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Prove Your Worth - Tuskgutter's Lair

Nathan Garvin
Scott Peers

This quest will start after dealing with Kressle and her bandits in Thorn Ford and learning the location of the Abandoned Hut. After this, next time you return to Oleg’s Trading Post, Oleg will ask you to kill a particularly dangerous boar who earned itself the name “Tuskgutter”. Amiri is all too eager to hunt such a beast, and seems keen on proving her might at the expense of various monsters troubling the land. This also starts the quest Tuskgutter, but for all intents and purposes the two are intertwined, despite having two different journal entries (and hence, pages in this guide).

Despite this quest beginning after Thorn Ford, you’re probably better off dealing with the Abandoned Hut, Temple of the Elk and Old Sycamore areas, as Tuskgutter can be a pretty vicious foe - probably not a task for anything less than a third level party.

When you’re ready, return to Thorn Ford (the location of which you should, by now, know well enough). From there follow these directions:

  • Southwest (cross the river)
  • Northwest
  • Southwest to reach landmark: empty node northeast of Technic League Encampment
  • Southeast (path veers to the west, southwest)
  • Southeast (to reach empty node east of Tuskgutter’s Lair)
  • West

The Tuskgutter's Lair area on the map.

When you arrive, head north and Amiri will speak, telling you more of her customs which, despite being far from home, she still tries to emulate. Killing a monster serves as a rite of passage into manhood in her tribe, and despite having no members of her tribe present, and having already met with scorn for her past efforts - no matter how valiant - Amiri persists in trying to prove herself, perhaps not realizing that her failure to earn recognition in the eyes of her tribe isn’t due to her own want of strength, valor or prowess, but due to their lack of enlightenment.

(1 of 2) Amiri will tell you the purpose of this hunt

Amiri will tell you the purpose of this hunt (left), after which you should help her put down Tuskgutter. (right)

In any event, she’ll attempt to slay the beast alone, but despite her boasting, she’s no match for Tuskgutter in single combat at this time. The beast is reasonably well protected in terms of Armor Class and HP, although neither are stupendous. The same goes with its Attack bonus. All in all, it’s more than a match for a single warrior in your party (especially one with an Armor Class as shaky as Amiri’s) but it shouldn’t present a serious challenge to you as a group.

(1 of 3) Take Tuskgutter's Head off its corpse - the boar won't be needing it anymore

Defeat the hog and Amiri will strike up another conversation, revealing that it’s not her old tribe she was trying to impress and gain legitimacy in the eyes of, but her new tribe: the adventuring party. D’aww… Take Tuskgutter’s Head, then continue north and loot a corpse to find a Wand of Find Traps and An Ancient Rostlandic Coin.

While it would be impractical to return to Oleg’s Trading Post now, given the distance involved, the reward for killing Tuskgutter will be included below for the sake of continuity. Just be sure to talk to Oleg and tell him of your mighty deed the next time you return to Oleg’s Trading Post.

200 XP / 400 GP / Masterwork Longbow


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