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God of War: Ragnarok

Hvitserkr the Bold in Vanaheim

Scott Peers

The Berserker Gravestone for Hvitserkr the Bold in God of War Ragnarok is located at Pilgrim’s Landing, in the western part of Vanaheim. You will only be fighting one Berserker boss for this one, but he is capable of summoning Reaver and Nightmare enemies which can either make the fight more difficult, or actually help you depending on your build, as we’ll discuss below.

Where to Find the Berserker Gravestone for Hvitserkr the Bold in Vanaheim

As mentioned above, you can find the Berserker Gravestone for Hvitserkr the Bold at Pilgrim’s Landing, in the western part of Vanaheim as shown in the screenshot below. You can access this area using the rowing boat. When you arrive you’ll find that there are Reavers patrolling around the gravestone, so be sure to kill them before you interact with it.

(1 of 2) The location of the Berserker Gravestone for Hvitserkr the Bold in Vanaheim.

The location of the Berserker Gravestone for Hvitserkr the Bold in Vanaheim. (left), Kill the Reavers before you interact with the gravestone. (right)

Boss Fight: How to Defeat Hvitserkr the Bold

This is one of the easier Berserker boss fights so long as you’re at a reasonably high level. You can start the fight by using as many of your most damaging Runic Attacks as possible, making sure to cycle between your weapons so that you can use the Runic Attacks associated with the Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, and Draupnir Spear all in quick succession. This will allow you to take a good chunk of health from Hvitserkr at the beginning of the fight while interrupting any potential special attacks that they might try to pull off, while also ensuring that your Runic Attacks are off cooldown as quickly as possible, so you can potentially use them again later in the fight if necessary.

At certain points in the fight Hvitserkr will summon Reaver / Nightmare enemies to help him in battle. These can be dealt with easily, and although they’re usually just an annoyance, they can actually provide a source of health or rage regeneration, or you can even reduce the cooldown of your Runic Attacks if you execute a stun grab on them with the right equipment. To see what items you’ll need to benefit from these effects when stun grabbing enemies, see our page on the Best Daze (Stun) Build in God of War Ragnarok. You may need to use most of the items listed for this build to make sure that you can inflict enough stun damage on an enemy to stun grab them before killing them.

Hvitserkr Melee Attacks

Hvitserkr doesn’t have a great deal of special attacks at his disposal, but even his regular melee attacks with his fists can inflict a decent amount of damage. This is partly because he just hits hard if you’re not a high level, but his attacks will also apply a brief disease debuff, which will slowly eat away at your health for as long as it’s active. He can also throw projectiles at you which will inflict the disease if they hit you, so it’s important to pay attention to what he’s doing and avoid these where possible. Most of Hvitserkr’s melee attacks can be blocked or parried, but those preceded by a red ring indicator will need to be dodged or rolled away from.

(1 of 2) Be ready to stun grab the Reavers and Nightmares that Hvitserkr summons to replenish health, rage, or reduce ability cooldowns with the right equipment.

Be ready to stun grab the Reavers and Nightmares that Hvitserkr summons to replenish health, rage, or reduce ability cooldowns with the right equipment. (left), Dodge or roll away from the red circles which appear as some enemies spawn out of the ground. (right)

Dive Attack

One of Hvitserkr’s favorite attacks to use from range is a dive attack. You’ll see a warning for this as a red ring indicator appears around the boss. When you see it, be ready to dodge or roll to the side to avoid being his by the slam attack when Hvitserkr lands. It’s important that you don’t dodge or roll too soon (as we did in the gif below) since Hvitserkr can alter the dive landing position until the very last moment. Only dodge or roll once Hvitserkr has been in the air long enough.

Ground Projectile

There’s a slightly sneaky attack that Hvitserkr will sometimes use which consists of him diving backwards and then casting a ball of… some kind of damage along the ground. This can be difficult to see if you’re not sure what to look out for, but if you notice it in time, you can easily block or parry the attack. See the gif below for an example.

Disease Explosion

Another quick attack that Hvitserkr can use occurs when he draws his arms above his head, as they begin to generate a disease cloud, before slamming them back down again and releasing a small disease explosion. This can be blocked or parried, but you need to be careful since this attack can be executed soon after the animation begins. See the gif below for an example of it in action.

Disease Projectiles

Hvitserkr can also fly into the air and cast a shower of disease projectiles at you. This attack will usually be preceded by a red ring indicator, so you won’t be able to block or parry the projectiles. Instead, you’ll need to dodge or roll out of the way just at the last second to avoid being hit.

Ultimately you should find this fight to be on the easier side so long as you make use of stun grabbing the Reavers and Nightmares if you’re using the items mentioned in our stun build linked above. The fight becomes difficult if you succumb to numerous disease attacks in a row, even the regular melee strikes from Hvitserkr, but so long as you study the gifs above and learn how to avoid the attacks, you should be able to do this consistently after a while.

Hvitserkr the Bold Rewards

The rewards from Hvitserkr include some decent crafting materials, but also the unique Pommels of the Nine Realms. This is a weapon attachment for the Blades of Chaos which grants the Momentous Shift effect. Whenever you activate Furious Immolation (by pressing DualSense-L1 and DualSense-ButtonTriangle), a Realm Shift is triggered so long as your immolation is full.

Reward Quantity
Kratos XP 1700
Companion XP 375
Shattered Rune 40
Tempered Remnants 3
Bonded Leather 25
Pommels of the Nine Realms 1
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