With the preamble out of the way, your first expedition - the Fangberry Cave expedition - is a fairly model case of expeditions in this guide. There is one oddity, however - you’ll have a not-so-random encounter at the outset of this expedition (see the header A Word from Remus, below). Other than that, you’ve got an errand - Fangberry for Bokken - and en route to Fangberry Cave you’ll (hopefully) discover areas like the Endless Plains and Two-Rivers Field, which you can choose to explore while you’re out here. The great thing about expeditions - since they’re all optional anyways - if you can choose how much of each expedition you want to do at any given time!

We actually suggest going significantly out of your way to visit Nettle’s Crossing during this expedition, as it’ll allow you to start the main quest Riverbed Nightmare, and allow you to explore some more areas on your trip back north. The expedition, via a circuitous route, will eventually lead you to Fangberry Cave where you can deal with the quest Fangberry for Bokken.

A list of the areas we suggest you explore can be found below:

Area Notable Encounters/Loot
Endless Plains Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Scimitar +1
Two-Rivers Field Shortspear +1
Nettle’s Crossing Riverbed Nightmare quest
Riverine Rise
Waterlogged Lowland Ring of Protection +1, Cloak of Resistance +1
Fangberry Cave Fangberries for Bokken quest, Orc Double Axe +1

A Word from Remus

Once you’re out on the world map (assuming you’re starting from Oleg’s Trading Post) travel south, then when you reach a fork, turn east. You won’t get far before you’re delayed by a (not so) random encounter, where you’ll meet with an odd old man named Remus. Listen to him babble cryptically for a bit, then when you go to leave he’ll mention that your rival, Tartuccio, is in an Ancient Tomb looking for an artifact. This marks the Ancient Tomb on your map and updates the quest A Bitter Rival. If you’re rude to him, you’ll get the same intel, albeit worded a bit more vaguely, and if you choose to attack Remus, you’ll get credit for performing a [Chaotic Evil] action, but there’s otherwise no reward for doing so.

This encounter occurs the first time you travel… pretty much anywhere in the Outskirts, and if you’re following this guide, that should happen during this expedition.

For the rest of the areas/encounters covered in this expedition, use the links provided in the table above.

(1 of 2) As you travel, you’ll shortly encounter a man named Remus, who will tell you about Tartuccio

As you travel, you’ll shortly encounter a man named Remus, who will tell you about Tartuccio (left), Of course, if you’re evil you can pick a fight, although Remus’ “death” raises even more questions (right)

When you’ve explored as much as you can or care to do, skip ahead to the Stolen Land - Overview page, where we’ll discuss the next phases of the main walkthrough quests Stolen Land and A Bitter Rival.

Note: It is recommended that you complete the aforementioned expedition by clearing the above areas in the order listed. Not only will you want every bit of precious experience possible for an upcoming encounter, but a few unique encounters and game mechanics will be discussed along the way.

Note: While usually optional, in this case you have no choice but to deal with at least one of these areas: Nettle’s Crossing. Without giving anything away, you’ll find out why you need to venture to Nettle’s Crossing if you dawdle, but if you want to avoid any complications and ensure your protagonist can get a good night’s sleep, you’ll pre-emptively head there before attempting to further any of the main quests.

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