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God of War: Ragnarok

Nocturnal Predator

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to start and complete the Nocturnal Predator Favor in The Plains of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to Start the Nocturnal Predator Favor in God of War Ragnarok

You will be able to begin this Favor as soon as you arrive in The Plains area of Vanaheim. However, it is only available at night and it will be day when you first get there, so you need to visit a Celestial Altar first. There are two altars on The Plains, one in the Eastern Plains and one in the Western Plains. It doesn’t matter which one you go to, as long as you turn it into night. Once you do, in the northern portion of the Eastern Plains, you should see some wildlife being attacked by Wisps. Use your L2 + R2 attack with the Blades of Chaos on the Wisp to get rid of it, and start this favor.

(1 of 3) It’s pretty easy to spot the Wisps feeding on animals

How to Complete the Nocturnal Predator Favor

There will be three instances of Wisps attacking wildlife in the Eastern Plains, all of which are in the same general area. Since this favor takes place at night, it’s very easy to see the three Wisps, too. As mentioned above, you need to aim with your Blades of Chaos (L2) and use the R2 attack on each one. Doing this will place the Wisp into a pillar, which will become important in a little bit. Upon getting rid of the three Wisps, look for a plate on the ground that has some flames coming out of it. As you approach it, a Flame Phantom will appear, so it’s time for a boss fight.

Flame Phantom Boss in The Plains

The Flame Phantom boss is pretty much the same as the Frost Phantom boss you faced during the main story, except its attacks are fire-based. Ideally, you will want to keep a ranged approach during this fight, since that is the best way to tackle things. Most of its attacks are easily avoided by dodging backwards or to the sides. The best thing to do is stay back to try and learn its moves, then you can adjust the timing of your dodges to avoid those attacks. As always, be mindful of the yellow and red ringed attacks, since those are the most dangerous.

(1 of 2) The orb will be the Flame Phantom’s weak spot

The orb will be the Flame Phantom’s weak spot (left), Keep hitting the orb to build up the stun gauge (right)

Like the Frost Phantom, you can’t directly damage the boss, as it’s protected against that. Instead, you will have to attack the boss to build up its stun meter. Once the stun meter has been filled, there will be little pillars that light up in the surrounding environment. Attack these until they break and a chunk of the Flame Phantom’s health will be cut off of its pool. For this fight, there are five pillars and they’re not all too close to one another, so it will be a slightly longer fight. You might be able to get two pillars broken, if they are relatively close, but don’t rush things.

(1 of 2) After the stun gauge is full, destroy the pillars

After the stun gauge is full, destroy the pillars (left), There is one pillar located across the canyon to the north (right)

As mentioned above, the best way to inflict damage on the stun meter is to probably stay at range, using either the Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear. You have to aim at the orb to get stun building properly, and should it be glowing, you can hit it to cause the boss to fall on the ground. This will present an opportunity to get some free hits in, so you’re going to more easily fill the stun meter. Four of the five pillars are easy enough to spot and get to, but there might be one that eludes you. This pillar is located on the northern end of the area, across the chasm there, on the shore of the other side. You will need to use ranged attacks to hit this one.

Upon defeating the Flame Phantom, you will be finished with this Favor.

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