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Baronial Business after Troll Trouble - Events Overview

Nathan Garvin
Scott Peers

Troll Trouble may be functionally over, but Chapter 2 chugs on, and depending on how quickly you attended to Troll Trouble, you could have quite a bit of time on your hands until the next main questline begins. A good number of the events you can busy yourself with have been covered earlier in Troll Trouble Events Overview, but if you’re following the walkthrough, we didn’t indulge in many side activities beyond the Swamp Witch’s Hut Expedition and the Kamelands Expedition before dealing with Troll Trouble.

A lot depends on how much time you have left, and a good way to keep track of time is by checking the quest An Ancient Curse, Part 2, which has a countdown we can use to (hopefully objectively) keep track of progression. The event New Troll Sightings occurred when the counter for An Ancient Curse, Part 2 was at 176 days (AAC2 +176 days), and the next main questline won’t begin until AAC2 +11 days. Granted, you won’t likely have completed Troll Trouble before New Troll Sightings began - especially if you’re following this guide - but two to three weeks (depending on trips back to town, resting and other downtime) isn’t unreasonable. At the very latest you should have completed Troll Trouble at around AAC2 +90 days, as that’s around when it’ll begin to become difficult to avoid taking damage to your kingdom stats from Troll Raid events.

Given all that we should have anywhere from just under three months to just over five months of time to play with. Below you’ll find a timeline of important events that’ll pop up in the weeks/months leading up to the end of the timer for An Ancient Curse, Part 2:

Event AAC2 Time Description
Shelyn’s Chosen +156 days Starts the quest Shelyn’s Chosen.
Jaethal in Fury + 146 days Starts the quest Investigate My Death.
Letter from Brevoy +141 days Unlocks various projects based on Problem with Taxes decision.
Letter from Maegar Varn +126 days Starts the project “Trade Agreement with Maegar Varn”.
Easier to Ask Forgiveness +116 days Starts the quest Easier to Ask Forgiveness….

All of the events listed above are covered in more detail in Troll Trouble Events Overview, although for full walkthroughs for each quest you should click on the links provided. Before you make any concrete plans, however, here’s a list of events that’ll pop up later, which were not covered earlier in Troll Trouble Events Overview.

Event AAC2 Time Description
Important Essay Published +84 days Jubolist publishes pamphlet based on your actions during Renowed Explorer
Doomsayer Scares Townsfolk +61 days Encounter with Remus
Visitor Waits in the Castle +36 days Starts the quest The Curse of Candlemere
The Ancient Curse is Upon Us +28 days Warning for An Ancient Curse, Part 2
Rotten Beasts +14 days Event related to An Ancient Curse, Part 2, deal with it promptly to avoid stat losses.
Invitation for the Baron +11 days Starts An Amusement for the Nobles
Monster Sightings +6 days Resolve to avoid Kingdom Stat loss.
Visitor Waits in the Castle +0 days Ends An Ancient Curse, Part 2, starts [An Ancient Curse, Part 3]

After the events listed above you’ll need to deal with An Ancient Curse, Part 2, which of course will lead right into [An Ancient Curse, Part 3]. This is more than enough to keep us busy for quite a while. Don’t slack off during this time period, however, as you’ll want plenty of time for the next main story questline. Ideally you should try to complete all the Companion Quests, Kingdom Quests and Errands that’ll pop up before moving onto the next main questline, including:

That’s already a fair amount of work to do, but there’s actually quite a bit more quests (Errands and Kingdome Quests) related to artisans. For various reasons, we’re considering these optional, but don’t be mistaken - you should definitely work on them during the downtime after Troll Trouble, as the sooner you get artisans crafting items for you, the better off you’ll be. Not only does this get you some choice gear, but you’ll get a constant drip of XP for dealing with all these quests.

The reasons they’re listed as “optional” is frankly because they’re pretty time-consuming, and there’s just a lot of moving parts. To recruit artisans (save Bokken) you’ll generally need to claim a new region - namely the Southern Narlmarches, Kamelands and Northern Narlmarches. To claim these regions you’ll need to complete Troll Trouble and hit Rank III with Loyalty and Community, respectively, which involves completing events and passing time.

