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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in The Applecore

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Svartalfheim is the first realm you will be able to explore in the game, with one of the sub-regions you will visit being The Applecore. This page will guide you to obtaining all of the collectibles in The Applecore, including the Odin’s Ravens, Artifacts, and much more. A lot of the collectibles won’t be available until you’ve progressed in the story and unlocked more abilities. Note that none of the collectibles in God of War Ragnarok are missable, as you will always be able to come back upon finishing the main story.

You can obtain around half of the collectibles in The Applecore on your first visit during the main quest The Quest for Tyr. Many others, however, cannot be obtained until you acquire the Draupnir Spear during the main quest Forging Destiny. Immediately after this quest you can return to the Applecore - just travel to the Mystic Gateway at the Aurvangar Wetlands and use the raft to cross the water back to the Sverd Sands. The entrance to The Applecore can be found here, but expect new monsters to have spawned in your absence!

God of War Ragnarok - The Applecore Collectibles Locations in Svartalfheim

Collectible Quantity
Nornir Chests 2
Odin’s Ravens 1
Artifacts 3
Lore 3
Legendary Chests 2
Buried Treasure 1
Draugr Holes 1
Yggdrasil Rifts 1

Where to Find All Ravens in The Applecore

The Raven will be off to the left, just before the final normal door

The singular Raven is located pretty deep into the mine, on your first visit. In the large room where you have Atreus pull a lever to drop some Soundstone in the wooden waterway, you will eventually solve the puzzle and be able to get to the other side. There will be a door to enter over here, but look to the north to spot a ledge you can shimmy across. While facing in that same direction, you should spot the Raven sitting on a beam.

Where to Find All Artifacts in The Applecore

Things Left Behind - Althjof’s Statue

(1 of 4) This debris will be blocking your way to the Artifact

As you go through The Applecore, you should eventually unlock an elevator via flipping a switch with your Blades of Chaos, after climbing a chain. Just before this, you should have seen some debris just across a gap. In the little area you drop down to with the chain, if you look at that debris, you should be able to hit the red pot to clear it. Head down that path behind the now-cleared debris to find a bunch of enemies you need to defeat. Find the door after clearing them out, and go through it, where you will find a materials chest and the Artifact.

Things Left Behind - Durinn’s Stone Statue

Use Atreus to destroy the Soundstone and grab the second Artifact

You will get to this Artifact after you get your first Relic, which is required as part of the story. In the area where you have to pull a chain to make a zipline (after clearing the Soundstone), you should have seen a wooden walkway end, with a small waterfall just beyond it. There’s actually a grapple point here, so use that to cross the gap, then drop off the ledge. You should see a big deposit of Soundstone here, so have Atreus clear it and grab the Artifact behind it.

Artifact - Kvasir Poem - Sanguinity (Requires Draupnir Spear)

You need the Draupnir Spear to access this one, so you won’t be able to get it on your first run. Upon returning from the Applecore Descent Mystic Gateway, head through the tunnel to the north as it bends east. You’ll see a point in the wall to your left where you can throw the Draupnir Spear, creating a handhold for you to climb up. After climbing up, look ahead to the northeast to see another point in a rock, where you can throw a Draupnir Spear and then detonate it by pressing DualSense-ButtonTriangle. This will destroy the rock and give you access to the other side, where you’ll find the Kvasir Poem artifact on the ground to your right.

(1 of 3) Throw a Draupnir Spear into the wall here to create a handhold, then use it to climb up.

Where to Find All Legendary Chests in The Applecore

There are two Legendary Chests in The Applecore, but you will only be able to open one of them on your first visit. The first chest is in the same room as the Draugr Hole. Clear out the room first, then go on the one side to find the chest. You will receive the Axe Attachment - Fortified Frost Knob from this Legendary Chest.

The Legendary Chest is in the same room as the Draugr Hole

The second legendary chest can be accessed as you emerge from The Applecore into the Jarnsmida Pitmines on your second run through. You’ll find a rune slate to your left which will create a runic word that Freya or Atreus can interact with, revealing the Legendary Chest behind the wall to its right. You will obtain the Banahogg Knob axe attachment from this one.

(1 of 2) Interact with the runic slate to reveal the word to its right.

Interact with the runic slate to reveal the word to its right. (left), Freya or Atreus can interact with the word to reveal the legendary chest behind the wall. (right)

Where to Find All Lore in The Applecore

Rune Read - The Vault

After you first get off the little boat and arrive at Sindri’s blacksmith shop, continue along the path to the first grapple point. Instead of going across, you should see a wooden wall with some Soundstone on it. Have Atreus fire an arrow at the Soundstone to destroy it and unveil the Rune Read behind it.

