Ekundayo’s Vendetta

Once again, if you haven’t been here yet, refer to the Ruined Watchtower page for the general encounters that can be found here. At the very least, be sure to get your hands on the Trollreaper weapon, as its unique properties will be invaluable for the upcoming battles.

As for the events related to the quest Troll Trouble, follow the road that bisects the area until you find a dog. This dog will bark at you before running to the southeast, and will periodically stop so you can keep up. Take the hint and follow the dog as it leads you off the road and up a hill to the east, ultimately stopping at a man named Ekundayo.

Talk to this Ekundayo and pick whatever dialogue options you wish (provided you avoid the nearly universal [Chaotic Evil] option to just kill him) to get him to reveal he’s hunting trolls, specifically a specimen named Kargadd. Perhaps his ultimate goal will intersect with yours some day, but for now he seems content to kill any trolls he finds, and you’ve got plenty of trolls in need of killing. This shared goal should make you naturally allies, so exhaust his dialogue options to learn more about him and finish with “I’m hunting the trolls too. Would you like to join our efforts?” to get Ekundayo to join your party.

Not only will you get yourself a stellar archer (fortunately you get to level him up, so you can spec him into whatever skills you need), but he’ll mark “all the places where troll feet tread the land”, but specifically some Dwarven Ruins. Unfortunately, he’s not at full strength when he joins, and he does make a request: he’s been waiting for some trolls, and he wishes to finish his hunt. Either coax another answer out of him (you can just wait until the next time you’re in Tuskdale to talk all you wish), send him back to the capital, or wait with him for the trolls to appear. In the latter case, note that you do not actually have to accept him into your party, which effectively sends him to the capital while also indulging his desire to wait for the trolls.

If you do wait for the trolls, a few hours will pass in-game, after which two Trolls and a Branded Troll will show up downhill from you. Merely head down and slaughter them to appease Ekundayo.

After the trolls are slain, leave the area and have a look at your map. If you completed the expedition into the Southern Narlmarches earlier, you’ll notice some changes. The area previously called the “Whitish Hills” is now called “A Kobold Trail”, and just below that, in between “A Kobold Trail” and the “Swamp Witch’s Hut” is a new area, the “Kobold Camp”. Southwest of the “Swamp Witch’s Hut” you’ll now find the “Dwarven Ruins” that Ekundayo marked for you.

If you haven’t yet explored the “Whitish Hills/Kobold Trail” area, head there now and take care of it (you’ll find it described under the page name Whitish Hills). You can reach this location by using the following directions from the Ruined Watchtower:

  • Southeast
  • South to landmark: Ancient Crossing
  • South (cross the Murque River)
  • West (path veers southwest)
  • Southeast

After you deal with the “Whitish Hills/Kobold Trail” area, use the following directions to reach the “Kobold Camp” area:

  • Southwest
  • Southeast
  • South

Kobold Camp

When you arrive at the Kobold Camp, you may be surprised by the friendly - or at least, non-hostile - reception you get. Led by an elderly Kobold, they’ll express as best they can that they are looking for their king, Tartuk, and that they want to be friends. So long as you don’t pick the [Chaotic Evil] option (shaking the kobold’s hand or not doesn’t matter) you’ll eventually get a chance to pass a [Wisdom 15] check. if you fail this check one of your allies (Octavia, for example) may be able to help you out, otherwise you’ll have no option but to end the conversation, peacefully or not.

Assuming you pass this Wisdom check (or have the kobold’s words explained to you), you’ll be presented with numerous moral choices. Picking the [Neutral Good] option will only scare the Kobolds before leading back to the dialogue list, whereas both [Neutral] options, the [Chaotic Good] option and the [Chaotic Neutral] option all lead to the Kobolds leaving but at least you get an experience reward out of it.

