disrepair - at Mimir’s prompting, interact with it and you’ll discover Lyngbakr Island. You were on top of it the entire time you were searching for the key, but there’s clearly much more to this island than what you previously had access to.

Now that Lyngbakr Island is more exposed, you can return there to explore it further, and since it’s marked on your map, you can now check out its healthy supply of [collectibles]. Mostly, however, Lyngbakr Island is the site of the favor The Weight of Chains.

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