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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Vanaheim - Freyr's Camp

Nathan Garvin

This page will reveal the location of every collectible in Freyr’s Camp, a region of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok - Freyr’s Camp Collectibles Locations in Vanaheim

Collectible Quantity
Legendary Chests 2
Lore 2
Artifacts 1
Odin’s Ravens 1
Remnants of Asgard 1

How to Find Freyr’s Camp

During the main quest, The Reckoning, you’ll visit Vanaheim. Proceed through Vanaheim and you’ll eventually reach Freyr’s Camp. There are a number of areas where you can find 100% of the collectibles during your first visit to Vanaheim, but unfortunately, Freyr’s Camp isn’t one of them. You can obtain the Lore and Artifacts on your first visit and Odin’s Raven shortly after leaving for the first time, but the Legendary Chests can’t be reached until you obtain the Draupnir Spear during the main quest Forging Destiny, and the Remnants of Asgard can’t be cleared until the quest Beyond Ragnarok is active.

(1 of 2) You can find the Scroll - Freyr’s Lament Lore,

Where to Find All Lore in Freyr’s Camp

There are two different Lore collectibles in Freyr’s Camp, and both can be obtained on your first visit.

Scroll - Freyr’s Lament

From the cooking fire/gathering spot in the middle of the area, turn southwest to spot some tents. Search the central one (the one with a campfire in the middle and you’ll find a scroll on the ground. Pick it up to obtain the Scroll - Freyr’s Lament collectible.

Rune Read - Vanaheim Lullaby

From the cooking fire/gathering spot in the middle of the area, turn west and you’ll find a passage. Head down it a short distance and when you reach a fork, turn right to spot a body of water. Immediately turn right again to find some runes scribbled on the wall. Examine them and you’ll score the Rune Read - Vanaheim Lullaby.

One of Odin’s Ravens lurks in the forests north of the camp, after you exit the gates.

Where to Find All Odin’s Ravens in Freyr’s Camp

You can find the sole Odin’s Raven just after your first visit to Freyr’s Camp. Talk to Freyr and leave Mimir behind and you’ll be directed to continue deeper into Vanaheim.

Odin’s Raven 1

From the cooking fire/gathering spot in the middle of the area, turn northeast to find some closed doors. Provided you’ve talked to Freyr you should be able to open them. Do so and continue on, cross a bridge, go through a cave, and you’ll eventually find yourself at a fork back in the forested wilderness of Vanaheim. The quest marker will direct you northeast into another cave. Ignore this route for now, and instead go west, northwest and make your way to a ledge to the north. Look up at to the north and slightly west to spot Odin’s Raven perched on a branch just over some ruins.

After completing “The Reckoning” take a boat to a Mystic Gateway. You’ll find the Family Crest - Skirnir’s Crest Artifact on the ground near the Mystic Gateway.

Where to Find All Artifacts in Freyr’s Camp

There’s only one Artifact in the Freyr’s Camp area, and it being listed under the Freyr’s Camp area is more of a categorical fiction rather than a geographic reality.

Artifact - Family Crest - Skirnir’s Crest

After returning to Freyr’s Camp at the end of The Reckoning you’ll be charged with seeking out a Mystic Gate and returning to Sindri’s House. Navigate a few puzzles (mostly tutorials on Freya’s abilities) and row a boat until you reach a beach where you can land. In addition to the Mystic Gateway you seek you’ll find this Artifact, the Family Crest - Skirnir’s Crest to the west.

(1 of 2) Find some ruins outside of Freyr’s Camp and use the Draupnir Spear to damage a wall,

Find some ruins outside of Freyr’s Camp and use the Draupnir Spear to damage a wall, (left), then do some climbing to reach a Legendary Chest containing the Leviathan’s Roar Heavy Runic Attack. (right)

Where to Find All Legendary Chests in Freyr’s Camp

Legendary Chest - Divine Ashes

From the campfire in the middle of camp, head down a passage to the west, then turn right (north) to find yourself at the shore of a river. Follow the shore to the west, then north, jump across the river to the north and turn left to spot a boulder you can destroy with the Draupnir Spear. Do so and you’ll find a Legendary Chest on the other side, which contains Divine Ashes x500.

(1 of 3) Search near the shore of the river west of the campfire to spot the Legendary Chest,

Legendary Chest - Leviathan’s Roar

While technically listed as one of the collectibles in Freyr’s Camp, this Legendary Chest is right on the edge of the Eastern Barri Woods, and is a good ways outside of the camp proper. Exit the camp via its gates, destroy a boulder with the Draupnir Spear to open the path back up to the eastern and northern areas, and continue on until you reach some ruins. On your first visit during The Reckoning you fought an Ancient here, on your second visit during Creatures of Prophecy you’ll encounter a Stalker and some Wisps.

Defeat whatever you encounter here, then work your way to the northeastern end of these ruins, where you’ll likely encounter some Gulon. Once they’re defeated, look at the northwestern end of the ruins to find a wall standing at the edge of some water - you can damage this wall with the Draupnir Spear, creating handholds that will allow you to climb up and over to a wooden platform. You can use a rope to slide back down to the southern half of the ruins, but if you drop down a ledge and turn southeast you’ll find another wall you can climb, which leads to a Legendary Chest wherein you’ll find the Leviathan’s Roar, a Heavy Runic Attack for the Leviathan Axe.

(1 of 2) Beach your ship near Freyr’s Camp and look for the shimmering rainbow effect that invariably marks Remnants of Asgard sites.

Beach your ship near Freyr’s Camp and look for the shimmering rainbow effect that invariably marks Remnants of Asgard sites. (left), Kill the powerful Einherjar here to complete this collectible. (right)

Where to Find All Remnants of Asgard in the Freyr’s Camp

You can only clear the Remnants of Asgard if you’ve reached the main quest Beyond Ragnarok. Once Beyond Ragnarok has started, travel to the Freyr’s Camp Mystic Gateway and hop in the bow, then row up the river to the north and beach the boat at the landing west of Freyr’s Camp. You’ll know you’re going in the right direction if you see rippling rainbow effects. Once you land at the beach, turn south to find an apparently abandoned camp - the Einherjar here will appear if you loot the chest in their camp. Defeat them to clear this collectible.

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