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God of War: Ragnarok

Quaking Hollow

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail the Quaking Hollow favor in The Sinkholes of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

How to Start the Quaking Hollow Favor in God of War Ragnarok

Before beginning this favor, you will need to complete the main quest, Creatures of Prophecy, as well as the subsequent follow up favor in Freyr’s Camp, Scent of Survival. This will give you access to The Crater area of Vanaheim, which is the first step. Climb over the first wall by the initial gateway, then drop down into The Plains. As soon as you do, turn east and head in that direction until you see some circular archways. Pass through those, ignore the climbable wall to your left, and look for the zipline at the cliff. Take the zipline and you will arrive in The Sinkholes.

The favor will auto start once you get into the second area of The Sinkholes

Locate the nearby cave, which has a poison totem blocking access to it. So, freeze the totem with your axe, then pass through the cave. As you exit the cave, the ground will shake and there will be some dialog, with the favor officially starting.

How to Complete the Quaking Hollow Favor

Drop down after the favor starts and you will have to face some Seidr, which includes two Reavers, a Viken, and a Revenant. Before doing anything, look for the nearby totem and freeze it, since it will heal the enemies here. When the coast is clear, ignore the tunnel and look across the little chasm to see a gateway on the other side. There will be a grapple point that allows you to go across, so use it and touch the gateway if you need to heal up. Climb the wall by the gateway, then use the spear to destroy the rock blocking your way at the end.

(1 of 5) Go through the tunnel with the poison totem

How to Deal with The Burning Skies Dragon

You’ll arrive back outside and see a dragon, which is part of The Burning Skies. The dragon will perch itself on one of the pillars in the middle, breathing fire and spitting fireballs at you. Since you won’t be able to interact with anything because of the dragon, you’ll need to do something about it. Take care of the enemies in the area, then look at the pillar the dragon is on to see a wind vent. Toss your spear at this and make it explode to destroy the pillar. It will go to the other pillar, so do the same thing here and the dragon will finally fly off to stop annoying you.

Return to the first side and go to the end, where you will see a chain. Pull this chain to open the large gate next to it, then hop across the gap to find some vines with another totem behind it. Freeze the totem after burning the vines, then squeeze through the wall to get to the other side. There will be a spirit here that nets you the Casualty of War - The Hourglass favor, should you want to start it now. Head into the next area to find a large gap, with some enemies hurling projectiles on the other side.

(1 of 3) Burn the vines, then freeze the poison totem to continue

Defeat them with ranged attacks, then look up to find some more vines along the ceiling. Place some Sigils so you can create the chain reaction and burn those vines, revealing a grapple point you can use to cross the large gap. Drop down into the ditch on the other side, then crawl through the hole there to arrive at the source of the tremors, a drake named Crag Jaw.

Crag Jaw Boss in The Sinkholes

Crag Jaw is probably the easiest of the drakes you will encounter in the game. It only has a single ranged attack, which is probably its easiest to dodge, since the windup for it is a bit longer than its other attacks. Whenever you see a red ring appear when you’re at a distance, the boss will slam the ground in front of it and cause a shockwave to be sent your way. Another unblockable attack is the lunging bite it does at close range, although this also shouldn’t be too difficult to dodge.

The two more annoying attacks are the tail sweep, which can break your guard, as it has a deceptively bigger range than it looks. The other move will have Crag Jaw wind up a little bit, then charge at you to do a melee attack with its head. There is a bit of a delay before the attack actually comes out, but you can block this attack, so if you see the charge, just block it. As you start depleting its health, the boss will begin chaining moves together, so try to wait until it’s done attacking before you start hitting it.

(1 of 4) The drake will close in to try and bite you

Once you’ve defeated Crag Jaw, loot the spoils it drops and you will be finished with this favor.

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