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God of War: Ragnarok

The Untamed Fury Locations in The Crater and Jungle

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about where to find The Untamed Fury boss in all four spawn locations of The Crater, The Sinkholes, and The Jungle, all of which are subregions of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok. This isn’t a particularly difficult boss, but she will retreat three times until you can finally finish her off at the last location in her den. The most difficult part of defeating her is knowing where to look for her, especially since she can spawn in different locations and in a different order for each person, depending on where you explore first. However, we’ve got all of the known locations listed below, so if you check each of these there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find her.

All The Untamed Fury Boss Locations

The Untamed Fury is a unique boss that you’ll probably first encounter in The Sinkholes, which is a subregion of The Crater, itself a subregion of Vanaheim. You can access this area once you’ve completed the Creatures of Prophecy main quest, and then the Scent of Survival favor which gives you access to Freyr’s magical boat (Skidbladnir). If you haven’t explored The Crater or The Jungle yet, you can follow the order in which we encountered the boss. As you find yourself at the Crater Entrance Mystical Gateway, turn right and head east towards the rope wire which takes you down into the canyons of the western part of The Sinkholes. You’ll need to thoroughly explore this area by running around it to make The Untamed Fury spawn.

The Untamed Fury First Location - Western Part of The Sinkholes (The Crater)

We first encountered the Untamed Fury in the western part of The Sinkholes, which is located in the east of The Crater region as a whole. This is the area where you take the rope wire down into the canyon after turning right (east) from the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway. If you’ve already encountered the boss elsewhere (such as the eastern plains of The Crater), this may be the second area where you find her.

The first encounter with The Untamed Fury should be fairly easy. The boss shouldn’t use any special abilities at this stage, and you only need to deplete her health to about 75% before she retreats. The main attack that the boss will use here is a chained slash with the halberd / spear. She may strike you 5+ times with this, but all you need to do is block, parry, or interrupt these attacks with one of your own Light or Heavy Runic Attacks, or by using an appropriate Relic / Sword Hilt which interrupts attacks such as the Hilt of Gram. Just keep in mind that you can’t block or parry any attack preceded by a red circle indicator.

(1 of 2) The first location where we encountered The Untamed Fury, in the canyons of the western Sinkholes.

The first location where we encountered The Untamed Fury, in the canyons of the western Sinkholes. (left), You can find the boss roaming around the canyon here. (right)

The Untamed Fury Second Location - Eastern Part of The Sinkholes (The Crater)

The second location that we encountered The Untamed Fury was in the eastern part of The Sinkholes, near the same island platform where you fight The Ash Tyrant dragon, as shown in the screenshot below. If you don’t find her here, she may be found in the central eastern plains of The Crater, just north of the Crater Entrance Mystic Gateway as shown in the screenshot below.

You will encounter the boss with the same amount of health as she had after retreating last time, so about 75%. Her attacks will essentially be the same as they were during the first fight, and all you really need to do to see her off this time is use all of your Runic Attacks to stun lock and prevent her from attacking.

(1 of 3) The second location where we encountered The Untamed Fury, just beneath the island where you fight The Ash Tyrant dragon.

The Untamed Fury Third Location - Northern Part of The Jungle

The third location that you’ll find The Untamed Fury should always be the same, and this is in the northwestern part of The Jungle, which is a subregion located directly south of The Crater.

This time the boss will incorporate a new attack into her rotation, in the form of a front and hind leg kick. Whenever you’re within melee range, she’ll often spam this attack which has the potential to briefly stagger Kratos, leaving you vulnerable to further attacks. You can easily block or parry this attack most of the time, but there is also an unblockable variant of it which the boss will sometimes use, so be ready to dodge or interrupt that with one of your own Runic Attacks or Relic / Sword Hilt abilities. This fight will take place in a fairly confined space, with damaging totems nearby, so be sure to avoid these where possible.

(1 of 2) The third location where you will find The Untamed Fury is in the northern part of The Jungle, as shown here.

The third location where you will find The Untamed Fury is in the northern part of The Jungle, as shown here. (left), You’ll be fighting her near the totems her, so be careful not to stray into them. (right)

The Untamed Fury Fourth Location - Southern Part of The Jungle

Now that you’ve properly wounded The Untamed Fury, she’ll retreat to her den, which is located in the southern part of The Jungle, as shown in the screenshot below. You can easily find this by following the blood trail left over from the last location, but you’ll need to take the rowing boat over the river to the south as you go. Just to the left of the Mystic Gateway, you’ll find a small hole in the wall which you can crouch under to enter the den.

This time, you’ll encounter The Untamed Fury in her most dangerous state. She will now have the ability to throw her spear at you to deal stagger damage, and she can also wrap vines around your body to pull you under her hooves, where she’ll repeatedly stomp you. You’ll need to smash DualSense-ButtonCircle to get out of this state. In addition, the boss will now incorporate a charge attack into her rotation, and she can also place fire bombs on the ground which will explode after a few seconds and briefly blind you in the process. Try not to mindlessly charge her so that you can avoid these.

(1 of 4) The final location of the boss is at her den, in the southern part of The Jungle.

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