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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Kimo Tavon

Nathan Garvin

Kimo Tavon is, perhaps, the oddest artisan you can recruit to your service. Put up with his silly demands (and on-going complications) and you’ll have a woodworker as your disposal, willing to craft staves, spears, bows, arrows and shields for you. The categories of gear you can choose from when requesting a specific item are as follows:

  • A fighting staff.
  • A spear.
  • A bow.
  • A quiver of arrows.
  • A wooden shield.

Kimo Tavon’s masterpiece is the Mirror Bow, a Composite Longbow +5 that deals extra damage equal to +1d4 + half the user’s Strength modifier.

(1 of 2) Talk to Kimo Tavon in your village in the Northern Narlmarches to start this quest.

Talk to Kimo Tavon in your village in the Northern Narlmarches to start this quest. (left), The location of Swamp Witch’s Hut (southwest) in relation to your capital (northeast). (right)

Recruiting Kimo Tavon

To recruit Kimo Tavon you must first claim the Northern Narlmarches (you’ll get the event card for this when you’ve boosted your Community to Rank IV) then you must build a village in this newly annexed territory. Once you’ve claimed the Northern Narlmarches and founded a village there, pay your new village a visit and you’ll find an elf named Kimo Tavon standing around. Talk to him and he’ll hint at a secret and try to solicit your aid before eventually telling you about “an incredibly beautiful flower growing in the swamp”. He wants you to recover it for him, as he fears his own incompetence. Probably a wise choice.

You’ll find this flower in the Swamp Witch’s Hut area, which you hopefully cleared out a while back (if not, see the linked page for more information.)

When you find the time, return to the Swamp Witch’s Hut and make your way to the northeast corner of the map, just east of Tiressia. From her location, make your way southeast until you find some bushes, which you can walk through to trigger a perception check, revealing an Athletics 22 check leading to a previously hidden area.

(1 of 2) The Greater Enraged Owlbears are terrible foes, but enemies a potent tank can withstand.

![A well-built tank can stand their ground against the owlbears for a few rounds.]

The Greater Enraged Owlbears are terrible foes, but enemies a potent tank can withstand. (left), Using debuffs like Slow and Glitterdust are also invaluable for hindering the overwhelming offense of the owlbears. (right)

If you’d rather not save scum your way through the Athletics check, don’t worry. The worst you’ll sustain are some minor injuries. Beyond it, however, you’ll encounter three Greater Enraged Owlbears, which collective present qutie a challenge. Check out the link provided for details on this fight - a tank with a high Armor Class will make this fight much easier, but summoning fodder via Animate Dead, blinding your foes with Glitterdust and using Haste to buff your party are all good ideas.

(1 of 3) The location of the bushes in Swamp Witch’s Hut, where you’ll find the [Athletics] check.

With all three Owlbears dead, you’ll be free to take a sample of the rare flower from the bush to the north. Don’t miss the corpse east of the bush, it’ll net you a Dueling Sword named Swordsman’s Passion, worth 5,000 gold if nothing else. Loot the bush for the Rare Bog Flower and then make your way back to the village in the North Narlmarches. Once there, speak with Kimo Tavon and present him with the flower to earn 600 Experience and a Masterwork Longspear. Offer to build him a workshop in exchange for working for you and the weird elf will readily agree, after which you merely need to construct Kimiel’s Shop in the village to get him started on his new line of work.

Reward: For giving Kimo Tavon the Rare Bog Flower.
600 XP
Masterwork Longspear

Craftable Items - Kimo Tavon

Below you’ll find lists of all the items Kimo Tavon can craft:

Arrows Tier Effect
Ultrasound Arrows 0 20x arrows that deal +1d3 sonic damage. Increases attack speed.
Lightning Arrows 1 20x arrows that deal +1d6 electric damage. Increases critical threat range and multiplier.
Lovers Arrows 3 20x arrows that deal +2d6 cold damage. Chance to Dominate target (as per spell) for 1d6 rounds.
Rose’s Thorns Arrows 4 20x arrows that deal +2d8 unholy damage. Chance to inflict Curse of Weakness (as per spell) for 1d6 rounds.
Bows Tier Effect
Fiery Eye 0 Composite Shortbow +1, +1d6 fire damage. User can cast Flare Burst 3x/day.
Whirlwind 1 Composite Longbow +2, +2 Dexterity. User can summon a medium Air Elemental 1x/day.
Shady Longbow 2 Composite Longbow +3, +5 Stealth checks. User can cast Invisibility 2x/day.
Prowling Cat 4 Composite Shortbow +4, extra attack per round. User can summon 1d4+1 Smilodons 1x/day.
Hunter’s Blessing 5 Composite Longbow +5, +2d6 damage vs evil, +4 Dexterity.
Quarterstaves Tier Effect
Will of the Disciple 0 Quarterstaff +1, +2d6 vs Chaotic, can stun on hit for 1d4 rounds.
Rigid Oak Staff 2 Quarterstaff +2, +4 Constitution, +2 Fortitude Saves. User can cast Resist Sonic 2x/day.
The Undaunted 4 Quarterstaff +4, +6 vs Aberrations, +2d6 damage vs Aberrations, +1d6 fire damage, +3 Persuasion checks. User can cast Remove Paralysis 1x/day.
Spears Tier Effect
Spiked Defender 0 Spear +1, +1d3 cold damage, +1 Armor Class.
Sunbeam 1 Spear +2, +1d6 fire damage. User can cast Searing Light 2x/day.
Dystopia 3 Spear +2, +1d6 negative energy damage, +5 Athletics checks. User can cast Inflict Critical Wounds 3x/day.
Utopia 5 Spear +5, +7 vs Undead, +2d6 damage vs Undead, +2d6 vs Evil, +3 Initiative checks. User can cast Good Hope 3x/day.
Wooden Shield Tier Effect
Northern Lights 0 Light Shield +1, +1 Fortitude Saves, Cold Resistance 10.
Bulwark 2 Heavy Shield +2, +5 Perception checks, Acid Resistance 15.
Wild Guardian 3 Heavy Shield +3, +3 Will Saves, +4 Constitution.
Heart of Thunder 5 Light Shield +5, immunity to paralysis. User can cast Shout, Greater 3x/day.

Artisan Tiers - Kimo Tavon

Below are the various ways to increase Kimo Tavon’s artisan rank, hence the tiers of items he can craft:

Event Sharel Artisan Tier
Build Kimiel’s Shop Kimo Tavon Tier +1
Complete Chapter 4 Kimo Tavon Tier +2
Culture Rank 5 Kimo Tavon Tier +1
Loyalty Rank 4 Kimo Tavon Tier +1
Loyalty Rank 8 Kimo Tavon Tier +1


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