The first of two super quests in Chapter 2, Troll Trouble, like Stolen Land, also has a stand-alone main quest component… which is also named Troll Trouble. Despite the super quest being named “Troll Trouble”, the first main quest that starts up in Chapter is is A Just Reward, with Troll Trouble itself only appearing after the Troll Invasion event is completed in the capital.

Troll Invasion and Troll Raids

Despite its slow start, after Troll Invasion appears, Troll Trouble will take its rightful place as the most important quest in your journal… although there are many moving parts, including several related main quests and numerous events. After Troll Invasion you’ll be on a (rather generous) timer until Troll Raids events start to appear, which in turn function as another sort of timer. You can assign your General to deal with these events, and if successful, you’ll suffer no negative consequences. Should your General fail (or should you neglect to assign your General to deal with these events) you’ll suffer Kingdom Stat damage. The more time passes, the more Troll Raids events will occur, until there are too many for your General to deal with (you’ll start getting multiple events simultaneously), making Kingdom Stat damage unavoidable. Suffer too much damage and your kingdom will fall - game over.

These Troll Raids events will continue until you complete Troll Trouble. That said, the time between the appearance of Troll Invasion and the point where taking Kingdom Stat damage becomes inevitable is, again, fairly generous. You’ve got at least several months to accomplish this, so making a bee-line to the end of this quest isn’t necessary nor particularly recommended.

Troll Trouble: Related Quests

Instead, you should attend to several other main quests that’ll pop up around the time Troll Invasion appears, which will provide vital information about the threat you face, put you in contact with valuable new allies, and, ultimately, reveal the location of your enemy’s stronghold. These quests are Renowned Explorer, The Nature of the Beast and A Score to Settle. Optionally, depending on how comfortable you are with your progress, you can consider going on two expeditions, the Swamp Witch’s Hut Expedition and the Kamelands Expedition, both of which you should have plenty of time for.

For a far more in-depth run-down of the quests and events that will pop up during the half of Chapter 2 where Troll Trouble is the dominant main quest, check out the Troll Trouble Events Overview page.

As for advancing Troll Trouble itself, completing the three aforementioned quests should update Troll Trouble with whatever intel you uncover, but your ultimate goal are the Dwarven Ruins in the southwestern edge of the South Narlmarches.

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