Fighting Through Tuskdale

Make your way back west to the capital city (you hopefully don’t need directions at this stage in the game), and when you arrive you’ll find that it’s… seen better days. Sure, it wasn’t a bustling metropolis full of brick and marble, but it was more than a corpse-strewn wreckage! Make your way north from where you arrive and a guard will give you a brief status report, telling you little that a casual glance around couldn’t have informed you of. If you’re feeling generous, pick a [Lawful Good] moral choice to heal her, then venture north.

Before you pass through a barricade made of debris, be sure to expend a series of spellbuffs, including Stoneskin, Communal, Bless, Haste, Prayer, and Burst of Glory, or as many of those as you have. Use individual, longer-lasting buffs like Blur, Shield of Faith and Bull’s Strength at your own discretion. Once you’re prepared, continue north to find your first batch of monsters, which likely includes Owlbears and Hydras. The guards nearby will help distract the enemies, and for this first encounter, the most annoying part are the guards themselves, who can clog up the narrow lane of attack and waste your time.

Kill the first group of monsters and continue north to find a second group, perhaps including Manticores, along with the usual Owlbears and perhaps a Wyvern. Eradicate them, and by now the first of your spellbuffs should be wearing off. Reapply Stoneskin as needed, then venture north to reach the throne room, where you’ll have to put down another Owlbear, a Hydra and a Manticore.

Rescue Jhod

Once this third group of monsters is slain, talk to the Guard Captain, who is quite relieved that you arrived to save them. Exhaust the captain’s dialogue options and make either a [Chaotic Neutral] or [Lawful Neutral] moral choice, if you wish. When you exit the conversation, the ground will shake and the mother of all Owlbears will appear to the south, quickly making its way towards your throne room. Egads! That’s where you keep all your stuff! Fortunately this house-sized monster isn’t much stronger than the Greater Enraged Owlbears you’ve fought, which is to say, it’ll put up a fight, but you should prevail handily enough, especially if you let your guards lead the way and only engage after they’ve caught its attention.

After the fight, turn your attention to Jhod, who should have showed up during the fight, provided you made it in time, of course. The time is awfully generous, so unless you took a major detour (say, explored all of the Womb of Lamashtu), Jhod should be fine. Chat with him, ensure he’s okay, and learn what details he can spare of the attacks. With that, you should be done with the timed part of this trip to the capital, and if you already rescued Kesten (as suggested earlier, but contrary to the chronological order of the guide) you’re done worrying about time in general, at least in so much as you can rest if necessary without worrying about any major characters dying.

Finish Off the Monsters

Anyway, there’s still a few things you can do in the capital if you feel so inclined. Make your way southeast from the throne room to find more monsters attacking your guards. Exterminate them, then talk to Elina when she shows up to get several moral choices. None of these choices really matter save to help define your protagonist’s alignment.

When you’re done chatting with Elina, snake through some buildings to the southwest to find Verdel near a guard pinned under an owlbear. Talk to the dwarven blacksmith and learn about his martial prowess and make a purchase, if the need to indulge in a bit of capitalism strikes you. Yes, even while one of your guards lies dying on the street. Speaking of which, you can pick two [Neutral Good] moral choices: - one to heal the guard, and another to help move the owlbear off him - and a [Neutral Evil] moral choice to refuse to help.

To finish ridding your capital of monsters, return to the throne room entrance, and from there head west to find more monsters attacking your guards. After they’re slain, continue southwest to find another batch of monsters, which should be the last of these beasts in the area.

Deal With the Marauders

Sadly, not all monsters have scales and claws. Make your way southeast from this final group of monsters to find some marauders busily looting houses, taking full advantage of the mayhem to enrich themselves. These marauders can be found just northwest of the area transition on the southern edge of the map. Talk to them and you’ll get a wide variety of moral choices, covering every possible alignment save Neutral Good. That said, most choices boil down to chasing the marauders off ([Chaotic Good], [Chaotic Neutral]), punishing them in some form ([Lawful Good], [Neutral Evil]), letting them go ([Neutral], [Chaotic Evil]) or killing them ([Lawful Neutral], [Lawful Evil]).

If you do pick a fight, the marauders are generally lower-tier enemies by now, although one is an alchemist, and others are wedged in behind boxes that can make it difficult for you to reach them. A nuisance of a fight, more than genuinely challenging, and not terribly lucrative, either.

Deal with the marauders however you wish, after which you’re done with your business in Tuskdale. Time to head (back) to the Womb of Lamashtu and get to the bottom of this Bloom blight. Be sure to sell excess loot, rest and do whatever else you need to do before setting off.

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