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God of War: Ragnarok

In Plain Sight

Scott Peers

This page details a guide for the In Plain Sight favor in God of War Ragnarok, which can be found in the central part of the Western Plains in The Crater subregion of Vanaheim.

Where to Find the In Plain Sight Favor in the Western Plains of The Crater

To begin this favor, you need to reach the central part of the Western Plains in The Crater, at the point shown in the map below. Here you will find a dead animal on the ground, just beside a rock. When you interact with it Kratos will mention that something is wrong with the corpse, noting that dragons don’t leave these kinds of marks on a body. Atreus will point out that you’ve seen these marks before in the Volunder mines, indicating that they’ve been inflicted by a Soul Eater. You will find more corpses of animals killed in this way nearby, and you can interact with them to uncover more clues. However, you can also just locate the Soul Eater without needing to do this.

You will find the Soul Eater somewhere in the marshy land just east of the nearby Celestial Altar. The precise spawn location can be different for each player, but you’re looking for a bunch of rock with some white lines running through it, as shown in the screenshot below. There’s an Ogre nearby, a bunch of Reavers and Wisps, and some other lesser enemies, so it’s a good idea to clear these first before attempting to kill the Soul Eater (unless you want the challenge of fighting them all at once!). In our case, we accidentally stumbled upon the Soul Eater while fighting the Ogre, and it wasn’t too difficult to kill regardless.

(1 of 3) You will find the corpses and the Soul Eater in this area of the Western Plains.

God of War Ragnarok - How to Kill the Soul Eater in the Western Plains

This Soul Eater fights in much the same way as any other that you’ve encountered so far. It has a core that you need to hit to inflict stun damage, but the core is only exposed at specific points in the fight. The Soul Eater will often cast out orbs from its core which you can pick up and throw back at it to inflict stun damage, but just hitting it with the Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear using ranged attacks is generally the most efficient method. Once you’ve filled the Soul Eater’s stun bar, you can press DualSense-R3 to execute a stun grab, then spam DualSense-R1 or DualSense-R2 to punch or kick the enemy and inflict damage to its health bar in the process. It’s unlikely that you’ll kill the Soul Eater in this first bout of melee attacks, but if you repeat the steps above you should be able to kill it after stunning the enemy two or three times.

You should find that most of the Soul Eater’s attacks are easy to avoid with a quick block, parry, or dodge. It will sometimes fire a beam of light damage at you which can easily be blocked, but you can also roll through it to avoid being hit. There are some attacks which are preceded by red ring indicators that can only be dodged, so look out for these and be ready to avoid them. Alternatively you can interrupt red ring attacks with your own Runic Attacks or special abilities from a Relic or Sword Hilt, but you need to do this before the enemy is able to finish their attack, and you will often need to be within melee range for it to work.

(1 of 5) Hit the core of the Soul Eater to inflict stun damage.

Soul Eater Rewards

You get some decent loot from this enemy in terms of XP, crafting materials and unique items. You can see our Best Amulet of Yggdrasil Enchantments And Upgrades page for the Eir’s Armament effects. The Hunter’s Brand is a requirement to craft pieces of the Hunter Armor Set.

Reward Quantity
Kratos XP 1400
Companion XP 500
Shattered Rune 100
Bonded Leather 5
Purified Crystalline 10
Eir’s Armament (Unique Amulet of Yggdrasil Enchantment) 1
Hunter’s Brand 1
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