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God of War: Ragnarok

Shatter Star Shield

Scott Peers

The Shatter Star Shield can be obtained in the mid to late game depending on whether you prioritize main quests or side content in God of War Ragnarok first. You can find it in the same Legendary Chest regardless, and we’ll show you exactly how to get it on this page.

Shatter Star Shield Location in God of War Ragnarok

Where to Find the Legendary Chest in The Abandoned Village of Vanaheim

As you make your way through The Abandoned Village in Vanaheim, you’ll eventually reach a grand hall where you’ll encounter some Einherjar enemies. You need to defeat these first, then head through the gate to the north and follow the path until you reach a Scorn Pole. You need to freeze this using the Leviathan Axe, then continue through the doorway to the left. There are more exploding plants here, so be careful to kill them with ranged attacks before you approach them in melee range. You’ll also find some bramble here which you can destroy using the Blades of Chaos.

After this, climb the chain to reach a wooden platform and follow it to the right. You’ll soon see another ledge with the Legendary Chest visible off the walkway. The chest is protected by a poisonous mist when you first encounter it, but you can use the Leviathan Axe to hit the nearby Scorn Pole and clear the poison. You’ll find the Shatter Star Shield within the Legendary Chest here.

(1 of 2) Throw your Leviathan Axe at the Scorn Pole to stop the poison.

Throw your Leviathan Axe at the Scorn Pole to stop the poison. (left), With the poison gone, you can loot the Legendary Chest to obtain the Shatter Star Shield. (right)

Description Special Ability Trivia
A shield fit for staying mobile and charging up Shield Punch A shield bathed in the radiant light of a thousand dying stars. Force of the Cosmos.

The full description of the Shield Punch ability for the Shatter Star Shield is as follows:

“Double Tap L1 to Shield Punch and blow enemies backward, increasing in power when fully charged. Hold L1 to charge up your shield. Blocking an attack depletes some charge. Shield Punch right before an attack hits you to absorb it and gain a burst of charge.”

Shatter Star Shield Special Ability - Shield Punch

The Shield Punch ability that comes with the Shatter Star Shield is one of the most fun to use in melee combat. As the description for the shield suggests, you’ll quickly find that you have more maneuverability in the block stance with this shield, so you can run around melee enemies or up to ranged enemies while maintaining a defensive block. However, the main reason why you have this increased run speed in the block stance is that you need to hold the block stance for roughly two seconds while you charge the shield.

The default Shield Punch attack which is executed when you double tap L1 with the shield will push enemies backwards slightly, but the longer you hold the block stance, the more powerful the pushback will be. You can charge the shield passively in this way by holding the block stance, but you can also instantly charge it if you execute a regular Shield Punch just before an attack hits you, allowing you to absorb some of the damage from the attack and use it to instantly charge the shield and push the enemy back with greater force.

There are two bars that can be filled to represent when the Shatter Star Shield is fully charged, which can be seen just to the left of your health bar. You’ll also see the shield begin to glow as if it’s being super heated (similar to the Stone Wall Shield glowing effect), which provides a more central visual indicator for the level of charge in the shield. The default Shield Punch attack will stagger an enemy and sometimes break their block stance, while using Shield Punch with one charge can interrupt enemy attacks just before they hit you. Shield Punch with two charges is the most powerful, as it blasts enemies back, inflicting both stun damage and regular damage.

The Shatter Star Shield is easily a contender for one of the best in the game, especially if you master the various methods of executing the Shield Punch ability. The fact that the fully charged version inflicts a significant amount of both stun damage and regular damage, while throwing most enemies back or even over the edge of cliffs (for example!), makes it one of the most powerful methods of counterattacking in the game.

(1 of 3) Hold the block stance for roughly two seconds to fully charge the shield, or execute the Shield Punch just before an attack to charge it once.

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