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God of War: Ragnarok

A Stag For All Seasons

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail how to start and complete the favor, A Stag for All Seasons, in Vanaheim for God of War Ragnarok.

How to Start the Favor, A Stag for All Seasons in God of War Ragnarok

There are two ways to start this favor, but before doing anything, you will need access to The Crater area of Vanaheim. To get there, you need to complete the main quest, Creatures of Prophecy, then finish the favor that unlocks, called Scent of Survival. This will give you access to The Crater, but you still won’t start this favor yet. Here, you can head back to Sindri’s House and speak to Ratatoskr to begin the favor. Alternatively, you can run into any of the Stags listed below to start, although you will still need to visit Ratatoskr after the fact.

You will need the feed in order to lure any of the Stags back

However you start it, make sure you pick up the feed from Ratatoskr before going out and finding the Stags. You’ll need to use the feed to make the Stags go to the gateways to count each one towards completion.

Where to Find the Stag of Winter in The Crater

The Stag of Winter will be near the gateway you access during For Vanaheim

The Stag of Winter will likely be run into if you do the For Vanaheim! favor. Since that favor is forced upon you, follow it until you reach The Crimson Dread. Defeat the dragon and climb the nearby wall, where you should find the NPC you’re looking for there. After guiding the NPC to the mystic gateway, look near it to find the Stag of Winter. Hit the button to give some feed, which will notch this one off the list.

Where to Find the Stag of Summer in The Crater

the Stag of Summer will be located in The Jungle area of The Crater. To get here, visit the How to Reach The Jungle page. Upon arriving there, you will also need to complete the Return of the River favor, which restores water throughout The Crater. Once you’ve done that, find the island with the Nornir Chest, which also has some Wulvers on it, if you’re visiting it for the first time. With the coast clear, go to the Celestial Altar here and make it day time. If it’s already day, then you can ignore the altar.

(1 of 3) Use the Celestial Altar to turn it into day

You will now need to make your way to where the Ogres are located in The Jungle. If you haven’t defeated them yet, do so now. Once the coast is clear, head on over to the large vines and use your Blades to clear the debris there. Grapple across the gap (you can’t grapple across during the night) and follow the path to find the Stag of Summer.

Where to Find the Stag of Autumn in The Crater (The Sinkholes)

(1 of 2) Grapple across here in The Sinkholes

Grapple across here in The Sinkholes (left), The Stag of Autumn will be near the gateway after crossing the gap (right)

The Stag of Autumn is located in The Sinkholes area of The Crater. Visit the How to Reach The Sinkholes page on getting there, which isn’t too challenging. After taking the zipline down, locate the cave with the poison totem, freezing it with your axe to get past it. This will land you in a larger area, with some enemies and a Mystic Gateway, which is on the other side of the little chasm here. Clear the enemies, then locate the grapple point to swing across to the gateway. The Stag of Autumn will be right next to the gateway.

Where to Find the Stag of Spring in The Crater

The Stag of Spring is located in the Wishing Well area. There are two ways to get here, but the easiest is through The Jungle. As with the Stag of Summer above, you will need to have completed the Return of the River favor first. Go to the Jungles Entrance gateway and take the boat over to where the Ogres are located. You only need to do this if they are still alive, as you won’t be able to open the gate towards the Wishing Well. After taking out the Ogres, return to the gateway and cross over the gap to the east with the grapple point.

If you enter the Wishing Well from The Jungle, the Stag of Spring will be right there

From here, you can now open the gate with the chain, so do that and follow the path. Eventually, you will have to squeeze through a small gap, but you will reach another gate that leads straight to the Wishing Well. As soon as you arrive in the Wishing Well from this location, the Stag of Spring will be right in front of you, on your right.

After interacting with fourth Stag, you will unlock the Pure of Hart trophy. However, you will still need to head back to Sindri’s House and speak with Ratatoskr to finish the Favor. You will receive the Rond of Disruption shield attachment for completing the favor.

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