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The Desert Door

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about how to complete The Desert Door favor in The Forgotten Sands region of Alfheim, God of War Ragnarok. We’ll show you how to find the keys to the door, and how to defeat the Gravel Belly boss behind it.

Where to Find the Keys for the Desert Door in The Forbidden Sands of Alfheim

The first thing you should know about this favor is that you won’t be able to complete it until you’ve completed the Freyr’s Gift favor first, as this grants you access to the two keys required to open the Desert Door. After completing that favor, you’ll have access to various loot at the center of different crystal circles throughout The Forbidden Lands. The first key can be found at a crystal circle located in the southwest part of The Forbidden Sands, and the second key can be found in a crystal circle to the east of that, just outside the canyon entrance which leads to The Barrens.

The location of the crystal circles with the keys to the Desert Door.

How to Open the Desert Door and Defeat the Gravel Belly Drake

Once you have both keys, all you need to do is return to the Desert Door in the northern part of The Forbidden Sands and use them to open it. There will be a few enemies in the area in front of the door when you first arrive, so be ready to fight those off before you attempt to open the door. Once you do open the door, the fight with the Gravel Belly drake will immediately begin, so you should run away from the door to avoid being hit initially.

Gravel Belly Tail Swipe Attacks

As mentioned above, the Gravel Belly drake will begin the fight with a charge attack as it emerges from the door, so be ready to dodge away from this if you’re not already on the other side of the arena. If you are already far enough away from the drake, it may begin by using a ranged attack which involves throwing its scales at you from the tail. You’ll see the tail swipe to one side just before the drake does this, and your companion (one of Mimir, Atreus, or Freya) should warn you to move. It’s important that you become familiar with this attack to ensure that you can avoid it throughout the fight.

(1 of 2) You'll see the tail swing to one side just before the Gravel Belly drake is about to launch the scales.

You'll see the tail swing to one side just before the Gravel Belly drake is about to launch the scales. (left), You'll need to dodge away from the scales at the last second to avoid being hit. (right)

There’s another ranged variation of this tail swipe attack which sees the Gravel Belly drake cast one glob of yellow gunk at you. The animation for this is much shorter, but you’ll see the tail outstretched so you can be ready to dodge it. Even as the projectile is in the air, you should have enough time to dodge it.

Finally, another tail swipe attack that the Gravel Belly drake uses is a melee focused one. This will happen if you’re within striking distance of its tail, and it will be preceded by a yellow circle indicator as the drake raises its tail to the side and in the air. Again, you should have plenty of time to dodge this one so long as you look for the animation.

Gravel Belly Shockwave Attack

Another ranged attack that you’ll need to look out for occurs when the Gravel Belly drake raises its head and two front legs into the air, then slams down on the ground to send a shockwave hurtling towards you. This attack is often preceded by a red circle indicator, so you’ll know that it can’t be blocked. Instead, you’ll need to dodge away from it, either left or right, or if you’re close enough you can try using one of your Light or Heavy Runic Attacks, or a special ability from a Relic or Sword Hilt, to interrupt the attack before it’s executed.

(1 of 2) You'll know that the shockwave attack is imminent when the drake raises its front legs like this.

You'll know that the shockwave attack is imminent when the drake raises its front legs like this. (left), Be ready to dodge left or right away from the shockwave (right)

Gravel Belly Charge Attack

The charge attack from the Gravel Belly drake is one of the more difficult attacks to avoid during this fight. The drake will pound its front legs on the ground just before it begins charging, so you’ll know when to expect it. The key here is to not dodge away too soon. Instead, wait for the drake to get closer to you before you make the dodge. If you dodge too soon, the drake will likely alter its course and catch you off guard. Another helpful indication that the charge is incoming should come from Mimir, Atreus or Freya, who will shout “Get ready!” as the drake is preparing the charge.

Gravel Belly Horn Attack

If you’re within melee range of the Gravel Belly, it’s highly likely that the drake will attempt to hit you with its horns. This attack is preceded by a red circle indicator, so you have enough warning to get out of the way. The attack executes just a short while after the indicator appears, so you can dodge almost as soon as you see this animation begin.

Gravel Belly Stomp Attack

Another melee attack that the Gravel Belly drake will use is a stomp attack. This will happen whenever you’re closest to the drake, and it will be executed quickly. The only warning you’ll have for this attack is when the drake raises one of its front legs, ready to stomp it down in front. You should dodge back or to the side as soon as you see this happen to avoid the attack.

(1 of 4) When the Gravel Belly drake begins to stomp its front legs from afar, a charge is incoming.

Once you’ve defeated the Gravel Belly drake, The Desert Door favor will be complete. You’ll have a number of crafting materials to loot, but you’ll also obtain the Alfheim’s Fortune enchantment, which can be slotted into the Amulet of Yggdrasil. You can see our page on Amulet of Yggdrasil Enchantments for more information.


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