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Events After Troll Trouble

Nathan Garvin

In this section we’ll cover (hopefully chronologically) all the events that occur after Troll Trouble. For an overview of this section, check out the Events Overview page.

Story of the Singing Anvil

If you found the Soot-Blackened Apron, the Soot-Blackened Brand, the Soot-Blackened Gloves and the Soot-Blackened Hammer in Trobold, talk to the Storyteller in your throne room and he’ll reward you magnificently for the complete set, then offer to tell you the “story of the singing anvil”. This is a significant amount of gold and a nice head start towards level nine, so it’s well worth your time to turn these in.

Reward: For hearing the Story of the Singing Anvil
1,125 XP
10,000 GP

(1 of 4) Claim the Southern Narlmarches,

Claim the Southern Narlmarches

After securing the safety of the Southern Narlmarches and clearing out a good deal of the monsters therein (at least, if you’re following this guide), it should be no surprise that you’ll shortly be given the opportunity to claim these lands for yourself. This works similarly to when you claimed the Outskirts in that you’ll get to found a new settlement in the area, which you’ll be able to build up when you have sufficient funds.

Speaking of which, to proceed with this claim you’ll need to gather a whopping 400 BP, which could take quite a while to accumulate. Still, you’ve got quite a bit of free time ahead of you, so providing you don’t go spending all your BP, you should save enough up to set this claim in motion eventually. Keep in mind that seeing to the various “Support the [Advisor]’s Endeavors” projects will not only advance time, but it’ll earn you a permanent boost to your BP accumulation per week.

This is a long-term goal you should keep in mind and work towards as you explore, complete quests and deal with events and projects.

Dragn: Artisan’s Request

After you claim the Southern Narlmarches you’ll be approached by a dwarf named Dragn the next time you’re in your throne room. Seems the little money-grubber has a claim for the dwarven roads running through your new territory, and he demands compensation for them. Dragn is pretty arrogant with his demands, and while you don’t need to honor his request, it’s in your interest to do so, as Dragn’s offer to establish a smithy isn’t an idle one. He’s one of the game’s Artisans, and if you appease him you’ll be able to make use of his services to obtain potent magical items.

This being the case, swallow your indignation and ignore the alignment implications and pick the [Lawful Neutral] option to concede to his demands. Once done, you’ll need to establish a village in the South Narlmarches. Where you establish it, what you name it and what you build there largely don’t matter, just make sure you build the unique building Dragn’s Armor Shop there. This will set you back 30 BP - a trivial amount.

This also unlocks the Restoration of Bronzeshield Fortress project, which will take your General or Treasurer 30 days and set you back 100 BP, but it’ll improve Dragn’s artisan rank (hugely simplified - better chance at making superior items) and get you Military +1 and Stability +2. If you have the time and BP to burn, go for it, if not, not. Just be sure to build Dragn’s Armor Shop in your new Southern Narlmarches village, at the very least.

Once built, Dragn will start crafting items for you. The first is random, and will take roughly 3-7 weeks for Dragn to finish, after which you can request him to craft an item from a variety of categories, although the time each item will take to craft and the exact item crafted. Artisans will be covered in greater detail in the Artisans section of the guide, or you can peruse Dragn’s artisan page to learn more about the services Dragn offers, specifically.

A New Phase in the Life of Your Capital

Annexing the Southern Narlmarches has many cascading effects, and this is another of them. If you annexed the Southern Narlmarches, you’d have likely been approached by Dragn (see above), which in turn provided you with incentive to build a new village in the Southern Narlmarches (even if just to build Dragn’s Armor Shop). The completion of this village marks your third such bastion of civilization, and with three villages under your control, your capital is now entitled to an upgrade.

Drop 100 BP and spend 7 days to turn your capital from a “Village” to a “Town”, which will expand the building slots available in that settlement and allow you to construct new types of buildings.

(1 of 2) Rank up your Councilor,

Rank up your Councilor, (left), and you'll be able to claim the Kamelands. (right)

Claim the Kamelands

When you upgrade to Loyalty Rank III you’ll unlock the Claim the Kamelands project, which will require 14 days and 275 BP. It’s well worth the endeavor, however, as you’ll score Community +4 for claiming this land as well as the other, usual perks of claiming territory. Chief of these is the ability to craft a new village, which in turn will allow you to recruit new artisans once your village in the Kamelands is built. You’ll know these new artisans are ready for recruitment when the errand Artisans of the Kamelands pops up, which is worth seeing to as quickly as possible.

