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Mim Wobblegander

Nathan Garvin

Mim Wobblegander is one of the last artisans you’ll likely recruit, as you must claim the Silverstep region to attract her attention, which in turn requires you to complete the errand The Lonely Hunter, which won’t occur until Chapter 3.

(1 of 3) Claim the Silverstep region,

Once you’ve claimed Silverstep, Mim will arrive in your throne room and give you her sale’s pitch, starting the errand Green Stone, which is about as simple as quests get, really. Bring her an Emerald (you can find one in the Waterlogged Lowland area) to complete the quest, after which she’ll ask you to build Mim’s Jewelry Shop in your Silverstep village.

As the name of her building suggests, she’s a jeweler, and will craft three types of items for you: amulets, headbands and rings. These can have a wide variety of powers, and it’s well worth the effort to recruit her early so you can accumulate as many of these items as possible. Her masterpiece ring, Great Dreamer’s Smile, gives a +2 bonus to attack/damage rolls, +2 to saves, +2 skill checks, +2 spell penetration checks and immunity to curses, making it a great item for nearly any character to possess… especially hybrid warrior/casters.

(1 of 2) Give Mim an Emerald,

Give Mim an Emerald, (left), and construct her shop and she'll start crafting items for you. (right)

Recruiting Mim Wobblegander

Early in Chapter 3 (+205 days AAC3 time) you’ll get an event which will start the errand The Lonely Hunter. Complete it and you’ll unlock the Claim Silverstep project, which will set you back 375 BP and take two weeks. Once done, you should shortly thereafter attract the attention of Mim Wobblegander, who will appear in your throne room and ask you for an emerald, starting the errand Green Stone in the process. Found a village in the Silverstep region, then travel there and give her the stone to complete her errand and earn 600 XP. This will allow you to build Mim’s Jewelry Shop (30 BP), after which she’ll start crafting items for you.

Three Wishes - Mim Wobblegander’s Masterpiece Quest

After you’ve recuited Mim Wobblegander, completed her errand Green Stone, and built Mim’s Jewlery Shop, you’ll have to wait for her to craft you an item. When she’s in your throne room she’ll mention coming to see her in your Silverstep Village. Do so (ideally you built a Mage Tower there so you can teleport directly from your capital) and she’ll mention three wishes she wants granted. Apparently getting her that emerald was the first, and for the second, she wants some very specific alcohol - either “elven absinth” or “berry wine from Kyonin”.

(1 of 2) Mim will ask you to grant her second wish - the simple task of getting her some alcohol.

Mim will ask you to grant her second wish - the simple task of getting her some alcohol. (left), You can find a suitable bottle for sale at the Secluded Lodge. (right)

The Elven Absinth is easy enough to find, just return to the Secluded Lodge and buy it from Dumra for 400 gold. Return to Dumra with the beverage and you’ll get 180 XP, after which Mim will tell you she’ll think of the third wish later… when she decides what to ask for.

Return to your throne room and you’ll immediately be told that Mim has gone missing, with the only clue to her whereabouts being a villager who saw her heading towards Talon Peak. You’ll get another 180 XP for hearing this information, and you’ll need to deal with the matter quickly, as the quest will expire in a mere 14 days.

The location of Talon Peak on the map.

To reach Talon Peak from your capital, follow these directions:

  • East (across the Shrike River)
  • East
  • East
  • Northeast
  • Northeast
  • Northeast
  • Northeast
  • East
  • Northeast
  • Northeast (across the Crooked River)
  • Southeast (along the Crooked River)
  • South (along the Crooked River - path winds to Talon Peak)

As you can see, the route is not at all straight-forward or intuitive, and the journey itself will likely take over two days of travel, so prepare accordingly.

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself along the southwestern end of a map consisting of some winding mountain trails, two stretches divided by a cave, to be precise. This area is more fully covered on the Talon Peak page, but you’ll need to pretty much clear both of the Talon’s Peak maps to appease Mim.

(1 of 2) Heal Mim when you find her,

Heal Mim when you find her, (left), then talk to her atop Talon Peak to complete the quest. (right)

Ascend the mountain and kill Primal Giant Spiders and Spider Swarms as you go. After you pass through the cave, you’ll find Mim just to the south.

When you’re ready, talk to Mim and heal her with magic, or by succeeding at a [Nature 25] and a [Nature 20] check. You’ll get 180 XP for finding her, and another 180 XP for healing her. Encourage her to continue her ascent, then follow her to the next map area.Talk to her when you arrive for another 180 XP and the quest will be completed.

Craftable Items - Mim Wobblegander

Below you’ll find lists of all the items Mim Wobblegander can craft:

Amulets Tier Effect
Amulet of Four Elements 0 +1 damage per die with acid/cold/electric/fire spells
Wind Breath 0 +4 initiative checks.
Golden Tongue 1 +5 Persuasion checks
Burning Amulet 2 +4 caster level when casting fire spells (burning hands, fireball, fire storm, etc.)
Life Veil 4 +6 Constitution, wearer can cast Cure Serious Wounds 2x/day.
Inner Virtue 5 Ki pool +5, wearer can cast Overwhelming Presence 1x/day.
Headbands Tier Effect
Stalwart Warrior’s Luck 0 +2 luck bonus to Saves
Circlet of Faith 1 Wearer can cast Restoration 1x/day
Frozen Shout 2 +1 damage per die with cold spells, wearer can cast Cone of Cold 1x/day.
Sharp Eye 5 +6 Perception checks, +2 ranged attack rolls.
Rings Tier Effect
Sentinel 0 Shield grants wearer +2 Armor Class and DR 2/-
Thorny Ring 0 Wearer can cast Sickening Entanglement 3x/day
Colossus Ring 1 +2 Constitution, wearer can cast Enlarge Person 2x/day.
Ring of Magic Devices 1 +5 Use Magic Devices checks, wearer can cast Dispel Magic 2x/day.
Power Stone 2 +4 Strength, wearer can cast Bull’s Strength 3x/day.
Fortunate Fencer 3 +2 melee attack rolls
Source of Invisibility 3 Wearer can cast Poison 3x/day, can use Invisible Thief an extra 5 rounds per day.
Daring Duelist 4 +2 melee attack rolls, +1 Armor Class.
Honor of Death 4 Negative Energy Resistance 20, wearer can cast Breath of Life 1x/day.
Sealed Ring 5 Cold Resistance 30, wearer can cast Horrid Wilting 1x/day.

Artisan Tiers - Mim Wobblegander

Below are the various ways to increase Mim Wobblegander’s artisan rank, hence the tiers of items she can craft:

Event Bokken Artisan Tier
Build Mim’s Jewelry Shop Mim Tier +1
Complete Chapter 4 Mim Tier +2
Finish “Three Wishes” Mim Tier +1
Culture Rank 6 Mim Tier +1
Economy Rank 5 Mim Tier +1
Economy Rank 8 Mim Tier +1


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