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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Season of Bloom - Refugees

Nathan Garvin

At some point while exploring (likely the in the Kamelands, considering that’s where most of the Season of Bloom quests take you) you’ll happen across a not-so-random encounter. Appearing at the northern end of the map, make your way down until you find some refugees led by Urkhed, whose name sounds like the noise a sick orc would make. Anywho, approach them and you’ll be able to immediately attempt to dispatch a sick member of their group, although doing so will compel the other refugees to defend him, leaving you no alternative save open slaughter [Chaotic Evil].

(1 of 4) Assuming you pass the relevant checks, you can warn the refugees about the danger their sick companion embodies.

Assuming you don’t immediately start trying to shove bits of metal into the refugees, engage in small talk and ask “This young fellow - what’s wrong with him?” and Urkhed will try to defend the sick man’s condition. If you pass an automatic [Lore (Nature) 17] check you’ll identify the symptoms and dire prognosis, after which you can attempt a [Diplomacy 18] check to convince the other refugees to back away. Just in time, as it turns out, as the sick refugee will shortly transform into an owlbear.

There’s nothing particularly novel about this fight - it’s slightly weaker than the Ferocious Owlbears you’ve been fighting, but its Attack Bonus and damage output are both still plenty high, and while it doesn’t have much in the way of defenses, its Hit Points allow it to withstand a good deal of abuse.

Put the beast that erupted from within the refugee down, then talk to Urkhed, where you’ll get a variety of options, but aside from the alignment effects, there are only two outcomes: if you pick [Lawful Evil] or [Chaotic Evil] you’ll start a fight. Any other option will lead to a [Diplomacy 16] check that’ll convince the refugees to turn back and stay in your lands, along with the options to attack [Chaotic Evil] or end the conversation. While it might be tempting from a moral standpoint, having Urkhed and his fellows around will actually do more harm than good

Make what choices you will, then loot a chest near the refugees for a variety of unremarkable loot, then search some rocks to the east to find a Taldan Warrior’s Dog Tag. With that in hand, leave the area via the southern end of the map.


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