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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Affairs of the Heart

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for Kimo Tavon’s Masterpiece quest, Affairs of the Heart in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

To unlock this quest, you must claim the Northern Narlmarches, which you’ll be able to do when you raise your Community Kingdom Stat to Rank IV. After that, found a village in the Northern Narlmarches and visit it, where you’ll find Kimo Tavon standing around. Talk to him and he’ll solicit your aid, the substance of which constitutes the errand A Flower in the Swamp. Survive this surprisingly hazardous request and you’ll gain Kimo’s services as an artisan. Build Kimiel’s Shop and he’ll get to work crafting items for you.

Kimo will ask you to bring him an Emerald Necklace, starting the quest “Affairs of the Heart”.

After bringing you his first crafted item, he’ll ask you to come see him at the village in the Northern Narlmarches. Do so and he’ll tell you the lady he’s in love with has consented to a date, and naturally he wants to woo her with a gift. An Emerald Necklace, to be specific. Your artisans really are keen on emeralds, for some reason…

Alas, this item isn’t as common as you may think - there’s no jeweler you can visit and buy it from, and if you don’t have any DLC, you won’t be able to get an Emerald Necklace until Chapter 4. The quest isn’t in any danger of failing any time soon, however, so if you don’t have one, you shouldn’t worry about leaving the quest idle for a while. Perhaps a long while, as the case may be.

(1 of 2) During the quest “A Task for the Sweet Teeth”, send the Sweet Teeth out to weed the Narlmarches to get an Emerald Necklace,

During the quest “A Task for the Sweet Teeth”, send the Sweet Teeth out to weed the Narlmarches to get an Emerald Necklace, (left), and they’ll bring you an Emerald Necklace, among other treasures. (right)

In any event, the locations where you can find an Emerald Necklace are as follows:

  • If you have access to the game’s DLC, complete the quest Sorrowflow, then sometime later talk to Kaessi and they’ll complain about their tiefling friends, starting the errand A Task for the Sweet Teeth. Talk to the Sweet Teeth and choose the options “Let’s see if you can complete my task…” followed by “The Narlmarches are overgrown. They need to be weeded!” to send them off on this absurd task. This will take them several weeks to complete, so some downtime in this quest is unavoidable.

However you manage it, once you acquire an Emerald Necklace, return to Kimo and give it to him for 180 XP. The quest will again go dormant after this.

(1 of 2) After Kimo dejectedly gives you a gift, talk to him in your village in the Northern Narlmarches,

After Kimo dejectedly gives you a gift, talk to him in your village in the Northern Narlmarches, (left), then go convince - or coerce - his dryad ex-girlfriend to give Kimo another shot. (right)

The Dryad’s Rebuff

After Kimo crafts you another item, he’ll slink into your throne room and deliver it, moping the entire time. As usual, he won’t elaborate on his grief, leaving it to you to seize the initiative.

Make your way to your village in the Northern Narlmarches and talk to Kimo, who will reveal the obvious - his girlfriend, a dryad, broke up with him. Perhaps not so surprising for a capricious fey creature, Kimo isn’t optimistic about your chances, but if you wish to complete this quest, you’ll need to intervene.

You’ll find this dryad at the Fey Glade area, where the quest A Trail of Misfortune took place. When you arrive, you’ll recognize the dryad as one of the fey troublemakers. Talk to her and you’ll get several options for resolving the matter:

If you let her exercise her free will, regardless of how fickle her reasons, you’ll have to go tell Kimo, failing the quest in the process. Alternatively you can threaten to burn down her grove [Neutral Evil] to vilely coerce her into putting up with Kimo. The fire might be a kinder fate. Finally, you can succeed at a [Diplomacy 22] or [Diplomacy 28] check to convince her to give Kimo another shot. Picking the [Diplomacy 28] option causes her to melodramatically whine about being a sacrifice in the name of art, while [Diplomacy 22] actually seems to soften her hard, wooden heart.

Return to Kimo with the news, and provided you got the Dryad to give it another go, you’ll complete the quest, earning 780 XP for your matchmaking efforts.


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