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Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for Amiri’s companion quest Pariah in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

When there are +135 days left on [An Ancient Curse, Part 3] Amiri will request your attention in the throne room, asking you to visit her in the tavern and speak with her about her old tribe. This starts the companion quest Pariah. While it won’t expire until a few months after The Varnhold Vanishing begins, it’s still an uncomfortably close margin, and there’s plenty of time to deal with it before The Varnhold Vanishing begins.

Head over to the tavern and talk to Amiri to find out that her old tribe has made the unprecedented migration to your lands, and naturally, this bears investigation. You’ll earn 135 XP for the trivial task of getting this information from Amiri.

The location of Six Bears Camp on the map.

Leave your capital and include Amiri in your party. Your destination is the newly-revealed [Six Bears Camp] far to the northwestern edge of your domain, not far from the Temple of the Elk.

When you arrive, make your way northwest until some “Nightmare Skeleton Soldiers” attack. Help the barbarians put them down - they’re pushovers at this point in the game - then you’ll have a conversation with Nilak and Chief Akaia, who will collectively air some of the tribe’s dirty laundry. After Amiri is done brutalizing the misogynist chieftain, she’ll seek to use violence on whatever “ghost” has chased the Six Bear tribe to your lands.

There’s not much sleuthing to be done here - the ghost haunting the tribe will soon be upon you, so make some preparations. Move a warrior (doesn’t have to be a terribly strong one - a pet will probably suffice) to the west and another to the south. Put your hardiest warriors - including your tank - to the east, as that’s where this ghost will come from. Typical buffs like Haste, Mirror Image and Blur should suffice for this upcoming fight.

(1 of 4) Buff up before Fionn arrives.

When the ghost - an undead giant named Fionn - arrives, attack him with your tank and any other supporting warriors, while keeping your western and southern flanks secure, as Fionn will summon more skeletons to harass you. They’re not great threats on their own, but if you neglect them and they get in range of your casters and archers, you’ll probably wish they hadn’t.

As for Fionn, he’s got a high Armor Class, Strength, and Attack bonus, and is fond of using Power Attack and Cleave. If you don’t have an Armor Class of 40+, expect to get hit regularly, and it’ll hurt when Fionn lands a blow. Fionn’s Armor Class is mostly due to his armor and natural armor bonuses, neither of which you can do much about, and he somehow retains these bonuses despite being incorporeal, which reduces most forms of damage by half. In addition, he’s outright immune to cold damage and resistant to electric damage, so use force and fire, if you can.

Despite his obvious stat-padding, if you surround him and your tank can withstand his attacks, it should be fairly easy to whittle down his Hitpoints. When he’s defeated, loot him for a Frost Greataxe +1, Banded Mail +2 and Swiftfoot Boots.

Loot the camp before you leave - you can find a Warhammer +1 in a chest along with scrolls, potions and other items in other chests - then talk to Nalik. Say what you will and when Amiri and Nilak are done arguing, you’ll find yourself back on the world map. The quest is over, but Amiri’s troubles are unresolved. You’ll gain 600 XP for your effort, however.


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