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God of War: Ragnarok

How to Transmog Armor in God of War Ragnarok

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to Transmog armor in God of War Ragnarok. We’ll take you through the steps you’ll need to complete to change the appearance of Chest Armor, Wrist Armor, and Waist Armor. It’s a fairly simple process, but it will take quite a bit of time investment due to gear level requirements.

How to Transmog, God of War Ragnarok.

How to Change the Appearance of Chest, Wrist, and Waist Armor in God of War Ragnarok

If you’re wondering what Transmog means, it’s a contraction of transmogrification, basically a fancy word for transforming the appearance of one piece of armor for another. In the context of most games which have some form of Transmog system, the idea is to give a player the freedom to change the appearance of their armor to anything that the game has to offer, without losing the stats of a particular armor set. This is great for anyone who enjoys experimenting with combinations of specific armor sets, or if you just prefer the appearance of one set over another, but the uglier set has better stats.

Unfortunately, the Transmog feature in God of War Ragnarok can only be unlocked once you’ve increased the level of at least one specific piece of Chest, Wrist, or Waist armor to level 9. This means that you can only change the appearance of your Chest Armor once it’s level 9, but if your Wrist or Waist Armor is still below level 9, you won’t be able to change the appearance for those specific armor pieces. It’ll take a significant investment in time and resources to upgrade each armor piece to level 9, so for most players you can only expect to unlock the Transmog feature in the later stages of the game.

How to Switch Between Gear When Transmogging

You will need to obtain a lot of different materials throughout the game as you upgrade any piece of gear to level 9, but the good news is that towards the end of the game you should have plenty of materials to upgrade multiple armor pieces to at least level 7. The materials to upgrade to level 8 or 9 are generally the rarest, but you should only need to do this for one or two sets that you know are going to be useful for their stats. It may even be the case that you prefer the appearance of a lower level armor piece, in which case you won’t need to invest as much to utilize it with the Transmog system.

In the simplest of terms, the below steps list exactly what you need to do to change the appearance of your armor using the Transmog system. We’ve also included some screenshots to demonstrate where you’ll find specific features within the menus in game.

Step 1: Upgrade the armor piece that you want to use for its stats to level 9.

Step 2: Choose an armor piece that you want to use for its appearance and upgrade it if desired.

Step 3: Enter the Chest, Wrist, or Waist armor menu and look for the “Edit Appearance” option (press DualSense-ButtonSquare) to access)

Step 4: Select the armor you want to use the appearance of, specifying which tier between I, II, and III

Note that you can always revert the change that you’ve made to the appearance of a particular piece of gear, and you can change it to any other appearance for armor that you’ve acquired in your adventures. Ultimately, the Transmog system provides a good way to make the most of the best armor in terms of stats for your playstyle, while still being able to make use of the appearance for an armor piece which doesn’t have great stats. However, it’s a shame that you don’t get to take advantage of this feature until towards the end of the game unless you invest a lot of time and effort in acquiring specific materials, so we’d like to see this feature introduced earlier on in future releases from the series.

(1 of 3) You will find the Edit Appearance option at the armor menu when you upgrade a piece to level 9.

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