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Enemy Encounters

Name Notes
Manasvin Warmech More aggressive in second form.
PSICOM Warden Will fall in three hits or less.
PSICOM Enforcer Reasonably tough enemy for area.
Pantheron High HP but easy to dispatch.
PSICOM Aerial Recon Reasonably tough enemy for area.
PSICOM Marauder Acts as a “sub-boss” encounter. Easy to Stagger for a fairly quick kill.

Not too long afterwards, you’re thrust into your battle with the Manasvin Warmech, which is not only the game’s first boss, but also the first battle, making it straightforward.

Boss: Manasvin Warmech

Encountered by Lightning and Sazh, the Manasvin Warmech.

Manasvin Warmech Stats
Level / HP LV 75 / 360 HP
Strength / Magic 15 STR / 15 MAG
Stagger / Chain Res. / CP 300% / 0 Chain Resistance / 0 CP
Vulnerabilities Lightning (Weak) / Water (Weak)
Common Drop / Rare Drop Potion (100%) / None

This battle is not hard at all - you can either stand back and let Sazh shoot at it (which takes longer) or join him in the fray by choosing Auto-battle. The mech has two attacks - with the first it tries to swipe at you with saw arms, and with the other it shoots you with a beam in case you hold back and let Sazh do the attacking. Should your HP run low, don’t hesitate to use a Potion. Potions recover HP for the entire party and you start with 10 Potions. After removing its HP it comes back for a second round.

Now it gets a bit more challenging. The enemy will shoot you with Wave Cannon at the start of battle - Lightning can take two such attacks before it would be a wise idea to heal her. It retains the tail beam attack from the previous battle, too. It’ll use it three times, before shooting Wave Cannon again.

After the battle you’re awarded with 6x Potion .

Ahead you will see your first Save Sphere and now would be a good time to make use of it. Once done, carry on along the narrow path, following the handy compass marker on your mini-map until you reach two PSICOM soldiers. If you’re fast enough, you may gain a Preemptive strike or they may engage you first if they see you. The soldiers are very weak though so simply strike them a few times to emerge victorious from the battle.

A pile of rubble lies beyond, which looks insurmountable but look closer. You will see a blue, swirling circle in front which acts as an indicator for a jump section. Run into the circle and your character will leap atop the ruins and climb to the other side.

As a general note, you should fight every enemy you come across. Doing so will yield you valuable items and materials (some of them can be sold for hefty amounts of cash), as well as Crystogen Points (CP) and recover Technical Points (TP).

Also, do not worry about scanning the enemies unless you wish to achieve the trophy/achievement for using Libra. Fight enough of them and their full information will go into the Bestiary. Boss enemies get added automatically and you don’t really need to scan them.

Another group of soldiers awaits further along the aerorail. A new enemy, the PSICOM Enforcer, will take part in the next battle. This is a fairly tough enemy for the first area in the game but swift use of the Auto-battle command should see you through. If you find yourself low on HP, select a Potion from the Items menu to restore it.

Continue down the path until you hear a strange humming sound and see a bobbing metallic sphere. This is a treasure sphere and you should listen out for its unique sound at all times. These spheres contain any number of helpful items such as accessories, healing items and weapons. The one before you contains a Potion so approach it and press X/A to retrieve its contents. Continue on to the next area.

Blue circles (left) denote an area which you can jump to. Treasure Spheres (right) emit a distinct humming sound so listen out!

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Instrument of Fate

Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate.

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