(1 of 2) Near the start of "Season of Bloom", you'll be ambushed by some cultists.

Near the start of "Season of Bloom", you'll be ambushed by some cultists. (left), Return to your throne room after this to start Tristian's companion quest "Kingdom of the Cleansed". (right)

Kingdom of the Cleansed

Tristian’s first companion quest, Kingdom of the Cleansed is somewhat convoluted, and has no set start date, like most other companion quests. Instead, it’s contingent upon several other events - kingdom and otherwise - which you may need to go out of your way to trigger. At least, if you want to control when this quest begins.

First, you must claim the Kamelands, then you must wander around in your domain until you get an encounter with some “Cultists”. If you get a chance to skip the random encounter, this isn’t the one you’re looking for - once triggered, you’ll have to engage the cultists. They’re nothing special, combat-wise, but one will transform into an Owlbear, which is a significantly more powerful foe. Still, if you’re doing this after Troll Trouble, you should be fine. Just be wary of the cultist who is standing back and acting odd, as that’ll be the one that transforms.

After they’re defeated, return to your throne room and Tristian will come speak to you about some “prophets” sowing discord among your populace by touting the virtues of some “savage goddess” who offers salvation through the wretched means of “a wild beast appearing from inside the body”. You know, like the cultists you just fought. What a coincidence! Make an alignment choice (Tristian seems fond of any proactive response against this threat) after which Kingdom of the Cleansed will begin. This quest is tied into the upcoming main questline Season of Bloom, so it might not trigger until that questline is about to become active (when the timer on An Ancient Curse, Part 2 has almost run out). See the linked page for more information on this quest.

(1 of 3) Increase your Community to Rank III,

Claim the Northern Narlmarches

When you upgrade to Community Rank III you’ll unlock the Claim the Northern Narlmarches project, which will require 14 days and 225 BP. As with the Kamelands and Southern Narlmarches, claiming land is always worth the time and resources spent, as you can only interact with your kingdom management menu in your territory, and this effectively extends the range you can effectively explore while maintaining control over the day-to-day governance of your realm.

As with the Kamelands, claiming the Northern Narlmarches will also start an artisan-related quest, Artisans of the North Narlmarches. Be sure to found a village in the region, then when you have the time travel over there to see who you can find. Again, the sooner you do this, the sooner you can recruit new artisans and have them crafting items for you.

After some time passes, Jubilost will publish his "Independence" magazine.

Important Essay Published

This is merely the followup to the quest Renowned Explorer. As promised, Jubilost finished his magazine, and a copy is brought to your attention by Jhod Kavken. Jubilost’s commentary on your domain varies depending on the actions you took in the aforementioned quest (and the competence you displayed). All in all, it’s a trivial matter, but if you ignore it you’ll take damage to various Kingdom Stats, for whatever reason.

Doomsayer Scares Townsfolk

This event will occur with around 61 days left on An Ancient Curse, Part 2 (61 days AAC2), After it’s active, Jhod will haul Remus in front of you the next time you’re in your throne room. Apparently Remus has been spreading “false prophecies” and generally creeping people out. Worse yet - at least according to Jhod’s sensibilities - the “goddess” Remus is warning people about isn’t on the Jhod-approved list of deities it’s acceptable to preach about.

When you finally get a chance to weigh in, pick the option “I would know more about your prophecy, Remus.” followed by “Tell me about this goddess - I would know more about her.” to get tha [Diplomacy 25] check (which is also a [Neutral Good] option. Pass this and you’ll convince Remus to calm down and sow the seeds of doubt in his mind, as well as earn 420 Experience.

420 XP

(1 of 2) Pass a Diplomacy check to calm Remus down and counter his nonsense.

Pass a Diplomacy check to calm Remus down and counter his nonsense. (left), Some time later, another irrational petitioner will arrive, starting the quest "The Curse of Candlemere". (right)

The Curse of Candlemere

This starts as a generic “Visitor Waits in the Castle” event, which will occur when there’s 36 days left on An Ancient Curse, Part 2. Return to your throne room at any point after this date and you’ll be met by Willas Gunderson, who, after commissioning some mercenaries to steal some relics from some accursed ruins, has the temerity to come crying to you for succor. Instead of assuming death by misadventure, he’s assuming his hirelings ran off with the treasure he was trying to plunder. In any event, to prevent Willas’s tiers from flooding your throne room you’ll need to agree to help him out. This starts the quest The Curse of Candlemere.

