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Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Official Strategy Guide

Developer: Owlcat Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Author(s): Nathan Garvin
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth
First Published: 29-01-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:59 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 27-05-2020 / 11:29 GMT

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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Official Guide

6 days ago · Guide Information · Version History

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Racial TraitsEffect
Attributes:-2 Strength, +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma.
Keen Senses:Gnomes receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Hatred - Reptilian Humanoids:Gnomes receive a +1 racial bonus on Attack rolls against humanoid creatures of the reptilian and goblinoid subtypes because of their special training against these hated foes.
Defensive Training - Giants:Gnomes gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.
Illusion Resistance:Gnomes gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against illusion spells and effects.
Gnome Magic:Gnomes add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against illusion spells they cast.
Obsessive:Gnomes receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (World) checks.
Slow Movement:Gnomes have a base speed of 20 feet.

Gnomes are easily contrasted with dwarves, the two both being shorter than humans and boasting a generous bonus to their Constitution. Despite these fundamental similarities, however, the two races are very different in terms of gameplay. Where dwarfs tended to make poor Charisma-based casters, Gnomes excel in those domains, being naturally suited to the Bard and Sorcerer classes. Their Strength, however, is suspect, which will make them less attractive in any melee capacity. They also don't possess the rugged endurance of dwarves, and will be hindered by wearing heavier armor.

While they possess the same dodge bonus against giants that dwarves do, their relative weakness in melee combat should compel you to keep them out of reach of such critters entirely. On the other hand, their Attack bonus against reptilian humanoids and goblinoids will serve them in any capacity. Further bolstering the suggestion they remain ranged combatants and preferrably spellcasters is the +1 DC bonus their Illusion spells receive, functioning as a free Spell Focus: Illusion feat. Illusion spells may not be quite as DC-dependent as, say, Enchantment and Necromancy, but there are a few standout spells that'll benefit from it.

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  • Publisher
    Deep Silver
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    Linux, Mac, PC
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  • Guide Release
    29 January 2020
  • Last Updated
    21 May 2020
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  • Guide Author
    Nathan Garvin

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