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God of War: Ragnarok

Stone Wall Shield

Scott Peers

The Stone Wall Shield can be acquired early on in the game, after Kratos fights Thor in the Wildwoods of Midgard. The fight breaks his Guardian Shield which he carried with him throughout the first game, so you need to purchase a replacement from Brok.

How to Get the Stone Wall Shield

The Stone Wall Shield can be crafted by Brok when you first visit the Blacksmith Shop at Sindri’s House in the Realm Between Realms. You won’t need to pay for this so long as you haven’t crafted the Dauntless Shield first, but if you have you can still purchase it for a relatively small amount of Hacksilver.

Description Special Ability Trivia
A shield fit for absorbing attacks and striking back Shield Slam A shield moulded after the great wall in Asgard built by the Giant Hrimthur. Protect the realms.

The full description for the Shield Slam special attack of the Stone Wall Shield is as follows:

“Double Tap L1 to Shield Slam, launching enemies when fully charged. Block attacks to absorb the hit and build up charge. Guard-break (yellow ring) attacks can be blocked when not fully charged.”

Stone Wall Shield Special Attack - Shield Slam

The Shield Slam ability from the Stone Wall Shield is one of the most powerful of any shield in God of War Ragnarok. It will allow you to knock back multiple enemies at once and inflict significant stun damage when fully charged, but you will need to know the basics of how to charge the shield before you can make the most of this.

Charging the Stone Wall Shield

As mentioned in the description above, blocking attacks will absorb the hit and build up charge in the Stone Wall Shield. The amount of charge is represented by how much the shield glows, in a way which makes it look like the shield is being super heated. However, you can also determine the amount of charge by looking at the number of bars filled just to the left of your health and rage bar. You will see four slots here, and each time that you’re hit one of the slots will fill up, representing increased charge from damage absorption in the shield.

You can double tap L1 at any time to execute Shield Slam, but it will be most powerful when you have all four of the bars mentioned above filled. It’s important that you use the L1 Shield Slam attack once all four bars are filled to deplete the charge. If you fail to do this, the next attack will break through your block stance and hit you, while the damage absorbed by the shield will also be depleted as you miss your chance to make use of it by using Shield Slam.

Blocking Yellow Ring Attacks and Interrupting Concentric Blue Ring Attacks

The Stone Wall Shield is a great pick for players who prefer a more defensive style, since you can block any yellow ring attacks with it so long as your shield isn’t fully charged. You won’t be able to do this with most other shields, so it provides an added layer of protection. You should keep in mind however that you still can’t block red ring attacks, and blocking a yellow ring attack will fill two of the shield charge bars instead of one. You can also break through concentric blue ring attacks by double tapping L1 for a Shield Slam regardless of how many bars are filled, but you need to be quick to pull this off.

(1 of 3) You can purchase the Stone Wall Shield from Brok any time after the first main story mission.

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