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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Vanaheim - Noatun's Garden

Nathan Garvin

This page will reveal the location of every collectible in Noatun’s Garden, a region of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok - Noatun’s Garden Collectibles Locations in Vanaheim

Collectible Quantity
Legendary Chests 1
Lore 3
Artifacts 1
River Delta Favors 1

How to Find Noatun’s Garden

After completing the main quest The Reckoning you’ll be tasked with making your way to a new Mystic Gateway southwest of Freyr’s Camp. Once you reach your destination you’ll be given a choice - continue exploring the western half of Vanaheim or return to Sindri’s House and continue the main questline. Assuming you chose the former, use Sonic Arrows to clear an obstruction and continue sailing down the river. Sail down the winding river and you’ll reach the River Delta; follow the leftmost (southeastern) channel and you’ll pass under a bridge, beyond which is a beach you can land at to the left.

(1 of 3) Talk to a spirit to start the favor “Garden for the Dead”,

When you land you’ll need to kill several waves of Gulon and a pair of Graoungr, and some more Gulon may appear as you work your way through the area’s puzzles. Otherwise this location plays host to the Garden For the Dead favor, which counts as a collectible. Check out the linked page for a full walkthrough for this favor. Even if this favor wasn’t one of the collectibles in Noatun’s Garden, you’d have to clear out most of the poison-spewing Scorn Poles to reach various collectibles anyways, so completion of the aforementioned favor is very much linked with finding all the collectibles on Noatun’s Garden.

While somewhat combat heavy, you can complete every collectible in this location on your first visit. That said, you’ll have to travel to a hidden beach in the River Delta to solve one of the puzzles here and hence obtain all the collectibles, so it’s not a straight-forward endeavor.

Where to Find All Legendary Chests in Noatun’s Garden

There’s only one Legendary Chest in Noatun’s Garden, and aside from the Garden For the Dead favor it may just be the most complicated collectible in this area.

(1 of 3) Create a line of sigils and light them with the Blades of Chaos,

Legendary Chest - Jewel of Yggdrasil

This Legendary Chest can be found in a building along the northern end of Noatun’s Garden. Only problem is, the door is sealed, and it cannot be opened from Noatun’s Garden. Instead, you need to head to the hidden beach between Pilgrim’s Landing and Noatun’s Garden, an area which technically counts as the River Delta area.

From the gate that leads to the River Delta (marked on your map with an “entrance” marker), turn left (south, southeast) to find two channels. Take the rightmost of these two channels and stick to some cliffs to the left until you find a passage (also to the left). Enter the passage, then turn left again the first chance you get to find this elusive beach. You can also reach this hidden River Delta beach from Noatun’s Garden by sailing west from the southernmost beach at Noatun’s Garden, going between some massive tree roots and into a passage. Follow the passage and turn right at the first opportunity to find this beach.

When you land, head up some stairs and cross a bridge to find a chest. To the right of this chest you’ll find the Scroll - Nonviolence, and more importantly you’ll be able to see the other side of the building that houses this Legendary Chest. There’s a hole in the wall of the building and some bramble growing out of said hole in the wall, creeping towards the bridge you’re on. Use Freya’s sigil magic to ignite the bramble, then toss the Leviathan Axe through a hole in the building’s wall at a target inside. This will cut a weight and open the door.

Cross the bridge again and turn left to find a rope you can slide on to quickly return back to Noatun’s Garden. Enter the now-accessible building and you’ll find the Legendary Chest beckoning you. Kill several Nightmares, that spawn, then loot the Legendary Chest to score the Jewel of Yggdrasil.


(1 of 3) Pick up the Treasure Map - Under the Rainbow along the northern end of the area.

Where to Find All Lore in Noatun’s Garden

Treasure Map - Under the Rainbow

You can find this collectible along the northern end of the island, alongside the building that houses the area’s lone Legendary Chest. It’s just… lying on the ground near some rocks. Snag it to pick up the Treasure Map - Under the Rainbow, which counts as a Lore collectible.

Lore Marker - Golrab of the Ashes and Frost

Along the eastern end of the island, between two troll statues (opposite the ghost who gives you the favor Garden For the Dead you’ll find a sealed door you need to open with the chisel. Beyond this is a chest where you’ll find Lunda’s Broken Belt, so it’s well worth doing, but as far as this Lore collectible is concerned, it’s just a landmark. To the right (south) of this door you’ll find the Lore Marker - Golrab of the Ashes and Frost.

Lore Marker - Garden’s Progress

Along the southern end of the island you’ll find a building. A sealed door prevents you from entering, but that’s just as well - the collectible you seek is on the roof. Be wary of a spine-spewing Vanaheim plant above the Scorn Pole to the east and work your way around the poison to reach the eastern end of the building, where you’ll find a wall you can climb. Do so and search the southern end of the roof to find the Lore Marker - Garden’s Progress. You can also find the bulb you need to ignite to kill the aforementioned spine-spitting Vanaheim plant to the left of this Lore Marker.

Near a building along the southern end of the area you’ll find the Family Crest - Hoenir’s Crest Artifact.

Where to Find All Artifacts in Noatun’s Garden

Artifact - Family Crest - Hoenir’s Crest

Make your way to the eastern edge of the of the building along the southern end of Noatun’s Garden to find this collectible - the Family Crest - Hoenir’s Crest Artifact lying on the ground. You may want to bypass this at first and kill the spine-spewing Vanaheim plant by climbing up to the roof of the nearby building and igniting the bulb.

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