(1 of 4) Hit the Soundstone on this wall to break it

Lore Marker - Cooperation

Go through The Applecore as you normally would, until you get to your first fight with some Draugrs. The path will be split here, so head west to find a wooden wall you can bust down. Do that, then drop down the ledge behind it to find the Lore Marker.

(1 of 2) Embed the Draupnir Spear near a ledge,

Embed the Draupnir Spear near a ledge, (left), then climb up to find the Treasure Map - Demise of Dagestr. (right)

Treasure Map - Demise of Dagestr

After acquiring the Draupnir Spear and completing the main quest Forging Destiny, travel back to the Mystic Gateway at the Aurvangar Wetlands and take the raft back to the Sverd Sands, from which you can return to The Applecore.

Ride a lift down into the mines and from here turn southwest, then northwest, killing a mixed group of Grim and Nokken near a fork. At the fork, stick left and follow the linear path ahead to find a chamber occupied by a pair of Revenants. Kill them, then search the southern end of the Revenant chamber to find a ledge that’s just too high to climb. Throw the Draupnir Spear into wall and you can use the embedded spear to climb up, whereupon you’ll find the Treasure Map - Demise of Dagestr on the ground.

This particular map leads you to a Buried Treasure in the Lake of Nine, a region of Midgard.

Where to Find the Draugr Hole in The Applecore

Be wary of the projectiles this Hateful tosses at you

The Draugr Hole is located in the same area as the Durinn’s Stone Statue Artifact. There will be a door to the right of the Artifact, leading to the room with the Draugr Hole. The Hateful here is more or less the same as the one at The Watchtower, except instead of the shockwave attack, it will throw some projectiles at you. You know this is coming whenever you see the yellow circle, indicating it will break your guard, although it also means you can parry it. Of course, there will also be two normal Draugrs that spawn, so be wary of that happening. Defeat all of the enemies to complete this Draugr Hole.

Where to Find All Nornir Chests in The Applecore

First Nornir Chest

This Nornir Chest can be accessed using the Draupnir Spear upon returning to The Applecore. After using the spear to create a rope wire down from the Applecore Descent Mystic Gateway, turn right to find a point in the wall where you can throw the Draupnir Spear, creating a handhold in the process. After climbing up, you need to find three runes and throw a Draupnir Spear in each of them, then press DualSense-ButtonTriangle to detonate them all at once and open the Nornir Chest. You can see where each of the runes are located in the video below.

Second Nornir Chest

The second Nornir Chest can be found as you make your way through The Applecore from the Applecore Descent Mystic Gateway, but you can also access it quickly by teleporting to the other Mystic Gateway on the other side. The Nornir Chest is located just around the corner from here, and you need to do the same thing as you did with the first to open it: throw Draupnir Spears into three runes, then detonate them at the same time by pressing DualSense-ButtonTriangle. The first two runes are fairly easy to find here, but the last one is hidden behind some water. You can see the video below to see exactly where to find it.

Where to Find the Yggdrasil Rift in The Applecore

The Yggdrasil Rift which contains one of Nidhogg’s children can be found just to the west from the second Nornir Chest above. All you need to do is interact with the rift and spam DualSense-ButtonCircle to capture the creature, then interact with it again to obtain the loot within.

(1 of 2) The location of the Yggdrasil Rift, close to the Mystic Gateway in The Applecore.

The location of the Yggdrasil Rift, close to the Mystic Gateway in The Applecore. (left), Interact with the rift to capture the creature, then interact with it again to obtain the loot. (right)

Where to Find the Mining Glory Buried Treasure in The Applecore

The treasure map for this one can be found in Nidavellir. You need to find the map first before you can loot the treasure.

To find this treasure, head north from The Applecore Descent Mystic Gateway (accessed after completing the main story), following the path until you reach a chain where you will encounter a troll named Miklimunnr. You can defeat him and then crawl through the hole heading north, as it bends west while crawling through it. On the other side you’ll see a door to the northwest. Go through this and then slide across the wall to your right, then follow the path as you grapple over to the platform to the northwest. This leads to a spiraling path consisting of wooden platforms, almost in the form of a tower. You need to get to the bottom of this to find the buried treasure, as shown in the screenshot below.

You will find the Mining Glory treasure at the bottom of the spiraling path described in the text above.

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