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Season of Bloom - Goblin Ambush

Nathan Garvin
Scott Peers

This random encounter may occur while exploring after the Unrest in the Streets portion of Season of Bloom, when you’re tasked with exploring up the Gudrin River. Your ultimate main questline goal is to locate the Goblin Fort, and if your Perception skill isn’t high enough, this Goblin Ambush encounter is another way to locate the Goblin Fort.

(1 of 2) Be wary of the trap and the bait in the middle of the road - you can counter the goblin ambush with an Athletics or Reflex check.

Be wary of the trap and the bait in the middle of the road - you can counter the goblin ambush with an Athletics or Reflex check. (left), Or you can just sneak around some rocks and turn the tables on the goblins. Be sure to learn the location of the Goblin Fort during dialog. (right)

When you stumble across this encounter you’ll appear on the southern end of an area map, from which just follow the road north until you overhear [Perception 23] some critters hiding behind a rock to the west of the road. Advance with your most perceptive character to spot [Perception 24] a trap [Trickery 24] on the road, which the overly-chatty would-be ambushers gave away.

Disarm it, then weigh your options. There’s a coin purse on the road you can investigate - part of a painfully juvenile trap. If you interact with it, you can get the best of the ambushers - several goblins, unsurprisingly - by either passing an [Athletics 14] check, hopefully teaching them that there’s no sense in starting a tug-of-war with something stronger than themselves. Should you fail this check, you’ll get a chance to make a [Reflex 12] check, which will introduce the goblins to your pal, Newton. Fail both and they’ll have, despite all the odds, managed to successfully ambush you. Succeed at either and you’ll expose the goblins and spoil their ambush.

Alternatively you can simply sneak behind the rocks they hide between (make your way to the west while staying south of the larger rock) to spot the goblins. Once you see them, you’ll get a few options assuming you pass a [Stealth 10] check, the most amusing of which is to scream “LOOK OUT! GOBLINS!”, which for some reason frightens them. This will cause half of them ro run off, leaving you to deal with only three instead of six potential foes.

Either way, once exposed, the goblins will complain about your poor sportsmanship. Respond with “It was a trap? For whom?” then pass a [Diplomacy 17] check to learn where the Goblin Fort is located. After this, you can decide the fate of the goblins. Should you let them go ([Neutral Good]) you’ll gain a fair experience reward and the little monsters will scamper off, undoubtedly destined to cause more mischief. The [Chaotic Neutral] action may be the more honest approach, but unlike the Neutral Good alternative, it doesn’t come with an experience reward.

Reward: For sparing the goblin ambushers
335 XP

(1 of 2) You can let the goblins go, or indulge in some good, old-fashioned slaughter.

You can let the goblins go, or indulge in some good, old-fashioned slaughter. (left), Either way, search a hill to the east to score a "Token of the Dryad". (right)

If for any reason you end up having to fight the goblins, whether you pick one of the [Attack] options after exposing them, or if you… well, simply walk into them at some point, be warned that they’re not exactly harmless. While you probably don’t need to spell-buff or anything fancy, their sneak attacks can hurt, at least initially. On the plus side, you’ll get more experience for killing them than for any other solution, and you can sell their weapons, should you need further encouragement.

Resolve the ambush however you wish, then check up a hill to the east of the (hopefully attempted) ambush site to find a pile of rocks [Perception 19] hiding a Token of the Dryad.


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