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God of War: Ragnarok

All Collectibles in Vanaheim - The Sinkholes

Jarrod Garripoli

This page will detail all of the collectibles found in The Sinkholes area of Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Vanaheim is one of the nine realms you will visit during the main course of the story, and was the home of Freya. One of the areas of Vanaheim you will explore is called The Sinkholes, although you won’t be able to visit this place until much later in the game. After finishing the second story trip to Vanaheim, you will have to do a few more things and then, you will have access to The Sinkholes.

God of War Ragnarok - The Sinkholes Collectibles Locations in Vanaheim

Collectible Quantity
Nornir Chests 2
Lore 1
Artifact 1
Odin’s Ravens 1
Nine Realms in Bloom 1
Berserker Gravestones 1
Dragon Hunts 2
Casualties of War 1
Seasonal Stags 1

Where to Find the First Nornir Chest in The Sinkholes

The first Nornir Chest in The Sinkholes can be found at the beginning of the area. As soon as you slide down the zipline, look at the entrance to the dead end cave to find the chest. This one will require you to light three torches with your Blades of Chaos, although you will need to use Sigils to get to the torches.

  • First Rune: Located to the left of the chest, at the dead end cave.
  • Second Rune: Located to the right of the chest, over the little pond there.
  • Third Rune: Climb up the first ledge to the right of the second chest, as if you were going back up to the top. Stop on the first ledge, go to the edge, then look up and to the right to find the Rune.

Where to Find the Lore in The Sinkholes

Lore Marker - Everything Ends

After taking the zipline down to the area, pass through the cave with the poison totem. In the next area, you will have to face some Seidr enemies, so take them out and look by where the poison totems are located to see the Lore Marker right next to the doorway.

Seasonal Stag - Stag of Autumn

This is located in the same area as the Lore Marker. Find the grapple point that lets you swing across riverbed here, where you’ll find a Mystic Gateway on the other side. Look to the left of the ledge you can climb to spot the Stag of Autumn. Remember that you need the feed from Ratatoskr to lure it back to the world tree.

Where to Find the Artifact in The Sinkholes

Artifact - Kvasir’s Poem - Eastern Specter

The Artifact will be found after defeating the drake

You will need to complete the Quaking Hollow favor before you can access this Artifact. Once you defeat the boss at the end of that favor, look for some vines nearby that you can burn. Set them ablaze, then squeeze through the narrow passage and follow it until you spot the familiar purple shiny on the ground.

Where to Find the Berserker Gravestone in The Sinkholes

Before you can even get to this Gravestone, you will need to complete the Return of the River favor in The Jungle. Once you do that, return to The Sinkholes and follow along the main path through the place, until you reach the area where you first meet the dragon. If this is your first foray into The Sinkholes, use the spear to destroy the pillars to make the dragon go away. After doing this, open the gate on the one side of this area, then double back to the area with the Lore Marker. Get on your boat and follow the only waterway you can, which will take you to the area where the dragon was again.

You’ll find the gravestone on the central platform by the Celestial Altar

Dock your boat by the Celestial Altar, then hop over the gap and onto the central platform with the Berserker Gravestone. You will be pitted against the Haklangr the Bearded boss with this Gravestone.

Where to Find the Starblush Flower for Nine Realms in Bloom

Move past the Celestial Altar to find this flower

The flower is located in the same area as the Berserker Gravestone. From where you docked the boat by the Celestial Altar, head in the direction of the first gate you opened, where you should spy the flower sitting right there, in the open.

Where to Find the Odin’s Raven in The Sinkholes

(1 of 3) You can see the Raven while sailing in the area

While still in the same area as above, head to the gate opposite the first one you opened and pull the chain there to open it. Get back in your boat and sail through that opening now, landing on the beach you find in the new area. Open the gate nearby to get the dragon off your back, then head towards the dead end on the beach. You should be able to see the Raven in the back, and you can hit it with your spear. If you wait until after you’ve defeated the dragon, it’s possible to also hit it from that arena.

Where to Find the Second Nornir Chest in The Sinkholes

From where you got the Raven, go through that gate you opened and continue through the tunnel, defeating the enemies that appear and evading the dragon’s fire breath. Use your spear to destroy the rock wall, then continue through the tunnel until you climb out of it after collapsing it. Once you’re back outside, you will be right before the dragon battle for The Burning Skies. The Nornir Chest will be in this area and you’ll need to use the spear to open it. Remember to not detonate the thrown spears until you’ve hit all three runes.

  • First Rune: To the left of the chest, on the pillar you need to climb to reach the dragon’s arena.
  • Second Rune: To the right of the chest, on top of a smaller pillar.
  • Third Rune: By where you climbed up to this area, go to the northern dead end to spot the Rune.
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