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Loyal Servants

Nathan Garvin

Basically a “how-to” quest for kingdom management, specifically concerning advisors. It’ll start at the beginning of Chapter 2 and update as you reach various kingdom-related milestones. You won’t really actively attempt to complete most of these objectives, as they should happen organically, as you do other, more important quests, but it’s still informative to go over the objectives as they appear:

(1 of 2) You'll start out with five advisor roles,

You'll start out with five advisor roles, (left), which, with the exception of Treasurer, should all be easy to fill. (right)

Appoint five advisors to public posts

When you gain your barony at the start of Chapter 2, you’ll have five positions to which you can assign advisors: Regent, Councilor, General, Treasurer and High Priest. You should have suitable candidates for each of these positions save, perhaps, Treasurer. This is assuming you recruited all the possible characters in Chapter 1 (Amiri, Harrim, Jaethal and Valerie - Linzi always joins, and you can optionally recruit Regongar, Octavia and Tristian as well).

Below you’ll find a list of advisor roles each character can fulfill:

Character Advisoral Roles
Amiri General
Bartholomew Diplomat, Treasurer
Ekundayo Minister, Warden
Harrim High Priest
Jaethal Curator, Minister
Jhod High Priest
Jubilost Minster, Treasurer
Kanerah Treasurer
Kassil General
Kesten Warden
Lander Regent
Linzi Curator, Diplomat
Maegar Treasurer
Octavia Magister, Regent
Regongar General, Warden
Shandra Councilor
The Storyteller Curator, Magister
Tristian Councilor
Tsanna Councilor, High Priest
Valerie Diplomat, Regent
Vordakai Magister

The only one of the initial five roles that might give you some trouble is Treasurer, as the possible candidates - Jubilost, Bartholomew, Kanerah and Maegar - won’t become available until a few weeks or months into Chapter 2 or until the start of Chapter 4, depending on the character. Of course, if you hired a mercenary at any point, they can serve as an advisor. They won’t be particularly competent, but they’ll satisfy this requirement well enough.

Appoint one of the advisors the Treasurer

See above.

Rank up your Kingdom Stats and eventually your advisors will ask you to delegate some of their responsibilities to others.

Unlock a new leader post

In addition to the five base advisor roles, there are five more that can be unlocked. The Grand Diplomat, the Magister, the Warden, the Curator and the Minister. You’ll unlock most of these new roles by ranking up the Kingdom Stats related to the first five advisor roles. Hitting Rank IV in Community will unlock the Grand Diplomat, Rank IV in Loyalty will unlock the Curator, Rank IV in Military will unlock the Warden, Rank IV in Divine will unlock the Magister. The one exception is the Minister, which requires you to hit Rank IV in Relations, which is governed by the Grand Diplomat role, making it the lone third-tier role in the game.

Below is a table of all the roles you can unlock, and how to unlock them:

Advisoral Role Kingdom Stat Governing Attribute Unlocked By
Regent Community Charisma Chapter 2 Start
Councilor Loyalty Wisdom Chapter 2 Start
General Military Strength Chapter 2 Start
Treasurer Economy Intelligence Chapter 2 Start
Grand Diplomat Relations Charisma Community Rank IV
High Priest Divine Wisdom Chapter 2 Start
Magister Arcane Intelligence Divine Rank IV
Warden Stability Constitution Military Rank IV
Curator Culture Charisma Loyalty Rank IV
Minister Espionage Dexterity Relations Rank IV

Unlock all ten posts and appoint advisors

See above.


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