Event: Rotten Beasts

The ancient curse returns! This time it’s not spiders, but maddened forest beasts, empowered and warped by magical putrescence. If you happen to be in the lands of your kingdom when this second phase of the curse hits, the first thing you should do is attend to the kingdom event, ‘Rotten Beasts’. Choose the most appropriate advisor with the best chance of success, and be sure to use Crisis Points if the chances of success are low.

Note: If you’d rather not use any Crisis Points for this event but you still want to be sure of success, make a hard save just before you assign an advisor to the event. You can then reload if they should fail.

Bald Hilltop

Now that the kingdom event is under way, head to the Bald Hilltop to deal with the beasts in a more direct way. You should be familiar with the location of the Bald Hilltop by now, but just in case… you’ll find it northwest of your capital, with the following directions from Tuskdale:

  • North
  • West

(1 of 2) Be sure to assign one of your advisors to address the Rotten Beasts event before you head to the Bald Hilltop.

Be sure to assign one of your advisors to address the Rotten Beasts event before you head to the Bald Hilltop. (left), The location of the Bald Hilltop in relation to your capital. (right)

When you arrive at the Bald Hilltop, head northeast from your starting point in the southwest. Just before you reach the stone pillar to your right, take some time to prepare for the fight ahead. You’ll want to summon any monster companions at your disposal, and buff your party with enhancements such as Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, and Haste. You can also buff specific characters, such as your tanks, with spells like Heroism and Barkskin.

As the fight triggers, you’ll most likely be charged by a Quickboar from the east. While quick, the boar won’t cause you any trouble so long as you keep it away from your squishy ranged characters. Assemble your party with your tanks facing northeast and you will create a steadfast defence for all incoming mobs as they spawn from that direction.

With the boar defeated, two Dire Venomwolves will enter the fight, along with a Bear-like Treant. These are much tougher than the boar and will take a little longer to bring down, but ultimately they have no special combat abilities which can pose a threat to a party of your strength at this level.

The real potential threat comes with the spawn of a Smilodon-like Treant and the Lost Sister. The former possess a significant attack bonus and can chain vicious blows in a short period of time. This is one mob you’ll definitely want to keep away from your ranged units. Focus on it as soon as it spawns and take it down as soon as possible to avoid any nasty surprises.

It’s not really worth casting any defensive buffs after the Smilodon-like Treant has spawned, but you could apply something like Barkskin or Heroism to a tank just before you finish off the second wave. The Lost Sister, on the other hand, will spam Blindness and Concealment, so it’s worth casting spells such as Bear’s Endurance and Prayer in retaliation. While she has high resistances and may take a while to bring down, she’s no match for a sustained assault from your party.

Once you’ve defeated the Smilodon-like Treant and the Lost Sister, the portal will close and no other mobs will spawn. All that remains now is to return to your capital and wait a few days for the journal to update, confirming a successful defence against the curse.

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