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Elederian Pearls

Nathan Garvin

You can start this quest by talking to an “Refugee” indulging in hysterics near the road just north of the bridge in the Bridge Over the Gudrin River area. It should be noted that this Refugee will not be around until the Season of Bloom questline is active - the earliest you can complete this quest is after The Seed of Sorrow.

(1 of 3) Talk to a distraught refugee to learn about her stolen pearl necklace,

Talk to this Refugee - who is just northeast of the merchant Tigni - and ask what troubles her to hear about how she was robbed by a “forest monster”. Strange is the forest monster who is interested in grandmother’s pearls, and her intent to spend them to gain passage across the bridge is yet another reminder of problems yet to be resolved. Exhaust her dialogue options, being sure to say “Describe this forest monster.”, which you can identify with a successful [Knowledge (World) 18] check. This starts the quest Elederian Pearls.

That done, you need merely track down this beast and recover the pearls. Simple enough, right? Follow the road back north, head east when you pass some rocks (also to the east) to find a Goblin Prince. What, exactly, qualifies him as royalty? Whatever, talk to the runt and ask “Are you alone here?” to learn that other goblins are about the area looking for a “greatbeast”. Good to know.

More to the task at hand, ask about the stolen beads he’s wearing, then either pick the [Neutral Good] option and forfeit a unit of Camping Supplies and Rations, pass a [Bluff 20] check, or an [Intimidate 22] check ([Neutral Evil]) to get the beads without a fight. Alternatively you can pass an [Intimidate 22] check without asking him about the beads to scare the goblin off, gaining the beads in the process. The game will also automatically make a [Lore (Religion) 18] check that’ll give you a dialogue option you can use to resolve the situation, if you pass it. If you fail, you simply won’t see the option at all. Should all that fail, you can simply kill him and take the Pearl Necklace by force. Passing one of the dialogue checks is arguably the most lucrative way to go about this, both for the XP it yields and the alignment consequences.

However you manage it, once you have the pearls return to the Fugitive Girl and give her back her pearls. If you wish to be petty and evil, you can pick the [Chaotic Evil] response to keep the pearls, but there’s little benefit in terms of experience or wealth for doing so. It botches the quest and you can sell the Pearl Necklace for a measly 2 gold. Alternatively you can pick the [Diplomacy 28] response to try and convince her to remain in your lands, earning you a Community +1 and Loyalty +1 bonus and securing a loyal citizen willing to speak for your good nature, should you be in need of such support. If you’re unable or unwilling to do either of those options, you can simply pick the [Lawful Good] dialogue option to hand over the pearls, after which the woman will lament handing them over to the bandits on the bridge. You can follow this up with a [Neutral Good] option to also provide the money she needs, leaving you 200 GP poorer but in the process gaining Loyalty +1.

Reward: For convincing the woman to stay in your lands
960 XP
Community +1
Loyalty +1
Reward: For giving back the pearls
600 XP
Reward: For giving the woman money
Loyalty +1


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