This is the last major quest before An Ancient Curse, Part 2 starts activating, and it’ll be the last major quest you do before the next main questline starts up, so we suggest taking care of it quickly so you don’t have to worry about it again later. You’ve got about eight days from the start of this quest until the next event, “The Ancient Curse is Upon Us” begins, which is more than enough time to take care of it, considering how close Candlemere Tower is to your capital.

The Ancient Curse is Upon Us

This is just a warning for the approaching end of the countdown on An Ancient Curse, Part 2. It’ll start with 28 days left on An Ancient Curse, Part 2 (+28 days AAC2 time), but you really only have two weeks until another, more impactful event related to An Ancient Curse, Part 2 begins.

(1 of 2) Assign an advisor to deal with Rotten Beasts,

Assign an advisor to deal with Rotten Beasts, (left), otherwise you'll sustain significant damage to your Kingdom Stats. (right)

Rotten Beasts

Analogous to the event Eight-Legged Plague from the first An Ancient Curse quest, the cursed Bald Hilltop’s power is manifesting again, and this is the event you’ll need to attend to in order to mitigate its effects.

You absolutely must be ready to respond to this when it appears (+14 days AAC2 time), as it’ll very quickly deal Kingdom Stat damage if left unresolved - -2 Community, -2 Military and -2 Economy every two days or so after it appears, in fact. Assign your Regent, General or Treasurer to deal with the problem, and once it’s resolved we highly suggest you go take care of An Ancient Curse, Part 2.

The next main questline will be stirring soon, so there’s really no reason to delay matters at this point.

(1 of 2) Weather the second wave of monsters from Bald Hilltop to gain a generous reward from your citizens.

Weather the second wave of monsters from Bald Hilltop to gain a generous reward from your citizens. (left), Later, an unrelated surge of monsters will draw the attention of the Embeth Travelers, providing you with the opportunity to participate in a hunt. (right)

An Ancient Curse, Part 2

Alas, our long-running counter is almost ended. With 14 days left on An Ancient Curse, Part 2 you’ll get the “Rotten Beasts” event (see above), after which you can head to Bald Hilltop and deal with the enemies there. Check out any of the numerous links to An Ancient Curse, Part 2 (hey, there’s another one!) for details on how to emerge victorious from this fight - the sooner the better. Regardless of when you deal with Bald Hilltop’s second wave of enemies, the quest won’t resolve until the timer runs out.

Assuming you deal with this quest in a satisfactory manner, you’ll get a “Visitor Waits in the Castle” event to discuss the outcome. Your subject will give you 6,500 gold as a reward for keeping them safe and you’ll be told that your advisors have made no significant progress on how to stop the curse, although another attack is inevitable. This will start [An Ancient Curse, Part 3], which will give us a brand new counter for the upcoming main questline, starting with 278 days until the next mob of monsters appears at Bald Hilltop.

225 XP
6,500 gold

Invitation for the Baron

This event will pop up when there are eleven days left on An Ancient Curse, Part 2, although you’ve hopefully dealt with the second wave of creatures at Bald Hilltop by the time you find this event card waiting for you. The next time you’re in your throne room after this event becomes active you’ll be informed by your Councilor of increasing attacks by “magical beasts” and an invitation from a group called the Embeth Travelers; foreigners from a land foul with the sort of beasts now threatening your own barony.

These Embeth Travelers want to come to your barony to hunt, which is perhaps an alarming indication of how dangerous things are getting. It’s not a bad idea to indulge them, as you can establish diplomatic relations, learn more about the monsters prowling your lands, and perhaps let some other fools kill some of them for you all in one fell swoop. Travel expenses and some monster carcasses seems like a steal in return for all that. You’ll get Relations +1 for dealing with the event, whatever you decide.

Accepting the offer (highly recommended) will start the quest An Amusement for the Nobles, and you’ll get an illustrated book entry marking the transition from Troll Trouble to Season of Bloom. You have about thirty days to deal with this quest, which is a relatively short span of time, compared to some many other quests. It will expire the moment you get the [Monster Invasion] event, which occurs when there are 260 days let on the count for [An Ancient Curse, Part 3].

For a rundown of the quests and events that’ll take place during Season of Bloom, check out the page Season of Bloom - Events Overview.


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