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God of War: Ragnarok

Onslaught Shield

Scott Peers

The Onslaught Shield is likely to be the last shield that you acquire in God of War Ragnarok. You get it from a Legendary Chest in Helheim, but you can only access this during the Unleashing Hel main quest.

Onslaught Shield Location in God of War Ragnarok

Where to Find the Legendary Chest in Helheim

The Onslaught Shield can only be acquired from a Legendary Chest in Helheim, which you can access during the Unleashing Hel main quest. You will find the chest not long after defeating the giant wolf named Garm here for the first time. Head south from the wolf’s head and jump up to the ledge, then continue down the steps to the east. Loot the minor chest to your right, then turn south again to enter a room with a gate puzzle. The Legendary Chest containing the Onslaught shield is just to the right of this gate.

(1 of 3) Climb up the ledge to the south and follow the path down the steps.

Description Special Ability Trivia
A shield fit for safely advancing on enemies Shield Rush A shield inspired by tales of Aesir steeds trampling battlefields. Stampede into battle.

The full description of the Shield Rush ability for the Onslaught Shield is as follows:

“Double Tap L1 to Shield Rush forward into an enemy while blocking incoming attacks. Use from a greater distance to launch enemies on impact.”

Onslaught Shield Special Ability - Shield Rush

The Shield Rush ability for the Onslaught Shield provides one of the more unique shield attacks in the game. You will have the ability to charge forward in combat by double tapping L1 at any time, but the charge will cease as soon as you hit any object or enemy. You will also maintain a block stance as you rush forward, giving you both good maneuverability and defense in one direction. This means that you can quickly get to a ranged enemy while blocking any incoming projectiles from that direction, but you will still be vulnerable to ranged attacks from the side while charging.

The important thing to note here is that the charge attack provides by Shield Rush is fairly weak if you charge an enemy from a short distance. It becomes more powerful if you charge them from a greater distance, since your shield will charge in the same way that other shields do as they begin to glow, indicating that a strike from this point will be more powerful. So, if you run for long enough to charge the shield and then hit an enemy, it will throw them into the air if they’re weaker, or push them back if they’re more powerful. This shield can be great for those who want a bit more speed in combat while maintaining decent defense, but it’s most useful as a way to charge at ranged enemies, since the other shield abilities are arguably more powerful against multiple foes.

The main other downside to the Onslaught Shield is that you won’t be able to follow up a parry with a powerful shield attack, as you can with the Guardian Shield, for example. Parrying a melee hit from a close range enemy will most likely leave you only with the option to counter with the basic form of Shield Rush, which isn’t too impressive. However, if you find yourself needing to reach ranged enemies quickly while maintaining the block stance, or if you just like the way the Shield Rush feels in combat, this could be the shield for you.

You can see the Onslaught Shield in action in the gif below, which gives you an idea of the distance required to run before the shield is charged.

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