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God of War: Ragnarok

Freya's Missing Peace

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to complete the Freya’s Missing Piece Favor in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Start the Freya’s Missing Piece Favor

You will be able to start this Favor after completing The Reckoning main story quest. As you’re leaving Vanaheim with Freya, she will cast an enchantment on your chisel, allowing you to use the little mirrors you’ve been seeing across the realms. The one you come across on your travels in Vanaheim will open a pathway leading to a boat, which will eventually take you to a shore with a Mystic Gateway. Your story objective here is to use the Mystic Gateway to return to Sindri’s House, but you have the option to continue exploring Vanaheim. Use a Sonic Arrow to break the nearby log, then start boating to get a conversation, and start the Favor.

(1 of 2) Destroy this log with the Soundstone to access the River Delta area

Destroy this log with the Soundstone to access the River Delta area (left), As you sail your boat, you will automatically begin this Favor (right)

Where to Find Freya’s Wedding Shrine

Continuing in the only direction you can, you will eventually reach the River Delta area of Vanaheim. This place is fairly big, in terms of exploration, but you will need to go to a specific spot in order to progress. Note that there’s a few other Favors to do here, so it might be a good idea to do those along the way. Your end goal is to head to Goddess Falls, but the way there is blocked, so you will have to make a little detour.

How to Reach Goddess Falls

In order to get to Goddess Falls, you’ll first need to go to Cliffside Ruins. This is where you get the Conscience for the Dead Favor. In fact, you will have to do the same thing as that in order to get to the area needed for that quest. After clearing out the enemies at Cliffside Ruins, look for the one wall you can climb and head up there. You should see a raised bridge in one direction, which you can’t do nothing about right now, and some platforms you can reach by jumping. Head to those platforms and find the one closest to the cliff wall.

(1 of 2) To reach Goddess Falls, you need to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to clear some bramble and climb a chain,

To reach Goddess Falls, you need to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to clear some bramble and climb a chain, (left), then use your enchanted chisel and Freya’s magic to open a channel. (right)

While standing there, you should see some vines holding a chain in place. With that knowledge, you will need to use Freya’s Sigil Arrows to create a path from a spot you can hit with your Blades of Chaos (the L2 + R2 attack), to the vines. Once you have made this path, use your Blades to burn the vines and drop the chain to the ground. Climb the chain and follow the path to a mirror, where you use your chisel to remove some rocks, which will allow you to reach Goddess Falls. Get back on your boat, row down that canal, ignore the side path and dock on the beach for Goddess Falls.

Traversing Goddess Falls

Upon landing on Goddess Falls for the first time, eliminate the enemies there and look for a wall to climb. At the top, grapple across the gap, then climb the next wall. Hop across the small gap and approach the wall covered in green vines. You should see a prompt to have Freya investigate it (Square button), which will cause her to remove the vines and open a large, hidden door. You will now be in the Vanir Shrine area, with your waypoint now splitting up into three different ones.

You’ll need to tell Freya to open the door, leading to the Vanir Shrine

How to Complete Freya’s Missing Peace

You basically have to go to each waypoint to inspect an item for Freya. Upon first entering this area, you will have to face some enemies, one of which includes a Soul Eater. Note that there are poison totems around the area, so make sure you steer clear of those.

How to Defeat the Soul Eater

Try to ignore the lesser enemies here, if you can, and concentrate solely on the Soul Eater until it’s gone. The Soul Eater is pretty much the same battle as the Forest Ancient, except the Soul Eater tends to focus on using the big laser attack more than anything. When it opens its core, toss your axe at it to deal damage, increase the stun gauge, and make some orbs fly out. You can then pick up these orbs to toss them at the Soul Eater, giving a bigger increase to the stun gauge. Once the stun gauge is full, press R3 to mount the creature and deliver blows until it kicks you off of it. Keep doing this until the Soul Eater goes down for good.

(1 of 2) Toss your axe at the core when it’s exposed

Toss your axe at the core when it’s exposed (left), You can throw the little orbs back at the Soul Eater to inflict massive stun (right)

Northern Path

Clean up the rest of the enemies, then it’s time to go after the objects for Freya. On the northern side, there is a raised bridge and you’ll have to hit two runic discs to lower it. The first disc can be gotten from the central ledge in the area, where a bridge will eventually form after you’re done with two of the objectives. The other disc, unfortunately, is covered by vines and you will need to use the Sigil Arrows to get to them. To make this problem a little worse, you will also have to contend with the one plant that spits at you (the one that’s connected to the bulb). Just block the projectiles in between shots, then set off the sigils to burn the vines and get to the runic disc.

(1 of 4) Set up sigils to burn the vines by the raised bridge

Cross the now fallen bridge and follow the path to a small area, where you encounter some Nightmares. Take them out, then burn the bulb for the previously mentioned spitting flowers. Follow the path, until you’re attacked by some Gulons that bust through a wooden barrier. Get rid of them, then keep going to a gate you can lift up. You can see the item straight ahead, but two Revenants will stop you from reaching it right now. Go with Freya after the battle and she will destroy the object. She will then clear some more vines and you can chisel the mirror to make runes appear in the courtyard. There will be a shortcut back down to the courtyard via the chain behind the burnable vines.

Southern Path

In the main courtyard with the poison totems, there is a large gate on the southern side, with two unlit torches on the upper corners. In order to open the gate, you will have to get both torches lit almost simultaneously. Use your Sigil Arrows to connect the two sides, then light them with your Blades of Chaos. If done correctly, the gate will open. Go through the passage to find an enemy waiting for you, but you need to ignore it, as it will constantly regen its health. There is a Nokken nearby, so burn the vines covering the doorway and hunt it down.

(1 of 6) You will need to light both of these torches pretty much at the same time

Of course, more enemies will be waiting for you in the next area, but your focus is the Nokken first. Take care of the other enemies once the Nokken is defeated. After the coast is clear, head to the end of the area to find the item that Freya is looking for; press Triangle when close to initiate a small scene that makes Freya destroy the object. There will be vines at the other dead end on this side, so have Freya remove them and chisel the mirror to make runes appear in the courtyard below.

Once you have done both of the above, return to the courtyard and have Freya read the completed rune word. This will make a bridge appear, allowing you to reach the chisel door on the other side. Open it and you will reach the third item for this quest. You will receive a new sword for Freya here, the Mardoll. This sword can inflict the Bifrost ailment on enemies, which is a nice thing to have. Unfortunately, the Favor isn’t over quite yet, as you need to head back to the boat. Some Wulvers will appear in the courtyard, which is nothing challenging, so take care of them and resume your trek. As you push the boat into the water, a pair of Drekis will appear, so it’s time for a boss fight.

(1 of 3) Have Freya read the rune after finishing the other two paths

Twin Dreki Boss Fight

You will be up against two Drekis here, one of which is lightning-infused from the start. The other will remain normal throughout the entire battle, so you won’t have to worry about two lightning ones. Neither of them will have any new moves in their arsenal, so you’re just fighting two Dreki at the same time. It’s best to concentrate on a single one and focus it down until you can get rid of it for good. The lightning one might be better to take out first, since it will leave circles on the ground with its spit attack. However, the Dreki do seem to take turns jumping into the water from time to time, spitting at you instead of staying on land.

(1 of 3) You’ll be up against two Dreki at the same time

When both Dreki have been killed, loot the goodies dropped by them, then interact with the boat to get it back in the water, which will be the finish to this Favor.

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