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Two-River's Field

Nathan Garvin
Scott Peers

Two-Rivers-Field is an area southeast of Oleg’s Trading Post, and it may not appear if you don’t pass a Perception check as you explore nearby. If that’s the case, you might just have to try again later.

The directions to get there from Oleg’s Trading Post are as follows:

East (path will bend south)
South (past Endless Plains)
South (past Fangberry Cave)

The location of Two Rivers Field on the map.

Travel back up the path if you need to, and when you’re adjacent to the now-discovered Two-Rivers Field area you should get an arrow prompt to travel northeast to the aforementioned locale.

Exploring Two-Rivers Field

Do so, and when you arrive in the area from the world map, make your way west to the southwestern corner of the map to find a Boggard. Although sturdy and fairly strong, Boggards have low AC and are generally not much of a threat. Their worst attack is their Terrifying Croak, which will cause affected characters to become Shaken (-2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks and ability checks - but they can still fight, so it’s nowhere near as bad as being frightened or panicked) should they fail at a Will 13 check. Once the Boggard is dead, make your way north along the western edge of the map to find a trap [Trickery 17] which can be disarmed so you can reach a pile of rocks hiding some loot [Perception 15], including a bunch of trinkets fit for selling, and a Scroll of Inflict Moderate Wounds.

(1 of 2) Another trap lies on the western side of the map

Another trap lies on the western side of the map (left), which covers a pile of rocks under which there is loot to be found. (right)

Next make your way to the eastern end of the map, where you’ll find another Boggard roaming about. Kill it and head north along the eastern edge of the map to find a Wolf mourning over the corpse of its companion. Reunite the two in death, then be wary of several traps [Trickery 17] that are placed to the north, between the Wolf and a campsite.

(1 of 3) Kill the wolf that stands over the body of its fallen comrade.

Search the campsite and pass a [Perception 15] check to find a sack behind the tent. Loot the sack for various food-stuffs, then plunder the more obvious box that yields a Shortspear +1, an Ancient Rostland Coin and a Scroll of Hurricane Bow.

Make your way back to the bottom-center of the map and head north to find two Wolves fighting a Boggard - or more likely the aftermath of that fight. Kill whatever is still alive, then continue north and west to find another trio of Wolves in the northwestern corner of the map, should you favor a bit of random carnage.

With that, you’re done with the Two-Rivers Field. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Most optional map areas are pretty small, one-encounter affairs that allow you to score some loot. If you feel up to it, there are more encounters you can complete before returning to Oleg’s Trading Post to rest and recuperate, random encounters permitting, of course.


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