Once you’ve claimed these regions, you’ll then need to found a village in each one, travel to said village, talk to each artisan (two can be found in most of these new villages you’ve founded), complete the initial recruitment quest they give you (usually an Errand), build their workshop in the village they inhabit, wait for them to craft their first item for you (the time this take varies), and often they’ll hint at a new quest (this time a Kingdom Quest) or an old, dormant quest related to them will become active, forcing you to return to the village, talk to the artisan again, then complete this Kingdom Quest. The details for each artisan may vary somewhat, but between the seven or so artisans you can potentially recruit at this point in the game, there’s a lot of quests, each of which may be a multi-part quest with dormant periods that requires travel. Suffice to say, this can be quite a time-consuming bit of business, and while recruiting as many artisans as quickly as possible is a good idea, you probably won’t have time to complete all their quests before the next main questline starts demanding your attention. Do what you can, try to get each artisan recruited (their recruitment quests are usually Errands), build their workshops, and deal with their personal quests (most of these are Kingdom Quests) later.

A list of the artisan related quests you can start during this time includes:

Once those are done we’ll continue on with An Amusement for the Nobles, which will introduce us to the next main questline. That should provide you with an overview of the upcoming events and quests, but more structure and details will be found below. Don’t get intimidated by the amount of work to do - remember, this takes place over months, and you’ll have plenty of downtime to rest, rank up Kingdom Stats, and fidget with your kingdom map in between these quests and events.

Baronial Business After Troll Trouble

Once you’re back in the throne room after finishing Troll Trouble, we’ll largely be wasting time until Jaethal in Fury occurs at AAC +146 days, which for us is a few weeks. If you already have this quest unlocked, then you don’t need to waste time (although you can, if you wish), as our intention is to start Shelyn’s Chosen and Investigate My Death and with those two quests ready, head north to deal with them both in one go. It’s also a prime opportunity to take care of the long overdue quests Sorrowflow and [The Court Alchemist]. While it’s more efficient to take one big trip to knock these all out, there’s no absolute requirement to do so.

(1 of 2) Rank up your Kingdom Stats and eventually your advisors will ask you to delegate some of their responsibilities to others.

Rank up your Kingdom Stats and eventually your advisors will ask you to delegate some of their responsibilities to others. (left), In the case of the Councilor, this unlocks the Curator role. (right)

With that rough itinerary for the first stage of our downtime following Troll Trouble out of the way, let’s talk about our priorities in the throne room:

  • Annex new territory, as the opportunity arises. If you see something in the “Regions” tab, click on it and spend the time to claim new regions. The Southern Narlmarches and Kamelands may both show up, depending on your actions, and acquiring new regions will make keeping in contact with your advisors while you explore much easier.
  • When you claim new regions, be sure to build a village there. Even if you can’t furnish said village with many buildings, having some bastion of civilization will attract artisans you can recruit.
  • Rank up Kingdom Stats by completing various “Support the [Advisor’s] Endeavors” events that pop up under the “Rank Up” tab.
  • As it pertains to the first two, you should strive to get your Community and Loyalty up to Rank III as soon as possible, as at that rank you’ll be able to Claim the Northern Narlmarches and Claim the Kamelands and will unlock the Curator advisor role.
  • Generally strive to get all five starting advisoral stats (Community, Loyalty, Military, Economy and Divine) up to Rank III to unlock more advisoral roles and increase their general efficacy.
  • Continue to research curses (anything that pops up under the “Curses” tab) as they pop up. It can affect the ending of the game, although if you have been diligent about this, you may need to unlock new advisors before you can research some of these.
  • Complete “Training” events that pop up under the “Training” tab - these generally make advisors better at their jobs, which will make it easier for them to complete Problems/Opportunities and earn you Kingdom Stats.
  • Complete Problems/Opportunities as they arise in the “Events” tab, favoring Problems whenever such a choice has to be made. Unresolved Problems can lower Kingdom Stats, unresolved Opportunities are just that - missed opportunities.

With that out of the way, check out the following pages where we’ll discuss significant kingdom events as they’re likely to occur.


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