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Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Nathan Garvin

Sharel is a tailor, and as such, he’ll create… well, mostly cloaks and robes. But he can also create the odd helmet, belt and gloves, the latter three of which are all lumped together under the “clothes” category. If you ask him to craft something specific you’ll be able to choose from the following three categories:

  • …some new clothes.
  • A decent robe for a mage.
  • A sturdy cape.

Sharel’s masterpiece is the Ambrosial Attire of Arcane Annihilation, which are robes for the dedicated arcane blaster, bestowing a +4 bonus to Attack rolls with ray-type attacks, a +1 damage bonus per die with acid, cold, fire, force and electricity spells, and a +4 bonus to check to overcome Spell Resistance.

(1 of 2) Talk to Sharel in your village in the Northern Narlmarches,

Talk to Sharel in your village in the Northern Narlmarches, (left), then return to your capital and talk to Hassuf to gain proof of Sharel’s innocence. (right)

Recruiting Sharel

To recruit Sharel you must first claim the Northern Narlmarches (you’ll get the event card for this when you’ve boosted your Community to Rank IV) then you must build a village in this newly annexed territory. Once you’ve claimed the Northern Narlmarches and founded a village there, pay your new village a visit and you’ll find a half-elf named Sharel being accosted by your guards. Apparently Sharel is being accused of thievery, and despite Sharel’s claims of innocence, there’s no immediate opportunity to pardon him. Sharel does say that Hassuf can vouch for his innocence, however, requiring you to return to your capital and speak with the merchant.

Talk to Hassuf and he’ll furnish you with Confirmation of Sharel’s Innocence, which is the advocacy you need to absolve Sharel of the accusations against him. With this letter in hand, return to your village in the Northern Narlmarches, talk to Sharel and make either a [Lawful Good] or [Chaotic Good] dialogue choice, both of which will absolve Sharel.

Reward: For proving Sharel’s innocence.
600 XP

Sharel will immediately offer his services as a tailor to you, with the caveat that he can’t afford a workshop. You know the drill: build Sharel’s Sewing Shop somewhere in this village to get Sharel working on your first item.

Craftable Items - Sharel

Below you’ll find lists of all the items Sharel can craft:

Cloaks Tier Effect
Thaumaturgist’s Cloak 0 +5 bonus to Knowledge (World) and Knowledge (Arcana) checks, +2 bonus to Charisma.
Rogue’s Companion 0 +5 bonus to Trickery checks. Wearer can cast Expeditious Retreat 3x/day.
Warm Embrace 1 Cold Resistance 10. Wearer can cast Deep Slumber 1x/day.
Extraplanar Cloak 1 +4 Constitution. Wearer can cast Summon Monster V 1x/day.
Herbalist’s Cape 2 +4 Intelligence, +5 Lore (Nature). Wearer can cast Delay Poison 3x/day.
Noxious Veil 3 Acid Resistance 30. Wearer can cast Acid Fog 2x/day.
Cloak of the Chosen 4 +3 Will Saving Throws, wearer is immune to Blindness and Dazzle. Wearer can cast Prayer at will.
Strigoi’s Embrace 5 +8 Charisma. Wearer can cast Energy Drain 1x/day.
Clothes Tier Effect
Golden Thread 0 Helmet. +4 Charisma. Wearer can cast Hold Person 1x/day.
Manticore’s Claws 2 Gloves. +4 Strength, +2 Attack and damage with unarmed/natural weapons.
Hermit’s Rope 3 Belt. +4 Wisdom and Constitution. Wearer can cast Mass Bear’s Endurance 1x/day.
Butterfly Wings 4 Gloves. +5 all Saving Throws. Wearer can cast Prismatic Spray 3x/day.
Divine Support 5 Belt. +3 Armor Class, Negative Energy Resistance 10. Wearer can cast Banishment 1x/day.
Robes Tier Effect
Leviathan’s Gift 0 Can cast six spells per day of 6th level or lower as if they were under the effects of the Maximize Spell feat.
Censor’s Gift 0 +2 Armor Class. Wearer can cast Dispel Magic 2x/day.
Unnatural Robe 1 +2 Will Saves, Negative Energy Resistance 10. Wearer can cast Phantasmal Killer 1x/day.
Draping Veil of Prowess 2 +2 Armor Class, Cold Resistance 10, Electrical Resistance 10. Wearer can cast Enlarge Person 1x/day.
Integrity 3 +3 all Saving Throws. Wearer can cast Blindness 1x/day.
Prankster’s Robe 4 +4 Armor Class, +2 all Saving Throws. Wearer can cast Blindness 2x/day.
Envy of the Master 5 +4 Armor Class, +6 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom. Wearer can cast Prediction of Failure 1x/day.

Artisan Tiers - Sharel

Below are the various ways to increase Sharel’s artisan rank, hence the tiers of items he can craft:

Event Sharel Artisan Tier
Build Sharel’s Sewing Shop Sharel Tier +1
Complete Chapter 4 Sharel Tier +2
Finish “A Bloody Craft” quest Sharel Tier +1
Arcane Rank 5 Sharel Tier +1
Divine Rank 3 Sharel Tier +1
Divine Rank 6 Sharel Tier +1


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