Reward: For parting with the kobolds on good terms
240 XP

Swamp Witch’s Hut

Well, that was an odd encounter, and those kobolds claimed to be friendly with both humans and trolls, which frankly seems impossible in the current situation. Oh well, at least you can loot their camp for some goodies. In the camp itself you’ll find a barrel containing some gems and jewelry, and a chest with some Rope, Camping Supplies and Rations and a Scroll of Cure Light Wounds. In the northwestern corner of the area you can spot [Perception 20] a chest with a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds and some jewelry inside, while a stump in the southwestern corner of the map yields a Token of the Dryad.

The next stop on this troll hunting expedition is the “Swamp Witch’s Hut” area, the direction to which (from the “Kobold Camp” area) are as follows:

  • Southeast
  • Southwest

If this is your first visit, it’s highly suggested you read the page Swamp Witch’s Hut and explore this area thoroughly, as you’ll earn a good bit of loot and experience for doing so. If you’ve already been here and have cleared out the “Mud Bowl” area, take the opportunity to give the Old Beldame the Black Rattlecap mushrooms she wanted while you’re here. At the very least, the “Swamp Witch’s Hut” area is a fine landmark enroute to the “Dwarven Ruins” area, the directions to which (from the “Swamp Witch’s Hut” area) are:

  • West, southwest (path veers west)
  • Southwest (path veers south)
  • West

Or you can head:

  • Southwest (path veers south
  • West
  • West

The paths from the Swamp Witch’s Hut to the Dwarven Ruins are a triangular loop, so, as long as you’re heading in a westerly direction from the Swamp Witch’s Hut, you’ll get to where you’re going.

Troll Shaming Kobold Random Encounter

There is, however, a not-so-random-encounter that may take place down here. While it’s more fickle than some scripted encounters in that it won’t take place at the same time (you may be able to make it all the way to the Dwarven Ruins without encountering it, for example) if you wander around down here long enough you should find it.

This encounter begins as an Illustrated Book Episode which initially presents you with three options, although the last choice Losing no more time, we turned back. just avoids the encounter. That being the case, pick either the [Stealth 16] or the [Lore (Nature) 16] check to observe the scene undetected, after which you’ll get a shot an an [Intelligence 12] check or a [Perception 17] check to interpret what’s going on, or a [Charisma 13] check to start the fight with a farfetched bluff.

If the Charisma check works, you’ll scare off all three Trolls and begin the fight with an abandoned Kobold Flame Shaman, which is very bad odds for the kobold. Alternatively, if you interpreted what you saw, you’ll be able to follow up with a [Strength 13] check or a [Dexterity 13] check, the former of which will remove one of the trolls from the fight, while the latter will daze the kobold. In any case, there’s no reason to go into this fight without attempting to skew the odds in your favor, so ignore the option We daringly charged into battle. Not only is it directly sub-optimal, but it’ll result in you being ambushed by another troll!

Make what choices you will, after which a fight will ensue. The base encounter includes a Kobold Flame Shaman and three Branded Trolls, but depending on your actions you could end up removing one or three Branded Trolls from the battle, or incapacitating the Kobold Flame Shaman. Worse case scenario, you charge in blindly and end up fighting another Troll, which will appear behind you. Not ideal.

Kill the Kobold first if it’s any condition to fight, as you don’t need it pelting you with Magic Missile spells. At this point in the game, one Magic Missile of your own might be enough to take it out, or get awfully close. As for the trolls, concentrate your fire on one of them at a time and finish them off with acid. Should you emerge victorious, loot the trolls for random treasure, and search the Kobold Flame Shaman for a Cloak of Resistance +2 and a Wand of Bless.

Not bad for such a minor encounter. In addition, you can find some food in a sack to the west of where your enemies were, and under some rocks to the southeast is a Torag’s Pendant. On top of the material wealth, you also may have overheard the kobold talking about one of the trolls’ leaders, named Hargulka. A very worthy encounter, indeed. With that, there shouldn’t be anything impeding your march on the Dwarven Ruins to the southwest.

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